Can the team stop a serial killer who is targeting Israeli women? Is Ziva next on his death list? And how far will he go to get what he wants?
Gibbs walks up to Tony, "Dinozzo!"
"Yeah, boss?"
"Where are McGee and Ziva?"
"Well Ziva fell down the stairs, so McGee went to pick her up." He stands next to Gibbs. The elevator doors open and Ziva, followed by McGee, walks out arguing. "You did not have to pick me up McGee!"
"Tony told me to."
"Don’t listen to Tony, he’s overprotective."
"McGee, I am perfectly fine!" Gibbs whistles.

"Oi! Hey!" They stop shouting at each other and look at him. "When you two have finished. We are taking over a case from the FBI."
"I bet Farnell is happy."
"Anyway he is a serial killer targeting women. His last victim was petty officer Tracy Matoh. She was stabbed and shot just like the other victims."
"So what’s his ‘tag’ then?" Tony looks at Ziva and winks. She shakes her head and turns her attention to Gibbs. "He carves the same symbol into their arm."
"Dinozzo, you and..."
"McGee?" Tony links arms with McGee, who pushes him away.
"No, Ziva."
"But Gibbs, I thought you didn’t want me on any cases yet."
"Go with Tony to the crime scene and look for anything."
"McGee tries and finds any link between the victims."
"Yes, boss." McGee goes to his desk, and Tony and Ziva leave.

When they get to the crime scene Tony gets a phone call from Gibbs. "Dinozzo, you and Ziva need to get away from there!"
"She’s a target!"
"The killer is targeting Israeli...." Ziva screams cutting the end of the sentence off.
"Tony!" He runs round the back of the property.
"Tony. I think I know who he is targeting."
"I know."
"He saw my necklace and..." She shows him her hand. Blood is covering the wound where a knife is sticking out of her hand. "Oh my god!" He puts his hand out.
"Don’t touch it!"
"I won’t, I just wanna look."
"Tony it hurts."
"I know."
"How do you know?"
"Ducky was..."
"Yes, I know. Well we need to get someone or go to NCIS and get me sorted out."
"Yeah, come on." He leads her to the car and they drive to NCIS.

Tony goes to tell Gibbs while Ziva goes to Ducky. "Ducky?! Ahhh!"
"Ziva is that you?" Palmer walks up to her.
"Palmer where’s Ducky?"
"He’s not in yet."
"It doesn’t matter," she turns around and runs to the elevator before Palmer sees her hand.

When she gets upstairs, McGee and Tony are talking. Tony watches her walk to her desk. Ziva sits down and attempts to pull the knife out of her hand. Tony walks over. "Everything ok?"
"Yeah, fine." She pulls it out. "Why?"
"I... Urm... nothing." He sits at his desk and fidgets. "I’m gonna pee."
"Ok, I didn’t need to know that." He runs off towards the bathrooms. Ziva stands up and walks over to Tony’s desk. McGee looks at her confused. "What you looking for?"
"A tie. Tony always has a spare one in case he spills coffee or soda on his tie."
"Why do you need a tie?" Ziva holds her left hand up while still riffling through Tony’s draws. She opens the bottom draw and finds a packet of ties. She takes one and scurries back to her desk. Ziva ties the tie around her hand, like a bandage and sits up. Gibbs walks in with a coffee and a caf-pow.

He puts the coffee on Ziva’s desk. "Drink it."
"Gibbs," he turns around.
"Do you know where Ducky is?"
"Behind you," he turns back around and walks off toward the lab. Ducky smiles at Ziva.
"Mr. Palmer said that you were looking for me."
"Yes, I was."
"May I ask why?"
"Well, long story short I wandered off and got stabbed by a psycho."

"Let me see then," he unravels the tie and presses her hand next to the wound. Ziva flinches as he does this. "I am sorry, my dear." He turns to McGee, "Where is Tony?"

Tony runs up to them. Ducky is wrapping Ziva’s hand in a clean bandage. "You’ll be fine my dear, I sustained the same injury. Tony take her to A+E immediately. She needs to be sewn up. I’m afraid the director found out I’d been using Autopsy supplies for personal reasons."
"Ok Ducky, we’ll see you later," Ziva Kisses his Cheek.
"Thank you."
"Come on then Ziva." Tony and Ziva go to the hospital.

