Nature's Beauty

A very few of see the beauty of nature care to care for it. We may find the different aspects of nature and why to care for it in this article.
I love the beautiful nature
It’s the earth’s greatest feature
From the beautiful talking parrots
To the rabbits which love carrots
Everything is done by our creator
Who is our permanent proprietor

The dinosaurs which lived long ago
Due to unsuitable situations faced outgo
But now even in suitable conditions
Many species are facing extinctions
Awareness should be ban hunting and poaching
Since everyone should play their role in nature’s enriching

We must plant more trees
Before the greenery totally flees
Think what will happen when
The trees are only nine or ten
Even if not for nature’s beauty
For ourselves at least we must do our duty

Let us save our nature
From its danger in future
We can make it happen
And our lives will brighten
Then Earth will become a heavenly place
And we will find happiness in every face
Published: 11/18/2010
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