Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 7

New character introduced, enjoy reading.
Tate woke up with a smile on his face because of the beautiful dream he had last night. 'Beep beep.' The alarm clock went off. "Way ahead of you today Mr. Clock." He woke up and went to take a 15-minute refreshing shower. When he came back to his room after a refreshing shower, he found his work clothes well-prepared and laying on the bed. His shoes were next to the bed ready for him to wear, that just made him smile more.

He dressed up and went down the stairs following the food aroma which made his tummy grumble out of hunger. "But today is Thursday and I am sure it's the chef's day off today." When he approached the kitchen his heart just melted. What he saw made his heart flutter. Jas was helping little Tammy to cut her sausage and she was cleaning her mouth with so much care, you would think she's her own flesh and blood. The way she looks at his daughter you could tell that she really loves her, even Tammy's mother never cared for the little one this much, it was always her modeling career first. Tate had always loved his daughter, and always will, but he knew that could never close that motherly love gap on his daughter's heart. That pained him a lot.

Right now seeing how Tammy is been taken care of by this beautiful caring woman put his heart at ease, at least his daughter would know how it feels to be loved by a motherly figure. "Morning girls," he gave Tammy a kiss on the cheek which made her giggle because of the way he was feeling, he could not resist doing the same on Jas' cheek too which left her puzzled and blushing. But that also made her smile which helped Tate blink his eyes. "How is my little princess doing today?" He took a plate and joined the girls on the table. "I am doing fine daddy, I had enough rest so I'm ready to face the day. What about you daddy? Did you have enough rest too?"
"Yes, I did have enough rest my angel. I'm also ready to face the day." Jas stood up to refill juice bottle for Tate. "And you Jas? Did you have enough rest? And is your room comfortable?"
"Yes, I did, thank you. And my room is wonderful thanks, and thanks for last night Tate."
"Pleasure my dear." Tate could not stop gazing at her flawless beauty. 'I am truly blessed to be surrounded by beautiful adorable girls in my home,' Tate thought to himself.

Ding dong, Ding dong...

"Please sit Jas and enjoy your food, I'll answer the door." Tate stood up and left the two girls and answered the door. "Oh, Hi Emleder how are you? Do we have a morning meeting?"
"Morning my dear Tate, won't I get an invitation to come in first before you interrogate me? And what about my hug?" Said a beautiful model-like blonde who was standing on Tate's doorstep.
"I am sorry for being rude, please do come in Emelder. Come here you." They have gave each other a hug which Emelder made sure lasted longer and made sure Tate could feel her breasts on his hard masculine chest. "Uuhh, that was great and to answer your question, no we do not have a meeting. I just thought I can treat you and Tammy for breakfast since it's the chef's day off today."
"Wow, that was a great idea but unfortunately Jasmine beat you to it, she has already made breakfast for us." Emelder looked at him puzzled and confused. Tate chuckled, "Let me introduce you to her," he took her to the kitchen and the first thing she did, she went to little Tammy and hugged her. She squeezed her so tight she couldn't breathe.

"Ouch not so hard aunt Emleder."
"Sorry honey, just missed you. I am so happy to see you my dear," Tammy did not seem pleased or happy to see her, she put on a best fake smile any 2-year-old can..." Emelder this is Jasmine, Tammy's new nanny and also my PA." Emelder turned to face Jas. She had a well-practiced fake smile. "Nice to meet you Jasmine," they were shaking hands. "Jas this is Emelder, our well trusted company attorney."
"Also his childhood friend and ex high school girlfriend, don't forget that Tate." They both laughed but Jas did not 'cause she saw that sentence was made to make her back from Tate. Emelder was marking her territory. "Well, nice to meet you too Emelder, Tammy let's go up and finish up getting ready for kindergarten." Jas took Tammy to her room to prepare her for school.

"Well, to tell you the truth I have a hidden agenda behind me taking you out for breakfast, I was hoping to catch a ride to work and back since I took my car for service." Emelder was now sitting close to Tate and playing around with her hair and using her flirtatious voice. "Sure, no problem."
"Tammy, honey you seem not to like aunt Emelder, why?" She asked Tammy while helping her put on her school shoes. "I don't like her 'cause she pretends a lot, she does not really like me. She just pretends too so she can be close to my father, and she always squeezes too much when she hugs."
"I see," that's all Jas had to say.

"Seriously Tate, how many PAs do you need, you already have Jacky." She was annoyed by the fact that Jas will be at Tate's house 24/7. "Jacky cannot help me when I'm at home, so Jas is going to be great help." He couldn't help but smile every time he mentioned Jas' name. They were ready to go, so they went to his new black 'A' class Mercedes. They took little Tammy to school and Tate went with Jas and the little one to her class teacher to introduce Jas so there won't be any problems when she comes and picks up the little one. They both gave her a goodbye kiss and a hug before leaving. They drove to police station. "Emelder! Me and Jas have some business to take care of. Will be back at 5 ok." They went inside, and the police officers were happy to see them. Jas gave them statement of what happened and answered all the questions. They told her they will need her in her apartment on Monday. Jas agreed to be there at 10 o'clock in the morning. Then they left.

Outside Tate's work building...

"This is where we work Jas, please come inside with me, I would like you to meet Jacky. I think you two will be contacting each other soon." They all went inside. Emelder was not pleased at all.
Introductions were made. Jasmine and Jacky, whilst Tate went to take care of his morning duties. Jas was given a tour of the building by Jacky. They got to know each other better and they had a lot in common, they seemed to like each other, they just knew they were going to be friends and work well together.


Thanks to all the readers, I am truly grateful. I am sorry about the mistakes on my previous chapter. I was asleep when typing that chapter but thanks for your understanding.

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Published: 2/22/2013
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