NCIS: New Blood Spilt

Ziva's first day back on the job and she is already in trouble. Can the team stop a man from killing her and Tony?
It has been two months and it is Ziva’s first day back at work since the incident. She walks round the corner and is bombarded with spit balls. "Tony! You are gross!"
"Yeah I know." Ziva sits down at her desk and finds an envelope. "What the?" She opens it.
'Ziva, welcome back! I have to inform you that Jayden Dvin hung himself last week. I have assigned your team two recruits. Rose Winston and Blake Ward. Hope you’re feeling up to the job. Leon.'

"Oh right." She looks up at Tony, who is aiming a spit ball right into McGee's eye, and waits until he has finished. "Tony did you know about this?" "About what?"
"Jayden and our recruits?" Gibbs walks in. "Correction Ziva recruit." He looks at them all. "Come on!" Then a timid voice comes from behind Ziva. "Urm hello, I’m Rose Winston and I was told to come here, this morning." She stands there and looks at Gibbs. He looks at her so does Tony. "You’re our new, recruit?" He stands up. She laughs. "You must be Anthony DiNozzo."

"That I am." Ziva rolls her eyes and looks away. "Oh Jeez." Tony takes Rose’s hand and she pulls it away. "Although you might be the American dream Tony, you are not my type."
"Oh ok." Tony stands back in amazement and Ziva laughs at him. "My name’s McGee, but you can call me urm…"
"Elf lord." Tony whispers in his ear.
"Elf… err I mean you can call me urm t-Timmy." He shakes her hand. "Are you always this articulate?"
"Only in front of hot girls urr women." Tony coughs and McGee elbows him. Rose turns to Gibbs and Ziva. "So you must be Gibbs and Ziva." She beams. "Nice to meet you finally."

"Right now let’s go." Gibbs turns to McGee, "McGee stay here and show her what to do."
"Yes boss." Gibbs, Ziva and Tony walk away. McGee turns to Rose. "So how did you know who we all were?"
"I did my homework."
"Like what?"
"Well Tony’s first partner Kate Todd was shot by Ziva’s half-brother. Then Ziva shot him. Gibb’s wife and daughter were killed. You used to go out with Abby the forensic scientist, and Tony used to go out with Ziva."
"Wow that’s good."
"I know, so what should I do?"
"Let’s go see Abby." McGee stands up and shows her to Abby’s lab.

At the crime scene Gibbs and Tony are packing away. Ziva sees someone in the backyard. She goes round the back and looks around. "Ziva!" Gibbs shouts her. "One minute!" She makes her way down the path. "Ziva we’re going!" Tony shouts her, she doesn’t answer so he runs round. "Ziva!" She turns round then someone grabs her from behind and drags her back into the bushes. "Tony!" She screams. He runs as fast as he can and then he hears a car engine start. "Ziva!" He pushes through the bushes and reaches the road to see a red pickup with no number plates drive off. "Crap!" Gibbs drives round.
"Where’s Ziva?"
"She has been taken away again."
"Get in we’ll go back and get Abbs to track her cell phone."

In the back of the pickup Ziva is trying to get her boot knife. The man pulls over and opens the back. He leans over and knocks her out. He gets back in the front and drives off, he pulls up again on to a drive way. He takes Ziva into the basement of the house.

Ziva wakes up to find herself suspended two feet off the ground by her wrists. "What the..?" Her phone starts to ring. Ziva looks around then sees her phone on the side bench. "That’s just great!"
"Miss David."
"Who are you?"
"Your worst nightmare."
"How so?"
"Just shut up you Israeli piece of scum!" He kicks Ziva and she squints. "What was that for?"

"I aim to kill all the foreigners and their decedents in NCIS starting with you!" He picks her knife up off the bench and walks up to her. "You do know that Gibbs will track my phone and arrest you. You kidnapped a federal agent."
"No, he won’t because by the time he gets here I will be gone and you will be dead."
"What?" He sticks the knife into her leg.
"Next is Anthony DiNozzo, he’s Italian isn’t he?" The man laughs and lets Ziva down. "Leave Tony alone do you hear me?!" She shouts after him. Ziva looks down at her leg. She pulls the knife out and cuts the rope round her wrists. Ziva stands up and ties some cloth round her leg. "I’ll try and walk there." She searches for her phone but she can’t find it. "Twat!" She limps up the stairs and out of the house.

At NCIS Tony is looking at a photo of Ziva. "We’ll find you." His phone rings. "Hello?"
"Agent DiNozzo, main gate security here."
"What’s the matter?"
"Well we have a woman here claiming to be Ziva David but she has no ID could you come and confirm that please."
"Yeah sure I’ll be right down."
"Thank you." The security officer hangs up and Tony runs to the elevator.

Down at the gate Ziva is arguing with the officer. "Look a man kidnapped me and now he’s after Tony."
"So you keep on saying miss but we can’t let you in without any ID."
"Will you please just listen…" Her sentence is cut short as she falls unconscious from loss of blood. Tony, who is in the parking lot, sees it and runs to the gates. "Open the gates then!" He kneels down next to Ziva and rolls her over. "This is Ziva." He picks her up and takes her upstairs."

