My Quest for Love

My attempt at a poem! Tell me whether it was good!
Love isn't real, unless it's your momma or bro,
If it ain't family you need to take a step back with a "woah",
I get on Facebook and there's all these cheesy things about "Love",
It could be real, I guess as long as someone gives me a shove.

I don't want to waste energy on something so unreasonable though,
It could and will take my standards to an extreme low,
It would be a big risk with nothing earned from my quest,
This search of love will probably take me west,
Towards a house just down the block,
That will end with a heck of a shock.

This journey will only be few minutes long,
It should be quick, but will feel as far as Hong Kong,
Not much more, just a few steps to the right,
Nearly there, hoping that's it for tonight,
But knowing it won't, because I still have to face this guy,
He's like my favorite food, such as blueberry pie,
Let's skip these analogies and get to the point,
There I was at his joint.
Published: 11/21/2012
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