My Sweet Prince Charming

A poem about the guy who showed me all he had to give and I just realized he is everything I could have ever asked or prayed for.
Used to daydream,
Just dream my days away,
Letting them slide through my mind,
Coming in one ear and out the other.

Always thoughts about love,
Finding my one and only,
My own love,
The one who will take me into the sunset.

But I never dreamed of what way he would be,
Now I have found him,
He is nothing that I have ever schemed up in my head.

He is rough around the edges,
He doesn't sweep me off my feet,
He walks away when I want self-pity,
He makes me walk life on my own,
He makes this world shine,
He opens my eyes and settles those dreams I used to dwell on.

He never makes things rough on me,
I make them on myself,
He opens my eyes and brings out the best in me,
Even if I lash out in fear and being scared,
Just like the child who runs behind their parents.

He stays by me,
Just like I plan to stay by him,
Each step I make is my own,
Each step he takes is his own,
But yet each step interlaps our footsteps,
It interlaces our children's lives to us.

Yet when I sit back and think,
He really is the best dream come true,
He is the one who is my Adam, like I am Eve picking that apple from the tree,
Yet never once has he really walked away,
I'm the one who pushed him away,
Thinking I knew best,
Thinking it would be easier to stay in the dark,
Thinking that if I were me and treated him like I did most others,
I wouldn't get hurt again.

All I did was wall him,
All I did was push him away,
All I did was think I knew what was best,
But now it has lead me to a greater pain then even I could ever comprehend.

Now at nights,
I sit and think,
Only of ways to bring him back,
Of how to tell him,
Of what to do,
Yet when I think,
I feel it's in vain,
I could never really tell him,
Just how much he means to me,
I could never show him how much he has laid on me,
How much I have relied on him,
When I thought, I didn't give,
I see now I gave too much,
I pushed too much,
I put my heart on the line but not in the way I thought I had.

Now I need to decide,
Am I too late?
Has my Prince Charming decided to give up on me?
Have I gave up on him?
My answer will always remain NO,
I always can see those sparks in his eyes,
I can read the way he moves when he is with me,
It is like watching the beauty of the Gods and Goddesses wrap around me.

His hands so rough,
His body perfect for his build,
His eyes like looking into a lake,
So soft and sweet that his waves wash you back and forth,
His hair like the softest of bark,
His skin just like silk,
His smile just like the gleaming sun and moon,
His personality so hard and rocky but underneath it,
Chiseling away he is a big teddy bear.

He may not be what I dreamed of in the beginning,
But now I see why he is what he is now that I have met him,
I see that even if I could ever change a thing I wouldn't,
I could never even change me or this story would be different,
And if I were anymore dense, I would have missed my chance,
That even now I hope I haven't.

I was dense,
I was stupid,
I missed the things that mattered most,
I thought love should be this way not that,
I should have let these things go,
I should have never lost my faith in my love or in who he is,
Things will come and go as they please,
And having that faith is what should hold me together,
I have faith that he is honest and reliable,
So why shouldn't I have it in his love for me too?
So here I stand pronouncing it to the world that I was a fool,
I did things that were not that smart to my Prince Charming,
But the deeds are done,
But that was the past,
It is now that I need to walk that path of change,
And I need to change that for him, me and our kids.

But in all of this, he is my soulmate and my prince charming.
Published: 6/30/2012
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