Nanny/Home PA - Chapter 8

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Tate was working late, but he had a huge smile on his face. "You still busy Mr. Boss?" Emelder came in swaying her hips pulling a runway catwalk with a hope of getting Tate's undivided attention. "Hey Emelder, yep I'm still busy. I want to spend time with my girls tomorrow so I want to finish up here 'cause I don't want any disturbance tomorrow." Thinking about tomorrow just made his face light up with a huge smile than before, but hearing 'my girls' made Emelder's blood boil beyond but she just pretended like she was not bothered at all. "Tate, how about instead of going straight home I treat you to dinner just to say thank you for today." The idea of spending more time away from his girls did not appeal to Tate at all, when he was about to decline politely... "I am not taking a 'no' for an answer, please Tate it's been long, we need to catch up, pretty please..." Tate agreed finally and that made Emelder very happy. This was a step closer to getting what she wants.

Tate and Emelder continued with work for hour and a half more. They decided to take off, but before they left, Tate made a call... "Hi Jas, can I please talk to my little princess?"
"Hi daddy I miss you, when are you coming back home?" That just melted his heart 'coz he also missed his Little angel too much.
"My angel, daddy misses you too. I am still at work, daddy wants to finish up this work so that he can spend some quality time with his Little pumpkin." Tammy giggled, he always loved it when his dad called her pumpkin. "Ok dad, since you're going to be late I'll save some dessert that Jas helped me to make, it is really delicious."
"Ok my angel, do that. Ok love you my baby, now can I talk to Jas please dear."
"Ok I love you too daddy." Tate just smiled, it made him happy to know that he is loved by his little angel.

"Hi Jas, just wanted to let you know I'm going to be late, after I'm done here at work I'm going out with Emelder for dinner, ok!" Jas didn't like the sound of that and jealousy was visible in her voice. "Enjoy yourself, but don't expect us to wait for you, goodnight Tate." Tate was puzzled by her attitude but that also made him smile 'cause he felt the jealousy in her voice.

"I am glad you came Tate, it has been really long since we have done this. It is about time we catch up." Tate nodded and gave Emelder polite smile to hide his disinterest. His mind was busy trying to figure out why Jas sounded so jealous over the phone... "Tate, are you listening?"
That brought him back from his thought, "Sorry, what? I'm sorry Emelder my mind is occupied by something important, you were saying?" Emelder frowned. "What is so important than spending time with me?"

"I was asking who are you going with to the chrome awards? I mean it is a very big and important event so I think it wouldn't look good for our CEO to make a grand appearance all alone."
"Oh I have not decided yet, you know. Anyway, who will want to accompany a not so stylish chap like me." But Tate had someone already in his mind, someone who to his eyes is the most natural beauty he has ever seen, well, second to his princess. "Come on... you're not stylish? Please!! You're not only the most stylish man in chrome business but you're also the hottest in this business. I know many girls who would love to be your date." 'I am one of then' but Emelder did not have the courage to say that out loud.

"Haha, you just humoring me but it's all good." They enjoyed their dinner in silence which allowed Tate's mind to drift back to Jasmine and his little one. He thought of how much he wanted a mother for his daughter and a good wife for him. And the more he thought of Jas' beauty and sexiness he missed her and that brought back the dream he had about Jas and that's what made him blush and smile, which he hoped Emelder did not notice or anyone for that matter. After he finished his plate of food, he thought dancing will clear his mind, so he asked... "Emelder, would you do me the honor and dance with me?" Emelder nodded with a huge smile on her face, she could not contain her excitement. They went to the dance floor and slow danced to the music but then 5 minutes on the dance floor the music changed an upbeat song came on, and they had to change their rhythm. Emelder swayed her body sexily and when she noticed Tate's discomfort, she thought she got him where she wants him, little did she know that Tate was wishing it was Jas with him on this dance floor. Emelder continued with her sexy dances.

Dancing did not help Tate at all in clearing his mind, instead it made things worse. He was imagining Jas moving her beautiful body right in front of him and that did not help at all, it made him more uncomfortable and blush more, "Eh Emelder, I think we should go, it's getting real late now." Emelder smiled because she thought Tate could not handle himself anymore because of her sexiness.

Outside Emelder's House

"Thanks Tate, I had wonderful time, we should do this again."
Tate gave her a hug in a brotherly affection. Emelder was disappointed, she was hoping for a kiss to get things going instead she got a hug and a pat on the back. "Goodnight Emelder, thank you for the lovely dinner."
"Night Tate, I enjoyed myself. Please drive safe and sweet dreams." Tate left and drove back to his house which felt like home now because of Jas.

When he got home he got the house very quiet. He found a written note on the refrigerator-

"Daddy, your dessert is in the freezer, it was made with love and care, enjoy. We love you daddy."

Tate could not stop smiling. He ate his delicious dessert and then went to his daughter's room to kiss her goodnight, but his daughter was not in her room. He went to check her in his room, nothing, and she was not in the guest room either. Panic came over Tate 'Where could she be and where is Jas?'

He went rushing into Jas' room with anger and panic. What he found in her room made him curse himself. His daughter was protectively wrapped into Jas' arms, they were sleeping peacefully. He went closer to capture this beautiful Kodak moment. He couldn't help his hand from touching both girls and kissing both their foreheads. "You are back" Tate froze when Jas spoke. He panicked because he kissed her hoping she wouldn't wake up, he was afraid she might go wild on him. Instead she smiled and said, "Join us, it's late you need to rest." She patted the space next to her to encourage him. Tate didn't believe his eyes and ears but he did not need to be invited twice, indeed he joined the girls.

Jas was happy with the reaction and her Tate is back where he belongs.


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