My painful dream....

My bed and pillow will tell you about my dream
That I see you every night in my dream
You don't know my pain that I go through
without you being close to me
Always, your face appear in my dream and
ends as dream with painful of thoughts
Living with your imagination love kills me little by little
I cannot seem to leave your thoughts behind
Because my love on you like an ocean and cannot be erased
You came into my life with full of love and affection
and planted a seed of love in my heart
Now you have gone so far away from me
while allowing your seed of love to grow wild on me.
Although you have sworn me that your love is true
but today you made me nothing but dream of you
Until, I see you again, my tears will burn my cheeks and
my hand will clutch my heart with pain.

Copyright ©2003 Ravi Sathasivam (Sri Lanka)
Published: 10/11/2006
Bouquets and Brickbats