When he gets upstairs McGee is sat at his desk. "McGee ring Gibbs." He looks at Tony and bursts into action. Toy puts Ziva on his chair and tries to wake her up. "It’s no use Tony he’s not answering."
"Keep trying, I’m going down to Ducky." He picks Ziva up and goes down to autopsy. McGee tries to ring Gibbs again. This time he answers. "What McGee?"
"Tony just brought Ziva in she’s well urm."

"Spit it out McGee!"
"Tony urm Ziva, boss Ziva is un…unconscious."
"Ziva is un…"
"I heard you McGee."
"Right Boss where are you?"
"Behind you McGee." McGee turns round and looks at Gibbs. "How did she get here McGee?"
"Well I don’t know boss she just turned up at the gate."
"So where is she now?"
"Tony took her down to Ducky."
"Right McGee ring Rose and see where she is."
"Yes boss." Gibbs runs off towards autopsy.

Down in autopsy Ducky is unraveling the cloth from Ziva’s leg. Blood spurts out from the wound. "Tony press on that and don’t be afraid to press on really hard."
"Ok, Ducky will she be alright?"
"The chances are thin. When I say I want you step back ok?"
"Now." Tony steps back and stares at Ziva.
"Come Ziva you have to survive this." He bites his lip. Ducky stands back. "Done." He looks up. Gibbs walks in and stops when he sees Ziva on the table. "Duck what happened?"

"A puncture wound to the upper thigh, it severed the main artery Jethro the rate of survival is incredibly low."
"DiNozzo upstairs now!" Gibbs looks at Tony and he just stares at Ziva. "Yeah… yes boss." He walks out of autopsy. "Tony?" A faint whisper comes from the table. Gibbs stands next to it. "Ziva, what happened to you?"
"A man, tell Tony not to go home it’s too dangerous."
"Why?" Ziva passes out again. "Ziva!" Gibbs runs out of Autopsy. "Duck when she wakes up ring me!"
"I will Jethro don’t worry."

Gibbs runs out of the elevator and up to Tony’s desk. McGee stands up. "Rose isn’t answering her phone or cell. I think there’s something wrong do you want me to go to hers to check things out?"
"Alright McGee, but you come right back here got it?!"
"Yes boss." McGee goes off and Gibbs turns to Tony. "You are not leaving the building until Ziva wakes up."
"Why boss?"
"Don’t ask questions DiNozzo!" Gibb’s phone goes off. "That was quick McGee."
"I’m not actually out of NCIS yet boss."
"Well she made it onto base but not up to work."
"She has been shot Gibbs."
"Oh right." Gibbs hangs up and runs to the elevator.

Downstairs McGee is taking pictures of Rose’s car. "Boss I found a nine mill slug," McGee passes him a mushroomed piece of metal. "Right Palmer bag her up and take her to Dr. Mallard."
"Yes Gibbs."
"McGee you know what to do."
"I do?"
"Prints McGee."
"By myself?"
"Yes, you got a problem?"
"No boss."
"Good." Gibbs goes back inside leaving McGee to tend to the scene.

When he gets upstairs Tony isn’t at his desk. "I’m going to kill him!" He walks over to the elevator and the doors open. Tony stands looking at Gibbs. "Boss."
"DiNozzo is something wrong?"
"No boss."
"Good." Tony walks out of the elevator and Gibbs gets in. He goes down to see if Ziva is alright. "Ducky you down here?"
"Ah Jethro good news." Ducky comes round the corner. "And what’s that?"
"Gibbs where is Tony?" Ziva limps round the corner and looks at him. "Ziva first I have to know what happened to you and how you got here?"

"I told you before a man kidnapped me and took me to a basement. He told me he was going to kill all foreign people in NCIS and their descendants. I cut the ropes and walked here." She takes a deep breath. "So where is he? I need to know."
"He’s upstairs don’t worry Ziva I won’t let anyone hurt you or Tony."
"How Gibbs?" She looks at him in the eye. "How?"
"I don’t know but believe me I will not let it happen."
"I take your word Gibbs and I can’t tell how determined this man is."
"Don’t worry." He turns round and Ziva limps after him. "Gibbs wait for me." She puts her hand through the elevator doors and they open again. She steps in and Gibbs looks at her. "I have to catch him Gibbs on my own."

"You are not alone Ziva you have the whole team behind you." He hugs her then the doors open and they walk over to the desks.
Tony isn’t at his desk so Gibbs calls him. "DiNozzo where the hell are you?"
"I’m outside with McGee boss."
"Do you ever listen to me DiNozzo?"
"Why boss?"
"I told you to stay inside so get up here now!"
"Ok boss." Tony hangs up just as Gibbs hears a gunshot. "DiNozzo!" He hangs up and runs to the elevator. "Ziva stay here I’ll be back in a minute."
"Why, Gibbs where are they?!" She shouts after him. She sits at her desk and Abby comes up with a pair of crutches. "Ziva I heard about your leg. Here you can use these."

