My Queen

When someone possesses your heart, there is no escape from jealousy....
One can't help but feel,
Green-eyed as thy beauty,
Gets stolen away before their eyes,
With merely speech,
And what's written in letters, on straight lines.

For when thy breath meets the air in a chamber,
It changes the weather,
When thy fingers touch a flower,
That has met its doom; it blooms...

For thy love my dear,
I'd trade my life with no fear, no dread,
I'd face the pain that no human could ever bear,
I'd tell you I love you till my last breath is near.

As thy picture roams my untiring mind;
Nearly all the time as the clock awaits,
A break from my staring eyes,
My mind is never clear.

I pledge my queen, if I could find the strength,
I would steal you a universe to conquer,
I would fly to heaven and steal an angel,
Or lose my life to be your faithful guardian...

But a tempest your highness,
Attacks like a hungry beast,
In a night so dark,
So black, and so bleak.

When your light fades away
And from my little heaven you go astray,
"Oh please stay," I beg;
A desperate plea,
A desperate plea for help.

Don't ever leave my side,
For I know that then;
I'd fall into the arms of my demise.
Published: 1/29/2014
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