Natural Scabies Treatment

Most people prefer natural scabies treatment for the simple reason that it does not involve the use of any harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. Read this article to get a lot of information related to treatment of scabies naturally.
Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection and is often referred to as itch. It is caused due to a tiny, wingless insect sarcoptes scabiei, also called the itch mite. This insect is parasitic in nature and the female insects lay eggs digging into the human skin. After a few days, the larvae emerges out of the eggs. Our body reacts to this parasitic infestation with an intense itching. During itching, the eggs falls off and spread to other people who are near the affected person. Thus, it spreads very rapidly. The main aim of the natural scabies treatment is to provide relief from the excessive itching sensation as early as possible.

Symptoms and Risk Factors of Scabies

The unique characteristic of the itching caused by scabies is that it tends to get aggravated at night. It leads to formation of blisters or bumps on the surface of the skin. Due to severe itching, the skin is prone to infections caused by other microbes and becomes raw and broken. The typical sign of this kind of infection are thin, waxy lines that appear on various parts of the body. These skin rashes are mostly found in areas between the fingers and toes, inner side of wrist joint, elbow joint, armpits, waist and groin region. Children below the age of 15 are at a higher risk of getting scabies. Moreover, it is found that one of the key causes of scabies is an unhygienic living condition.

Natural Treatment for Scabies

There are many naturally occurring substances that can fight the infection and bring down the itching. Some natural cures for scabies are as follows:

Tea Tree Oil: The antiseptic properties of tea tree oil can effectively fight infections of scabies. Some people consider it to be more effective when it is mixed with distilled witch hazel. To prepare this solution, you have to combine 10 ml of tea tree oil with 90 ml of witch hazel. After a shower, apply it on all the affected areas and let it stay over the skin untouched for 10 minutes.

Neem: Neem oil is considered as the best natural home remedies. Neem can be used in many different ways. You can make a paste of equal quantities of fresh neem leaves and turmeric root and apply it over the lesions and leave it for an hour on them. Then the patient should take bath in a tube of water to which neem oil has been added. This treatment should be continued for 10 days so that the lesions can heal up properly. Drinking of a decoction made by soaking of one tablespoon of neem leaves into a cup of boiling water is also helpful for this purpose.

Sulfur and Petroleum Jelly: This is the simplest treatment for scabies as both the ingredients are easily available to us. Blend well one part of sulfur and 9 parts of petroleum jelly and apply it generously on the skin. Allow it to stand on the scabies for half an hour and then wash off.

Bitter Gourd Juice: Intake of bitter gourd juice is very helpful in the treatment of scabies. However, your child may refuse to take it because of its horribly bitter taste. Mix up one teaspoon of lime juice in half cup of bitter gourd juice to make it taste slightly better. It should be taken in small sips on an empty stomach for a week.

Walnuts: Walnuts consist of a natural ingredient named juglone that can fight off the mites that causes scabies. Boil a handful of walnuts in 2 cups of water till the water reduces to half. Then apply the solution on the scabies rash.

You have to patiently continue with the treatment for at least a week or two, before you can see any signs of improvement. Along with these natural scabies treatments, the patient must eat well-balanced meals. Lots of garlic should be included in the meals as it is an excellent antibiotic nutrient. Processed foods, sugary foods, and dairy products should be avoided as they tend to suppress the immune system. The entire house including the bedding should be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of the mites that causes scabies.
By Bidisha Mukherjee
Published: 7/22/2010
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