Nature Poems

Here you'll find poems about nature that describe its beauty. The changing seasons, varying colors of the skies, the brightly shining sun, the silently glowing moon, the winds, the rains, all are manifestations of the beautiful nature. Some call her Mother, some call it the best teacher. Our collection of poems about nature might give you a new perspective of appreciating it.
As Is Wont Of My Nature
Let's not be cold again...
Sunrise In Nairobi
A poem expressing the level of disparities.
Feeling Harmattan again...
Rhythms of the Morning Tide
Appraising nature.
Spellbound Trance
Escaping reality. Pretty short poem.
Deep in a Dewdrop
Hope you like it!
When The Sunset Shields
A blissful gate to heaven....
Air Brushed In a White Winter Wonderland
Streets and tree branches engage in a heavenly show....
This one is old, I wrote it back in elementary school... along with a haiku about frogs.... that one was really cute.
A Transitional Seasonal Display
Into a fusion of tones, leaving embellishing grounds...
Kissed by a Glimpse of Starlight
Prismatic petals, escapes a fulfilling sweetness in the air.....
After a Bashful Touch of Rain Showers
Their petals slowly wave in the dulcet breeze....
A Tranquil Lit Afternoon Sky
Leaving a mesmerizing imprint and magical spell...
Early Morning Serenade
In appraisal of the season.
Preciously Playing Peekaboo
Adorable chromatic koi, stroke their fins in a flattering array....
Singing A Gentle Romantic Tune
Sounds of soft winds, sing a romantic tune...
The Rose or the Tulip
It's about decisions...
The Tree (Part 2)
A young little tree just opens her arms to embrace the beautiful world. The nature's season has presented here to support and describe the little fellow's joy and longing.
The Tree (Part 1)
A young tree who just opens her arms to embrace the beautiful world feels variety of emotions. The nature's season has presented here to support and describe the little fellow's joy and longing.
Those Who Can't Learn
Will we ever learn?
Worship Freestyle
No thoughts really just allowing the words to flow...
Hi, I'm new here and so here's a poem that I wrote ages ago...
Super Typhoon Haiyan
Thanks to all countries who have supported the Philippines in wake of deadliest storm Haiyan on Nov. 8, 2013.
The Sun - Haiku
I first wrote this poem in 5th Grade. Mrs. Magnuson got me into doing poetry. Without her, I honestly don't know if I would have ever gotten into poetry. I'm so glad, I did though. I am now 16, in the 11th grade and achieving my...
As Far As It Goes
Life and living not alone.
Earth - It is Yours
This is the place you'll be in till your death, so save it from being destroyed. Also think about your future generations...
Our Mother Nature
Sharing my love for nature....
The Joy of Patience
Being patient brings rewards.
Our Moon
The moon made me write this poem... irresistible... Please comment!
Nature's Symphony
Thunder and lightning are such attention hogs. Just a poem trying to capture their performance.
Desert Rain
I live in a desert but it's not home.
A Lavishing Mirage
I was happy to see the lavishing greeneries and was amazed by its everlasting fragrance. But when I stepped in, the greeneries turned into deserts and the forests went barns. Let's cherish those unforgettable memories.
Fading Nature
Nature is so beautiful, but in turn we are exploiting the same. Nature needs to be pampered, so that nature and humanity both can live in conjunction forever.
The Fallen Leaves
With the approach of winter, there is a change in nature.
The Magnetic Lids
What are these magnetic lids that suddenly close at night? Then, you'll fall asleep.
Cascading Waters...
A poem about the beauty of a waterfall...
The Fool's Errand
A poem about thoughts, life unraveling, and perspective.
To the Waterfall
Written to commemorate my mountain climbing at Erin Ijesha Waterfall/s with other students of the English department in Redeemer's University.
Life Lives in a Garden
A poem on the calming effect of a garden.
The Tree of Hopes and Dreams
The tree that gauges everything.
I Stand Still, Still I Travel With Life!
Once I was looking at the tree from the window of a second-story building, of my workplace. I felt near to nature! The days were very close to my heart, hence, expressed as a poem. 'Samanea Saman' - rain tree.
Pondering and the Dead Forest
A person in a dead forest, pondering many things.
Shining Suns
After reading this, take your time to watch a starry sky.
Glittering Dewdrops
Have you been amazed by nature's beauty? On a rainy day, I saw dewdrops that inspired me to write this poem.
The Sea
The poem depicts how much nature gives us and how we have no time for nature in our busy lives.
Nature's lavish beauty can't be named better...!
A Hoax?!
At the end of it all...
Save Nature
The motto of writing this poem is to save the nature...
Fare Thee Well
The summer may be on its way out, but will come back with a smile.
Feelings of a Rainbow
Wrote this poem when I saw a rainbow.
One Fine Afternoon...
Few lines that describe how we can find beauty of nature in our own backyard...
Expand Your Mind
To wallow in the beauty of nature.
Starry, Starry Night
What do you search in the sky on starry, starry night?
Summer Air
Another short one. About my short summer love.
What You're Really Doing to the Earth
Reduce Reuse Recycle.......Save the earth.
