My Sweet Angel

Your pureness was your downfall
My sweet angel
How perfect you are
How the light glows around you
But I know the truth
Deep inside you are just waiting
Waiting for somebody like me
Somebody to show you the path
You don't know that I wait in the shadows
Watching you from day-to-day
Making sure nobody takes you away me
Your death shall be my pleasure
The sweet fact that I was your first and last
To know that nobody else touched you
To be inside you and out
To leave my scars on you where nobody can see them
Makes me grin when your name is on the news
Parents crying, your soul dying
Did you know that this whole time?
Your parents where across the street
Did you know that you shamed yourself?
I didn't hold the knife
Wasn't me who turned the bath red
It was you my angel
You're not dead because of me
You're dead because you couldn't stand to be with me
You're not my first and you're not my last
Did you know your sister was on my list?
Did you know I didn't care?
Bet you didn't.
Published: 9/16/2009
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