"Abby thank you, but I don’t need them."
"Well I’ll leave them here for you." Abby skips away and Gibbs comes back up with Tony behind him. "Tony!" Ziva stands up and he smiles at her. "Are you ok?"
"Yes I’m fine Ziva no-one can hurt me."
"Yeah whatever Tony."
"DiNozzo stay here with Ziva neither of you is to leave this building until I do."
"Yes boss."
"Gibbs I can’t I need to get out there and find this twat!"
"Sit down Ziva, you…" He points at both of them. "Will have nothing to do with this investigation."

"Boss if we stick together can we go to one of ours?"
"Yes DiNozzo, you can go to Ziva’s."
"Gibbs let me know when you find him I want to do the interrogation."
"I will Ziva now go now and be careful. DiNozzo if anything happens to Ziva I will kill you got it?"
"Got it boss."
"Ziva take those crutches I’m sure you can use them for something."
"But Gibbs…"
"Take them now." She picks them up and starts to limp after Tony. "Use them Ziva don’t just carry them."
"Gibbs I don’t need them."

"Yes you do." The elevator doors close and Gibbs sits at his desk. McGee comes in. "Urr boss I have just been down at Abby’s, she says the slugs shot at us and the one that was shot at Rose were fired from the same riffle."
"What Riffle was it?"
"Well we don’t know boss sorry." Gibbs’ phone rings. "Gibbs!" A deep crackling voice on the other end of the phone. "Yes?"
"You won’t catch me until David and DiNozzo are dead."
"You don’t know where they are."
"Yes I do, you underestimate me. I’m behind them." Gibbs covers the phone up and mouths. "Track this cell now." To McGee, "How did you know they left here?"

"I’ve been watching you and your team."
"I know what you’re trying to do."
"What then?"
"You’re trying to track this cell and you don’t have enough time." The phone cuts off and McGee looks up at Gibbs and shakes his head. "We didn’t get it boss."
"I’ll just ring DiNozzo and warn him."
"Ok boss I’ll go and help Abby out."

In the car Tony and Ziva are arguing over why Ziva got stabbed. "It’s because you provoked him." "How do you know you weren’t even there?!"
"Well you do have that effect on people even I have it sometimes."
"If this guy doesn’t kill you, I will." She looks out of the window then Tony’s phone rings. "Ziva get that." He gets his phone out of his pocket and gives it to her, she opens it. "Gibbs."

"Ziva you have to get back here now, you’re being followed."
"What, who by?"
"I don’t know but Tony needs to get back with you intact."
"It’s alright Gibbs we can handle it. We will go to mine and if we have been followed, we will bring them back to NCIS."
"Ziva be careful and don’t kill anyone."
"I can’t guarantee that will happen." Gibbs hangs up and Ziva looks at Tony. "We are still going to mine."
"But when we get there we have to go straight into my bedroom."

"Good I told you, you couldn’t resist." Ziva slaps him. "Tony this is serious we are being followed and when we get to mine we need to hide."
"So why your bedroom?"
"Because it has lots of hiding places."
"Oh right." He pulls up at the apartments. Ziva gets out and Tony turns to open the door and hears Ziva scream. "Tony, help!" He throws himself over the hood of the car. "Ziva, let her go!" He punches the man and grabs Ziva. "Come on!" He pulls her up the stairs and into her apartment. "Ziva are you alright?"

"Yeah." The door handle turns.
"Tony did you lock the door?"
"I don’t think I did." They go into Ziva’s room and hide under her bed. "Tony stay here and don’t follow me."
"But Ziva what if you get hurt?"
"I’ll be fine Tony." She slides out and Tony grabs her foot. "Ziva don’t do this."
"Let go of me Tony." She pulls herself away and limps over to the door. She opens it and disappears from sight. Ziva walks into the kitchen and sees a man stood at the sink. "What do you want?"

"You didn’t die when I left you so I’m going to kill DiNozzo and then you."
"Why don’t you just leave us alone? We have done nothing to you!"
"But your ancestors have destroyed this country."
"Just hand yourself in."
"Never!" He launches a knife at Ziva and it skims her neck. "You don’t want this."
"Yes I do scum." He grabs her throat and she kicks him. Then another man comes in dragging Tony behind him. He puts Tony’s pistol to Tony’s head. Tony looks at Ziva and she stares back at him. The man grabs her and pushes her arm up her back. Ziva falls to her knees. Tony is told to get down on the floor. He refuses so the man hits him on the back of the head with the pistol. "Tony!" Ziva struggles to get out of the man’s grasp. He throws her on the ground then the door bursts open.

Gibbs and McGee enter the kitchen guns drawn. "Agent Gibbs." The man steps over Ziva and walks over to Gibbs. "Stand still now!"
"I wouldn’t point that gun at me." The other man stands up but drops his gun. Tony picks it up and fires. He hits both men and McGee They fall to the floor and McGee staggers backwards. Gibbs grabs his arm and Tony stands up. "Sorry McGee didn’t recognize you."
"I’m gonna kill you."
"Ziva!" Tony walks over and rolls her over. Her t-shirt is bloody and she is very pale. "Boss she needs help."
"Hello I’m in pain too." McGee sits on the floor. "Stop being a pussy McGee how do you think Ziva feels?"
"Shut up Tony!"
Published: 2/9/2012
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