Ziva walks outside and Tony follows her. "Ziva?"
"What?" She starts to unravel the bandage from round her hand.
"What are you doing?"
"Taking a shower, what’s it look like I’m doing?"
"Do you wanna drink or something?"
"Yeah, we can stop at the coffee shop on the way back."
"Ok, come on then."

They get in the car and drive off. They pull up outside the coffee shop. Tony gets out of the car and goes into the coffee shop. Ziva sits and watches him from the car. A man knocks on the window.

She winds it down. "Can I help you?"
"Yes, I need directions to Almond Street."
"Yes, just carry on down this road and turn left at the traffic lights."
"Thank you Miss David," the man walks off.
"Hey how did you..?" Tony walks up to the car.
"Who was that?"
"I have no idea but he knew me."
"I don’t know."
"Oh, ok." He gets in the car and they go back to NCIS.

Gibbs is talking to Ducky, "Ah Ziva." Ducky smiles at her and Gibbs stands up.
"Ziva are you ok?"
"Yes, I’m fine."
"Good." He turns to Tony. "Dinozzo, me, you and McGee need to go back to the crime scene."
"Why boss?"
"Someone saw someone go into the house."
"Oh." Gibbs, Tony and McGee go and leave Ziva.

When they have gone she grabs Tony’s keys and heads for her new apartment. Ziva walks out of her apartment and crosses the road. The man from the crime scene is sat on the hood. "How’s the hand?" He smiles at her. Ziva clenches her fist and glares at him. "Give me the keys."
"I don’t want to use this," he shows her a taser.
"Don’t you have a real gun?" She laughs.

He shoots the taser and Ziva falls to her knees. The man pulls her to her feet and shoves her in the back of the car. He drives off.

Back at NCIS Gibbs, Tony and McGee have returned. "Where’s Ziva?" Tony looks at her empty chair. Gibbs looks at her desk and picks up a post it-note. "She’s gone to her new apartment."
"I know where it is," McGee takes the car keys off Tony. Tony glares at him.
"Don’t rub it in McGee."
"Cool it Tony, just because you’re jealous."
"I never thought I’d say this, but yes I am."
"Right McGee, go and see if she’s there."
"Yes, boss." He leaves Tony and Gibbs.

In the car Ziva sits up. "Where are you taking me?"
"Away to a house."
"Whose house?"
"My friends."
"You can either stop asking questions or I’ll knock you out." Ziva sits back, she checks her pockets. "Where’s my..?"
"Somewhere you can’t find them," he pulls into a garage. He opens the car door and Ziva steps out.

They go into the house. "Hey boss, I got her!"
"Good." The man who asked her for directions steps out of the shadows.
"Who are you?" The other man puts Ziva’s badge and phone on the kitchen side. She grabs them and shoves them in her pocket, without them seeing. "You can call me master."
"I don’t think so!"
"Well, I do and if you don’t, you’ll get hurt and I don’t want you not being able to work!"
"Yes, you’re my new slave!"
"What?" The man who picked her up grabs her by the arm and takes her upstairs.

At Ziva’s apartment McGee walks round. "Ziva! Ziva are you here?!" He gets a text, he opens it, there is a picture of two men and underneath it says. ‘McGee run these two, they have me hostage.’ He runs out of the apartment and gets in the car. He starts it and goes back to NCIS.

Ziva’s phone beeps. She opens the text. ‘The man on the right is called NicoVandetie and the other man isn’t on the system.’ She closes her phone and the door opens. Nico walks in. "Your first job is to prepare our dinner!"

"And what if I don’t? Nico!"
"How did you know who I am?"
"Lucky guess?" She smirks.
"Get downstairs!" He leads her into the kitchen. "Now get to work!" Ziva folds her arms.
"No means No!"
"Get to work or I’ll..."
"You’ll do what?"
"Beat you to within an inch of your life."
"I’d like to see you try."
"My pleasure!" He punches her in the stomach. "Get back to work!"

Back at NCIS McGee tells Gibbs about Ziva texting him. "Boss we have to do something."
"We will Dinozzo, but not just yet."
"Well when? What if she gets hurt?"
"I don’t know Dinozzo."
"We can’t just sit here and do nothing."
"Dinozzo sit down!" Gibbs walks over to his desk. "We don’t know where she is so we can’t do anything just yet." Tony sighs and looks up at him.
"Ok boss."

