A call to action.
We are all saddled with the responsibility of being responsible, irrespective of our respective jurisdictions. I never get too tired of voicing out and writing, even if requires wriggling or scribbling epistles in respect to national issues. A patriotic Nigerian shouldn’t either.

Warren Buffet once said at a gathering in the US, when he was being eulogized and accolades were poured on him, that "I’m not what all of you have said, since I can only boast of managing. My employees have done it." Evidently, he insinuated unity in diversity.

Our dear nation, Nigeria is undergoing a situation we might obviously call hard times or recession to put, blankly. Services charge have become extremely overboard, price of commodities have sky-rocketed. The world market is experiencing shift in trade as days roll by, Foreign exchange (Forex) is at hiccups. What next as a nation? What is the probable way out?

The one thing missing in us as a nation is what I can point out; ethnic groups should come together and brain-storm irrespective of the differences. The South-East (Igbos) are unarguably the most successful tribe in the country in terms of business dealings and trading.

The South-West (Yorubas) inhabits the highest percentage of learned people. The North (Hausas) boast of the best agricultural land mass while unapologetically, the South-South which is the popular NIGER-DELTA is the origin of crude oil. What else are we waiting for?

These resources are enough to be channeled in profitable ventures to improve our present predicament. NIGERIA is our pride, our economy. Let’s stop singing recession songs and choruses. It’s ours to build. MY OPINION!
Published: 11/12/2016
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