My Resurrection

Love can raise you up again!
Seagulls flew away to the sky,
And the sea waves moved back and forth,
I watched closely as the sands on my feet I felt,
It’s a long journey the blue waters have brought,
So I just stood there beside the sea banks.

This is how a soul exists in comparison!
Words that swiftly blow like a wind in motion,
Personality expressed in pure conversations,
I start to believe there exist my resurrection,
The revival of what was once in my possession.

Yet the sounds continue to echo…
Such an embrace is rare today,
From the texts that I received on my node,
To the voice I listened to on my cell phone,
Portrayed a soul that I missed for a lifetime.

So I wondered how unfair life has been:
A soul that existed around my neighborhood,
And schooled, and played on the same grounds,
And grew, and vanished nowhere to be found,
Until yesterday when the night turned brown.

But still the sea proceed the waving,
Down to the shores where seagulls flew past,
And eyes became ponds, and deepen,
These emotions grew fast and fast,
Then mingled thoughts begin to commence.

About this soul I’ve heard;
Not by choice or intent to bring to heart,
Words and desire has root an unexpected start,
Simplicity and knowledge makes us good friends,
Me and the soul can break the bends.

To you I lend my hand,
Together towards the sea, on the sands,
We can walk and let our broken hearts mend,
For you are soulmate to my soulmates,
Humanity and arts will make us soulmates too.
Do you like it?
Published: 10/9/2012
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