My Struggle

Everyone struggles with questions in life...
I struggle daily
With matters of the mind
And I fight daily
Knowing I'm running out of time
But even now,
I struggle to know
The answer to
These questions: where will I go?
How will my life end?

And even when?
And when the day comes
Will I just be remembered by my sins?
What will people mark on my grave?
Will my name be alone
The only words
Under RIP, etched in stone?
Will I be hated
If I decide to give up early?

Will my life flash before my eyes?
Will your face be the last thing I see?
What if I die tomorrow?
Hell, what if I die today?
What will people, my so-called friends
Stand up and say?
I struggle with these questions
Day after day
But no answers are to be found
So what else is there for me to say?
Published: 4/19/2011
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