A few days later, Nico and Ishmael, Ziva overheard them, leave the house. Ziva gets a piece of paper and a pen. She writes. ‘My name is Ziva David, I have been taken captive. Whoever finds this can you call NCIS and ask for Anthony Dinozzo. Tell him where I am please, thank you.’ She folds it up and puts it in her ID. Ziva goes outside and throws it into the neighbor's yard.

Tony’s phone rings and he jumps. "Ziva?"
"No, I’m calling because I know where she is."
"She’s next door to mine. She passed a note and her ID over my fence."
"Oh and where do you live so I can find her?"
"23 Buxton Grove."
"Ok, thank you so much."
"Just doing my bit sir." The person hangs up and Tony grabs his coat. He gets in the elevator and goes to find Ziva.

Nico and Ishmael return and find Ziva sat on the grass, on the backyard. "Hey scum!"
She ignores him. "I don’t think she’s listening to you boss."
"Oh she will, take her inside."
"Yes, boss." He walks up to her and grabs her arm. Ziva kicks Nico and attempts to run but Ishmael grabs her. They take her inside.

When Tony arrives at the house, he storms it. He puts his pistol away and goes upstairs. "Ziva?" He goes into the far bedroom. Tony sees Ziva’s hand from behind the bed. "Ziva!" He jumps over the bed and helps her up. She hugs him. "You found me."

"It’s ok, now I’m not gonna let anything happen to you."
"Where are Nico and Ishmael?"
"The men who kidnapped me."
"They’re not here."
"They’ve gone out," she walks over to the window.
"No, they’re still here."
"How do you know?"
"The car is still in the garage."

"Come on let’s go."
"Tony I can’t."
"Why not?"
"If they see us..."
"Ziva listen to me, you’ll be fine."
"Ok." They run down the stairs. Tony goes through the front door first.

In the garage Ishmael nods to Nico. He starts the car and Tony stops in the driveway. "Ziva hurry up!"
"Tony can you hear that?"
"Hear what?" The garage door opens.
"The car! Tony gets out of the driveway!"
"What?!" She runs over and pushes him out of the way. The car lurches forward and Ziva stands and watches. Before Tony can stand up, Ziva gets hit by the car. Ishmael spits on her and they drive away. Tony calls 911. He sits on the floor next to Ziva and she wraps her hand around his arm.

"Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you, did I?"
"No Ziva, you didn’t. You’ll be ok?"

The ambulance comes and Tony leaves Ziva. He goes back to NCIS, on the way there he calls McGee. "McGee I sent Ziva to the hospital. Can you meet her there?"
"Because I don’t want to."
"Just get to the hospital!" He hangs up and goes to his apartment instead.

When McGee gets to the hospital Ziva is awake. He goes into the room. "Hey."
"Hey where’s Tony?"
"He didn’t want to come."
"Why not?"
"I don’t know." A doctor comes in.
"Miss David, you will have to use a wheelchair for about six weeks."
"Can’t I just use crutches?"
"I’m afraid not but you can come out in a couple of hours."
"Ok, thank you doctor." Ziva sits up and tries to stand up. McGee pushes her back on the bed. "Sit!"
"But I need to talk to Tony."
"Wait a few hours and then when you get back to NCIS you can see him."

The elevator doors open and McGee goes to push Ziva. She puts her hand up to stop him. "I can do it myself."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes." She wheels herself round the corner. Gibbs isn’t there and neither is Tony. "Where are they?"
"How do I know?" McGee’s phone rings, he runs to his desk and picks up his cell. "Hello?" Gibbs shouts down the phone.
"McGee where the hell are you?!"
"At NCIS I left my phone by accident."
"Rule number twenty-three."
"Never be unreachable."
"Get over to Dinozzo’s Apartment!"
"Just get here ASAP!" Gibbs hangs up. McGee grabs his coat.
"Hey where are you going?"
"Tony won’t come in and I don’t know why."
"Ok. See you later." McGee leaves for Tony’s apartment.

When McGee gets to Tony’s apartment, Gibbs is trying to get Tony out of his bedroom. "Gibbs?" He looks at McGee.
"McGee tell him Ziva is at NCIS."
"Yeah, she is and she wants to talk to you Tony."
"Yes, why don’t you come back with us?"
"Good come on Dinozzo." They set off back to NCIS.

