Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 - The Interview

"Thank you sir."
"So Jasmine, which agency are you with?" Dear God, help me concentrate, what's wrong with me today. "I am with the childcare agency." Tate's thoughts were cut off by Jasmine's response. "Oh I see , you are with Miss Foster's agency."
"Yes sir I am, she is the one who sent me here." Wow, this is really beautiful house yoh, the lady of the house has good taste no doubt. "Alright, so Jas, did she explain you, what kind of services I am looking for."

"Services? Foster, what have you got me into now? She only told me about babysitting 24 hours in a week, for 5 days. No work on Saturday and Sunday and... no, yes that's it." Hope this 'services' is nothing nasty like being his 24/seven hired wife. "Well, yes Jas that's true, but there is more." He saw fear and disgust on Jas' big beautiful eyes and that left an uncomfortable feeling in his heart. "You see Jas, I also need a home PA, and no, I do not mean a hired wife but someone who will help out with household duties and work duties when I am home or out of town." Ok, did he just read my mind about the hired wife thing. "Alright, I hear you Mr. Daniels, I can do that."

"Before we continue this interview I need to clear this - I am not Mr. Daniels or Sir , I am Tate, alright!" She nodded and straightened herself up to put on her professional posture.


"So tell me about yourself Jas." Oh God here goes nothing. "Ehh, my name is Jasmine Valencia Michaels, I am 23 years of age. I graduated from high school when I was 18. I am currently busy with arts and creativity at Samancor college, but I am doing it part-time. Well, I pay my college funds through babysitting and..." Her attention drifted to the person behind Tate. "Daddy I am hungry, where is Gammie?" Tate stood up immediately to attend to his daughter. "Hey angel come here, I thought you are asleep, did daddy wake you." The scene playing in front of Jas was like from a fairy tale movie, the protector and innocent. Her eyes started to sparkle with tears because this scene triggered back memories, she thought she buried long ago.
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Published: 1/19/2013
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