Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 2

Tate gets to see beautiful Jas with his daughter, does he like what he sees? Thank you guys for the votes and for reading. I am highly grateful. Please do comment and criticism are accepted because that's the only way to improve. Enjoy guys.
"Get a hold of yourself Jas. You're not going back there, and you will not make a fool of yourself in front of your possible boss." Jas encouraged herself whilst blinking away the tears which were threatening to come out. "No, you didn't wake me daddy I just got hungry."

"Alright my little angel, daddy will make something for you to eat ok." Tate looked at his daughter with love, warmth and joy. Witnessing that made it difficult for Jas to control her tears.

"Daddy, why is the beautiful lady crying, is she hurt." Tate's daughter had concern and worry in her voice, only then Tate remembered about Jasmine.
"Are you ok, Jas?" Tate asked with genuine concern as he saw tears in Jas' eyes, which made his heart heavy.

Wiping her tears with the back of her hand, "Yes, I'm fine Mr... I mean Tate, it's just you have a beautiful daughter, she reminds me of my little niece back home." Tate sensed from her voice that she is lying, what made her cry is deeper than the excuse she gave, her eyes gave her away, but he let it sigh for now.

"Yes, my little angel is beautiful indeed," as gentle as he was stroking his little girl's hair, his eyes never left Jas and that made her a little uncomfortable because his eyes made her knees weak and they also unleashed the butterflies in her stomach.

Clearing her throat, "Are we going to be able to continue the interview?" That broke the starring trance, Tate shifted his eyes and focused back to his little angel. "Do you mind waiting? Because I think I should take care of my angel's little tummy first before she gets all cranky."

He was tinkling his angel which made her giggle and squirm on his daddy's arms. "Actually it's angel princess ok, daddy," she said that between laughs.
"I do mind actually Tate, I don't want to wait." He stopped tinkling the girl and looked at Jas with surprised eyes. "Instead let me make food for the little one and let us get acquainted, eh, eh we can call it the practical interview." She said that with pride because she was happy with herself, for turning the situation from turning bad to a promising one.

Introductions were made between the little girl Tammy, the angel princess as she calls herself and Jas. They hit it off great, they got along quite wonderful. Tate was touched by the girl bonding session that was happening at his kitchen. Through the practical interview, he got to admire the beauty in front of him. Jas had short haircut - miss Halle Berry style, beautiful big sleepy brown eyes. He was attracted to her smooth skin, smooth as a baby. She had a body 10 times better and beautiful than any top model. But what made his heart flutter was the way she showed warmth and care for his little daughter, the passion she had while handling his sweetheart child. Through all that there was still trace of sorrow in her eyes that Tate noticed, and he could not just brush that feeling of curiosity away. This is the person he was looking, but is that conclusion based on the way she is with his little angel or is it the way she makes him feel? "Oh my what is a man to do in situations like this?"
Published: 1/22/2013
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