My Heart is Broken

The shear heartache of a breakup.
Long ago, a girl I used to know,
A girl who's distant now,
A fading memory,
Once upon a silver moon kissed lawn,
I tried to be someone,
Now she forgets me.

Incomplete, I feel so incomplete,
Now she's no longer here,
To entertain me,
Lost in time, I reminisce to find,
A future full of fear,
I'm filled with misery.

Tears I cry, tears that sting my eyes,
Tears that burn my heart,
And darken my skies,
Blackened clouds, drape me in their shroud,
Fill me with darkness,
And all that it implies.

Hard to live without the love she gave,
A love rescinded now,
My spirit's stolen,
Will to live, I have no will to live,
I fear I can't go on,
My heart is broken.
Published: 5/18/2015
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