NCIS: Man Down - Part Three

The story comes to a climatic ending!
Ziva starts to look for Mcgee. Tony is hiding behind a crate. He grabs her and covers her mouth. "Ziva, it's me. Shhh." He spins her round. "Mcgee isn't in here."

"He's next door. Gibbs is saving him so don't worry." Damian, who can hear everything, sneaks up behind Ziva. "Your time is up." She turns around and straight into his knife. Damian twists it and pulls it out. Ziva puts her hands on the wound and looks at Damian. She falls back into Tony's arms and her eyes start to shut. Damian slowly turns and slowly walks away. Tony is too preoccupied with Ziva to pay him any attention. "Ziva stay with me."

"It hurts."
"I know. Just stay with me Ziva please." Ziva closes her eyes and faints. "No Ziva." Tony picks her up and walks outside.

Outside Mcgee and Gibbs are walking out of the other warehouse when all of a sudden it blows up. Mcgee jumps on top of Gibbs to protect him. Damian sees Tony put Ziva in the car and run over to Gibbs and Mcgee. Tony looks up at him and he bolts. Tony stands up and shoots Damian's leg. He falls to the floor.

Tony and Gibbs take Ziva to the hospital. "Gibbs they're both gonna die and it's my fault."
"No, Dinozzo they won't and it's not your fault that people..."
"They're not people Gibbs, they're psychos!"

"Dinozzo!" Gibbs stops. "Look I know you're angry and upset. But there is no need for you to go off like that."
"Sorry Boss."
"It's ok. They'll be fine and once Damian is out of hospital, I'll interrogate him."
"Gibbs could I do the..."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't want him dead Dinozzo."
"Oh, ok." They get to the room where Ziva and Mcgee are both hooked up to life support. Tony sighs and looks at them. "This is my fault." He mutters under his breath.

"Dinozzo." Gibbs' voice snaps him back into reality.
"Is it ok if I leave you here for a while?"
"Yeah sure, why?"
"I have some business to attend to."
"Ok, I'll be here if you need me."
"Thanks Dinozzo." Gibbs leaves the room and goes next door to where Damian is recovering.

Gibbs throws the door open. "Agent Gibbs."
"Are you happy? Do you see the pain you've caused?!" Gibbs shouts at Damian. He laughs in Gibbs' face. "Two of my agents are next door nearly dead because of you!

Mcgee did nothing against you and you didn't even let Ziva talk to you."
"Justice has been served." He whispers.
"What did you just say!?"
"Justice has been served!" Gibbs steps closer to the bed.
"When you get out of here, you are in a lot of trouble."

In the other room Tony can hear Gibbs through the wall. He rolls his eyes and walks over to Ziva. "Ziva?" Gibbs' shouting gets louder.
"Why did you stab her huh? What did she do to deserve that?!" Ziva's eyes twitch. "Ziva?" She opens them.
"Tony?" He smiles down at her and she smiles back. It quickly fades as she sees Mcgee. "Oh my god." She tries to sit up. "What happened to him."

"He was blown up."
"Oh god, will he be ok?"
"I don't know."
"Is there anything, I could do to help?"
"No, not now."
"What do you mean?"
"Ziva when Damian stabbed you he destroyed your kidney."
"They had to remove what was left."
"What happened to Damian?"
"Oh I shot him."
"What? Tony!"
"Relax he's fine. I only shot him in the leg. He'll survive, that is if Gibbs leaves him alone. He went absolutely mental." Ziva laughs and Gibbs appears in the doorway. Tony stands up and leaves the room. "See you in the morning." He closes the door.

Ziva lays staring at Mcgee. "Sorry Tim." She closes her eyes and sighs. Ziva sits up and gets out of the bed. She walks over to Mcgee and sits on the chair next to his bed. "Mcgee if you can hear me, I'm sorry really, I am. This is all my fault." She puts her hand on his. "I'm sorry." She folds her arms and rests on the bed. Ziva starts to cry and soon she cries herself to sleep.

She is woken the next morning by Tony. "Ziva, Ziva wake up." She sits up and looks at him. "Tony? What time is it?"
"It's ten o'clock Ziva."

"You should be at work." She stands up. Tony wraps his arm around her shoulders. "Tony I got over here on my own, so I can get back on my own ok."
"Yeah sorry." He takes his arm away.
"I didn't say let me go, did I?"

"What?" She just smiles at him. She walks round the bed and sits down. Damian stares at her through the window. Tony sees him and opens the door. "Hey!" Damian jumps and spits on Tony. "I will kill her." He walks away. Tony returns to the room. "Who was that?"
"Oh no-one."
"It was Damian wasn't it?"
"Yeah." Tony wipes the spit off his face.

"Can you take me to my place I really need a shower."
"Ok, but I'm coming in with you."
"What, in the shower?"
"I wish."
"I know you do." She pats his shoulder.
"Come on then." They walk out of the hospital and get in the car. Damian follows them.

Ziva turns the shower off and hears the door open. "Tony wait a minute!" She wraps the towel round herself and pulls the curtain back. "I'm not Tony." Damian stands in front of her.

"What do you want? How did you get in here in the first place?"
"Your boyfriend was asleep."
"Well I'm not now!" Tony stands in the doorway pistol drawn. "Put the knife down Damian."

"Alright." He shoves it into Ziva's side and lets go of the handle. Ziva looks at it then at Damian. "You bastard." She drops to her knees and nods at Tony. "Bye." She passes out and Tony shoots Damian in the head. He steps over him and picks Ziva up.

Tony takes Ziva to the hospital. When they bring her back from having a scan, Tony turns to the doctor. "She will die unless..."
"Unless what?"
"Unless we find her a kidney."
"How long will that take?"
"How long can she last?"
"Hours maybe days."

"Could I give her one of mine?"
"Well, yes but..."
"She could die during the surgery."
"And what are the chances of that?"
"Twenty per cent maybe." Tony looks at Ziva.
"I'll do it."
"It may be tomorrow before we can give her the operation."
"Do you know who she is? She is an NCIS special agent."
"That doesn't matter here."
"Please can you get her in any earlier?"
"I'm not sure."
"I'll go see the surgeon now."
"Thank you." Tony walks over to the bed. "Don't worry Ziva."

The day after the operation Ziva is woken by the whole team. Mcgee smiles at her. "How ya feeling?"
"Me too." Tony steps forward.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean I gave you one of my kidneys."
"You were gonna die Ziva."
"Yep, Tony's a hero." Abby gives Ziva a black rose. "Here we all missed you Ziva."
"Thanks Abs."
"Ziva." Gibbs looks at her. "Tony also killed Damian. He can't hurt you anymore." Ziva looks at Tony.
"You are unbelievable."
"I know." Tony smiles at her.

A few days later, Ziva comes back at work. She finds her desk covered in flowers and cards. "Tony why is my desk..."
"Abby was let loose."
"Do you like it?" Ziva turns round. Unable to upset the bouncy forensic scientist she smiles. "Yeah thanks Abby." She hugs her. Abby clips her necklace around her neck. "Welcome home."
Published: 6/1/2012
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