My Sorrow

This poem was inspired by deep pain.
Four years and nine months
Of happy memories
Are hunting me now.

Oh how I long to hold you again,
This pain is too hard .

No one left to lean on
I am surrounded by four walls
And voices in my head
That are slowly eating my soul.

My parents think I have lost my mind,
So they left me alone and moved out of town.
Cold world, I tell you
No one seems to care
No one can understand my pain.

Your father left too
He has changed a lot,
He has grown old and silent,
He no longer smiles.
He said he’ll be gone for some time
That he needed space,
I can see his pain,
Plastered all over his face.

I am still here my child
If you could hear me now
I see you face
I hear your voice calling me all the time
I won’t abandon you again
I will put you to sleep tonight,
And read all the stories you like.

This pain too deep,
I can't move.
They shot me right into my heart,
A fatal shot,
That tore my heart apart.
Published: 7/5/2010
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