My Vision 2014

Welcome 2014, new year time. Resolutions? I have my vision for this year 2014.
What is my vision about 2014? Well, like any other, my vision for this year is to be a good daughter of my parents, a good student of my teachers, and a real good friend to my friends. Actually this year, 2014-2015 is going to be the most crucial year of my life.

Yes, I will be in 12th grade next year, I will be writing my board exams. Like every other student, I wish to score really well. So here comes my vision for this year. I take this resolution that I would study well and prepare really well for the board exams. But something else beyond this is - what is my vision all about life. I just want to fulfill all those little expectations that my near and dears ones dream for me. I don't want to aspire or promise anything big or small, but yes, I would surely try doing things differently, rather than doing different things.

I know what I'm strong at, but I have to learn to accept my weakness and this probably may be one of my visions for 2014. It is better to accept than to expect. My father says this all the time - "Accept the reality."

Well, many may say this, "If you aspire for something big, you can achieve something very big." I do agree with them, but I would like to put this in a different way. I will achieve something big and will aspire for something even bigger... that's maybe my confidence!

Now I have my own priorities and I know my limits. I want to do many things which I haven't planned of and actually I don't want to plan and mess up with it later on.

Yes, I will do them, but one step at a time. Because if you try to do many things at a time, you cannot do a single thing for a lifetime. I've fixed this, I will follow this and succeed.

All I can say is, "Do all things with love."
Published: 2/14/2014
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