My Own Mistakes

Sometimes mistakes can lead to the deepest regret.
Leave me be in solitude, that I may worship my mistakes,
Let me cry my tears alone, that my farewell may be bade,
Get yourself away from here and never more return,
I played with fire, it scorched my heart, there's no more love to burn.

Leave me with the silhouette that's perched upon my wall,
Let me contemplate my fate through ponder with my soul,
I'll reminisce through good and bad and weigh the situation,
To live or die will be my muse, despair, my agitation.

Don't grieve for me, it will not ease, the grief I feel for you,
Forget the threats I made last night, they will not follow through,
The pain that's seeping through my veins, to drape on every nerve,
Has rendered me an invalid, my spirit has lost all verve.

My emotions hold no anger, nor love or optimism,
Instead a profound misery leaves a deep and empty chasm,
The heartache that is pulling me, forever deeper down,
Wraps me in its folds of shadow where true love cannot be found.

Maybe, sometime in the future, I shall find love again,
But in this present I must remain, a shadow of a man,
The ghoul inside my mirror who's laughing at my woe,
He mocks my foolish vanity with a sneer of 'told-you-so!'

As I reflect upon my own mistakes, I find time to forgive,
The angry words you spat at me about needing space to live,
And I realize that in my attempts to be master of your life,
I broke the golden rule of love and cut you like a knife.

So as I weave my sorrow, through the thoughts that web my fear,
The net comes down upon me, I am trapped within the snare,
I can't escape the loneliness that feeds me so much heartbreak,
I now can't compensate my prayers, whilst being haunted by my mistakes!
Published: 6/29/2012
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