My Pen

You guys asked for a new poem so here it is.
The life behind my pen has died,
You’re gone no matter how I tried.

To push away all feelings for you,
I found there’s nothing I could do.

My inspiration is with the wind,
Message drafts I cannot send.

You’re gone so now I must pretend,
That my life can go on.

My muse, my heart, my peace of mind,
Another I just cannot find.

You’re gone no matter how I’ve tried,
The life behind my pen has died.

Day in, day out a mask I keep,
Although my soul must surely weep.

Have even suffered loss of sleep,
My life must go on.

Though not a day has surely passed,
My thought of you will always last.

And get new life behind my pen,
So my life can go on again.
Published: 2/13/2013
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