Nature John Poem One

My first poem! I wrote this in about 45 seconds. I just began speaking it aloud, while staring out a sunny window talking in a profound voice. This was all me just having fun, but then I heard a muffled sob. "That’s beautiful!" It was Allie George, a girl from my class. Some other people nearby, come to think of it, seemed intrigued. "Why are you crying?" I said concerned. "Your poem!" AWESOMENESS. And that’s why I write poems, anyway.
Nature, Nature
The fragile creature
With its delicate green features

Effortlessly covers everything
The skies of blue
The morning dew

The grass of green
The dirt of brown
Over every farm, city and town

As we gaze from our cubicles, schools and other jails
Their wonder, their power, always fails
To add up to Nature, Nature
The fragile creature, the forgotten creature
With its delicate beautiful green features
Published: 1/22/2011
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