My Ronnie

The loss of a soulmate after thirty-nine plus years.
You were always there with me everywhere,
Our two hearts beat as one,
Until the day you were gone.

It was a day of sorrow,
Because we had no more tomorrows,
I could not understand why it had to be,
Why "we" had to turn into "me".

My life is turned upside down,
I stumble through it like a clown,
I fight back the tears as I wish you were near,
My heart aches, my thoughts ramble, and my new life is a gamble.

How to begin again without you?
It is something I never thought I would have to do,
You were my best friend,
My beloved husband and my soulmate.

I know the emptiness will never go away,
I pray that I will be with you again one day.
Did you find comfort in this poem?
Yes, it eased my suffering.
No, it made my suffering worst.
Published: 12/3/2014
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