NCIS: Man Down! - Part One

Ziva and the team have a lot of trouble on their hands, when Ziva's childhood friend kidnaps McGee.
Ziva and McGee are talking about their last ordeal. "Do you think it will happen again?"
"What, Tony shooting me in the leg?"
"No, I mean someone trying to kill us because of our race?"
"Yeah, I think it will."
Tony walks in. "Good morning all." He looks at them both. "Let me guess, I'm going to get some coffee." He imitates Gibbs and Gibbs walks up behind him. Ziva smiles. "Hey Gibbs."
"Nice try Ziva but it ain't..." Gibbs head slaps him. "No DiNozzo, I went to get our next case from the director."
"Oh, right sorry boss."
"Well, come on." They get their stuff and head for the crime scene.

When they get there, McGee and Ziva go round the back. McGee spots some blood on the grass. He bends down to swab it. Ziva has her back to him, taking prints from the broken window. A man in a black hoodie sneaks up behind McGee and knocks him out, Ziva doesn't realize. "Hey McGee..." The man freezes. "Pass me that small dusting brush." She holds her hand back. "McGee?" She turns round and sees McGee on the floor and the man in the hoodie pointing McGee's pistol at her. "Put the gun down." She slowly walks forward. The man's hands are shaking.

"Don't move or I'll shoot."
"I'm just going to see if he's alright." Ziva goes to bend down. "I said don't move!" She stands back up straight. She goes to grab her pistol but the man shoots. He misses her but she steps back, trips over the powder box and smacks her head on the pathing slabs. The man takes McGee away.

When Tony and Gibbs get round the back of the house, the man and McGee are gone. Tony helps Ziva up. "What happened, Ziva where's McGee?"
"He was taken away by a tall man."
"What did he look like?"
"He was pale and his face was thin."
"So he was like boo Radley?"
"'To Kill a Mockingbird', it's a book."
"You read books?"
"Sometimes yes I do."

Gibbs walks up to them. "They left his weapon and ID but they still have his cell."
"Great trust McGee to get kidnapped."
"It's my fault."
"No it isn't."
"Yes it is, Tony if I had turned round sooner this wouldn't have happened."
"Ziva don't worry we'll find him. I promise, if we don't, we don't need him do we?"
"Yes we do Tony, who are you going to torment?" They walk back to the truck. "Or glue to the desk or call names? Huh?"
"You have a point there."
"Yes I do." Tony opens the door and Ziva climbs in. "We have to find him."
"I know." He closes the door and goes to the car.

When they get back to NCIS, Ziva's phone goes off. It shows that it is McGee calling. "McGee, where the hell are you?!"
"Are you ok?"
"Who was that guy?"
"Listen, who ever this is they know about Rasime and Joseph."
"Long story short, they want to kill you."
"What?" Ziva hears a man shouting on the other end of the line. "McGee?" His voice gets more frantic. He lowers his voice to a whisper. "I have to go now sorry." The phone goes dead.
"McGee." She looks up at Tony and Gibbs. "They know."
"About what?"
"Rasime, Joseph and Jayden."
"How, I don't know how they could have." Tony answers his own question.
"Tony they'll try to kill him, won't they?"
"We can't say that can we not yet?" Gibbs starts to walk away. "Boss where are you going?"

"Oh." He looks back down at Ziva, who is sitting with her head in her hands. "Ziva?" She looks up at him, tears streaming down her face. "Tony they're gonna kill him." She puts her arms around him. He hugs her. "We'll find him Ziva don't worry."
"I hope so." She cries into his shirt. Abby walks around the corner. Tony looks at her. She mouths. "Where's Gibbs?"
"MTAC." He mouths back. She turns and walks up to MTAC. They break apart and Ziva gets a text. 'If you want to see your friend again, meet me at the navy docks.' She stands up and grabs her coat. Leaving her pistol and ID behind. "Where are you going?"
"Errrm, dentist appointment."
"Ok, I'll tell Gibbs for you."
"Thanks Tony." She runs to the elevator and takes one of the cars to the navy docks.

When she gets there, the man is standing next to McGee. Ziva pulls up and steps out of the car. "Ziva."
"Who are you?"
"Have a guess."
"I have no idea."
"Well you should, we were best friends in the safe house."
"Bingo, now guess why I'm here?"
"Has this got something to do with Jayden?"
"Yes, you sentenced him to death so you will die as well."
"He hung himself."
"Because of you!"

"I didn't drive him to that." Damian puts a pistol to McGee's head. "No!" Ziva's eyes dart from McGee to Damian and back again. "Let him go, take me instead."
"How about I kill both of you, him first?"

"No!" Ziva jumps on him. The pistol slides across the decking. "McGee go! Take the car..." Damian wraps his hands round her throat. "You will pay!" McGee scrambles to his feet and drives off in the car. Ziva kicks Damian off her and crawls over to the pistol. He grabs her leg. She reaches for the pistol but it is too far away. "Damn it!" She rolls over. Damian puts her penknife to her side.

"Stand up!"
"Or what?"
"I'll kill you right now."
"No, you won't."
"Don't tell me what I will or will not do!"
"Ok, but one more thing. Why kill me now when you know that my work partner will be here soon?"
"Well you will piss him off and kill me. Causing him pain."
"Why would I lie, you have a knife in my side."
"Ok, I believe you." He takes the knife away and Ziva stands up and puts her hair in a ponytail. Damian grabs the pistol and points it at her.

Tony pulls up far enough away that Damian can't hear him. He sneaks up behind him and Ziva smiles. Tony points his pistol at Damian. "Let her go!"
"Anthony DiNozzo." Damian turns round. He shoots Tony, who topples backwards off the dock. "Tony, no!" Ziva screams.
"Stay there."
"What are you going to do?"
"I'll shoot you!"
"No, you won't."
"Yes, I would."
"You wouldn't dare." He shoots her and she looks at him. "Ok, I was wrong." As she falls to the floor, Tony pulls himself up. Damian runs off. Tony runs over to Ziva. She smiles at him. "I thought..."

"It's called a bulletproof vest Ziva." She laughs and then cringes with pain."
"I didn't think he'd do it."
"Well he did. Come on." He helps her up.
"Ah, Tony!"
"Damian is behind you." He turns around.
"Tony pass me your shirt."
"Just do it!"
"Ok." He takes his shirt off and throws it to her. She rips it with her pen knife. "Hey they cost money you know!"

"Shut up!" She ties the rag around her waist. "Come on then."
"I'll be fine."
"Ziva you should stay here." She looks at him.
"Fine but don't blame me if he kidnaps you."
"I won't, all of this is my doing anyway."
"No it isn't."
"Tony can we just get this guy before he kills us both."
"Yeah sure." They run after Damian.
Published: 4/17/2012
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