Nail Art Designs

Are you looking for innovative nail art designs? If yes, then this is the right place for you. Read on.
Nail art has become very popular these days. An innovative, hand painted nail art, can perk up somebody or can even lend spice to an otherwise dull outfit or appearance. Nail art designers, besides using nail paints, dyes and inks, use a variety of medium such as dry flowers, crushed shells, silver rings and bullion beads to enhance their designs. But such nail art is not easy to do and can be done only by trained professionals. However, here are some simple nail art designs which can be created by anybody at home.

The designs explained below, can be easily painted at home. By following them, you can easily learn how to make designs on your nails, without any professional help.

Naughty Nights
Take a blue nail polish and paint the entire nail blue. Now take a white nail polish and put five white dots at various places on the nail using a thin brush. Take a golden glitter and make a half moon with it in the middle of the nail.

Green Fields
Take a white nail polish and paint the entire nail white. Now, take a green nail polish and using a thin brush, paint the tip of the nails green. With a yellow nail polish, make two small flowers on the nails and put a green dot in the middle of the flowers too. Now you can flaunt your green field nail design look in your office, college or wherever you want to.

Passion Lily
Simply paint the whole nail red. Now take a white paint and with a thin brush make a small heart at the tip of the nail. Make a small golden colored lily with glitter at the base of the nail and passion lily, a teasing acrylic nail design, will be ready.

Christmas Fancy
This is one of the cutest designs for short nails. Paint the nail white with a nail polish. Now with silver paint, make swirls on the nails. Make two stars of green color on the nail. Add a few silver rhinestones to enhance the look of the nail. The designs for short nails should be such that they do not create a clutter on the nails and are best kept simple like the French nail art designs.

Scary Ghost
This design can be sported for a Halloween party. Paint the nail black. With orange polish, make a "v" in the middle of the nail. Take golden glitter and paint an eye with it in the middle of the v. Designs such as scary ghost will be especially liked by teenagers, as they represent their rebellious streak. Scary ghost can be easily painted on the nails at home itself.

Cube Tube
Geometrical designs look very different from others and thus, catch attention of everybody. Paint the entire nail pink and the tip purple. Use different colors to make a small square, circle and triangle on the nail. Use golden glitter polish to highlight these geometrical shapes by outlining them with the glitter.

Nail art involves using several chemicals in paints, nail polishes and dyes, which might be harmful for the nails in the long run. So to prevent that, proper nail care along with these beautification methods, is very essential too.
By Aastha Dogra
Published: 1/2/2010
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