Nature Poem.
Nature 4: Trouble in the Sea
I wrote this to cover the under water part of nature that is often overlooked. It is not very long, but still good (I hope :)
Nature 3: Save the Trees, Please!
52 people voted on the Locomotion poll in less than a day! (Yes of course,) and some of you are actually fans of my old poems like Desperation! I might actually do another Desperation now. Woman 4, the next installment in my love...
Nature - The End
Protect the planet at all COSTS! I'm really not supposed to do a series, but the original Nature is so popular that when I wrote this, I knew it had to go up. Enjoy! (This is the last "Nature", I promise!)
Nature John Poem One
My first poem! I wrote this in about 45 seconds. I just began speaking it aloud, while staring out a sunny window talking in a profound voice. This was all me just having fun, but then I heard a muffled sob. "That’s...
Storms of Thunder
This is a poem about a stormy night and lightning takes over the town. **I am nine years old....I have been writing poetry since I was 5**
A sad poem about the end of earth .....
Skies, Sun, Stars
Written by me.
In the Night
Poem about the mysteries that take place while we sleep.
Ancestral Canvas!!
Inspired by the drive to my native place in the Konkan (Maharashtra, India)
Nature's Beauty
A very few of see the beauty of nature care to care for it. We may find the different aspects of nature and why to care for it in this article.
Tranquil Night
This is a poem I wrote to praise the night and the nature"s work during the night.
Music and Rain, How Beautiful?
A poem about how I feel when I'm listening to Claire de lune while its raining outside.
Temperate Spring
Welcome dear welcome.......
Sweet Song Bird
Mother Earth is a fragile beast. Treat her With the love she needs.
This is just for kids. Enjoy.
Wonders Of Nature
It is a poem I wrote while wondering about Nature.
Uhh, read, enjoy and please comment!
I Miss My Woods
I moved a little bit ago from the country to the suburbs... a big change if you think about the atmosphere...soo I missed my woods and wrote it down ~Comment!
Winds vary on their own.
The Caterpillar
This little caterpillar has a dream.
Roses are like us somewhat.
Random poem:) Please give me your opinion:)
It's Our Environment
Think about the waste you put on our planet. Think real hard.
She is Mother Nature
Love her and cherish her.
What do you see when looking at a sunset.
How can you describe rain.
Poem I Wrote in the 9th Grade. Poem about my point of view of rain. I pray you like it! Please Enjoy!!!!
Haiku - Sunrise
The breaking of dawn brings back to me the vivid memories of the childhood, when the start of the day was like a new life, with the bells tinkling in the nearby temples, fragrance of incense sticks in the home, prayers of grandpa...
Complex Beauty
The beauty of nature varies from time to time.
The Moon Knows and the Sun Glows
About the sun and the moon. These are actually two poems, but they go together. :) Enjoy!
The Order of Nature
Our nature follows an order. Everything is done for a reason.
Corn Stalks Under the Moonlight
The Dread of Awaiting Harvest.
Once it was All Green
A poem contribute to save the nature.
Don't Cut Me Down!
Trees conserve our environment, so mull over rather than cut down a tree. This poem is about beautiful Nature and how it is disturbed by an impulsive hand.
When the Wind Blows
Hey no one told me what they thought about the notes so I am putting a new poem up I just wrote it.
Thunder Before the Rain
Yet I never run.... please comment :l
Showers of Blessing
Waiting for the showers to fall and bless us with rain.........
The Wait!
The long wait for the rains to arrive......
Eco Me - Environment
This poem is for everyone, who is not being a helping hand in saving the world and making it a better place to live in. We expect the word to spread across everyone and help unite everyone in this huge mission...
Being outside to hear noises and see what life brings...
The Rain has Come
A few verses on how the rains are appreciated after a long and hot summer........
Eco Me - Water
Though water covers 70.8% of earth, not all water is of drinking condition. Only 3% is fresh for drinking purpose. And with the increase in population and global warming, imagine the percentage few years down the lane. The...
The Last Raindrop
I created this poem as an observation of how humanity continues to turn a blind eye to his destructive ways toward nature. In persisting with our willful disregard for nature, our suffering would be the ultimate consequence.
Mother Nature
Let us all help save the Earth...
Beauty & the Beast
Nature is a poem. The poet cares not for rhyme or scheme. He is drunk on creation and the stanza of life. So many teachers around, where is the eager, pure mind?
What Eyes Saw That Day.........
A garden of flowers......
A garden of flowers are grown for the Eden of love...
About a storm in Florida...
Monstrous Mother
This mom does get cruel, at times.....
Deserted Beauty
A beautiful scene is depicted in this poem...
A little compromise does no harm!
The nature's wonderful.....
When the early morning sun breaks through the darkness ...
Dreaded Rain Drops
When rain brings misery....
Milky Ball
A small poem on moon.
A page about nature.
A small poem...
Little Rain Drops
These rain drops are so different...
Nature is just beautiful...
Septet's galaxy!
My full moon night.....
When I look at the night sky...
Living in the green mountains......
The Green mountains, is a place to live in peace...