Nature Resembles My Heart!

Written for someone I thought I could never live without but then realized that they'll always be with me in my heart.
When you’re here it's daytime,
The sun is up high with its beautiful shine,
Watching the blossoming flowers and the blowing trees,
In that summer sweet air and the cooling breeze.

But when you’re gone, the nighttime comes,
With the gloomy air and the silence that hits our drums,
Even the stars hide with this fearful sight,
It’s the scariest time of all when the clock strikes midnight.

The butterflies flutter in my stomach as we meet,
You’ve stopped the wind from blowing and turned up the heat,
You touch my hand as gentle as can be,
Then the butterflies stop fluttering, as I have set them free.

But when I’m all alone, the shadows start to scare,
They hide in every corner and make noises in the air,
So I disappear under my covers each night,
Hoping they won’t come, hoping they won’t bite.

When we meet again, this time you don’t go away,
You will stick with me forever and here you will stay,
So in the daytime wonders and the nighttime screams,
I’ll never be alone with you in my dreams.
Published: 10/18/2012
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