When they get back, Ziva is sat at her desk. Tony runs over to her. "Ziva!" She turns her head.
"Hey Tony," she wheels out from behind her desk. Tony steps back and stares. "What?"
"Oh it’s ok. I’m fine, I’m still me. I just have to use this thing for a few weeks."
"No Tony, don’t say it. It’s my fault." She goes back behind her desk. Tony sits at his. "Tony?"
"You still have my badge."
"Oh yeah," he gets it out of his draw and throws it to her.
"Nice catch."
"Thanks," she puts it in her draw.

The next morning, Ziva turns up, and McGee and Gibbs are there but Tony isn’t. "Where’s Tony?"
"I don’t know," Gibbs stands up. "Stay here I’ll go and see if he’s at his apartment."
"Ok, Gibbs if you need us ring McGee."
"See you later, if he turns up while I’m out call me."
"We will," Gibbs leaves, and Ziva and McGee try to find anything that will help them find Nico and Ishmael.
When Gibbs gets to Tony’s apartment he is stood on the edge of the roof. "Dinozzo! What do you think you are doing?!"
"Boss I can’t do this anymore!"
"Do what?!"
"See Ziva get hurt!"
"Stay where you are, I’m coming up!" Gibbs runs up the stairs to the roof. "Tony please step away from the edge."
"What’s the point anymore?"
"No-one cares."
"If I didn’t care would I be up here trying to stop you?"
"I don’t want you to," Tony shuffles closer to the edge.
"Tony no, don’t do it!" Gibbs steps forward a few feet and Tony steps off the edge. Gibbs grabs his arm. He gets his cell and calls McGee. He puts it on speaker. "McGee!"
"Yes boss?"
"Get to Tony’s, he’s hanging off the side of a building."

At NCIS McGee’s face goes white. "What? McGee?"
"Ok boss," he turns to Ziva. "Tony’s hanging off the edge of a building."
"What?!" She tries to get from behind her desk but the wheelchair gets stuck. She stands up and runs after McGee. "But Ziva..!"
"Listen McGee. The last thing Tony needs to see is me in that thing. I don’t need it!"
"But the doctor said…"
"Screw what he said. Tony might die and it’s my fault!"
"Yes, McGee. Now take Gibbs’ car, it’s quicker."
"I’ll drive."
"You might kill us."
"That’s a bit of an exaggeration."
"No, it’s not."
"Ok fine, you drive."
"Thank you."

Tony looks up into Gibbs’ face and sees something he’s never seen before. Tony sees fear in Gibbs’ eyes. McGee and Ziva pull up and Ziva jumps out of the car. "Tony!"

"See Tony, I don’t need it I’m fine see."
"Yeah, but I can’t cope anymore Ziva."
"Fine just don’t kill yourself. Please Tony. I wouldn’t be here without you!" Tony lets Gibbs and McGee pull him up. Ziva walks over to him. "I can’t believe you would do something like that."
"Ziva please…"
"I’m not talking to you until you realize what you did," she walks away.
"Ziva wait." She gets in Gibbs’ car and drives off.

When Tony, Gibbs and McGee get back to NCIS, Ziva was sitting at her desk.
"Ziva?" Tony stands in front of her. She carries on typing. "Ziva, please come with me I want to talk to you." She stands up. They go behind the stairs. "Ziva, I wasn’t thinking straight."

"Can we go into the bathrooms please?"
"Yeah sure," Ziva sits on the counter next to the sink.
"Tony what were you thinking?"
"I was thinking that if I weren’t around you would be safe."
"I don’t know but I’m so sorry. I didn’t want to upset you."
"Ok, the only reason I needed the wheelchair was because my knees and ankles are weaker than they used to be."
"I’m fine, I’m still me. I’m still Ziva ok?"
"Ok." She hugs him. "So where is it?"
"Where’s what?"
"Oh the wheelchair, the lab."
"What’s it doing there?"
"Abby’s playing with it."
"Come on," he picks her up.
"I’m going to take you down there."
"Tony put me down!"
"Because I can walk on my own."
"Ok," he puts her down and they walk back to their desks.

"Yes, Gibbs."
"Why did you take my car?"
"Because it was the fastest."
"Keys!" She throws him the keys.
"Urm Ziva."
"What McGee?"
"You do know that Abby is using your wheelchair."
"Yes, I do."
"Oh ok." Ziva sits at her desk. Gibbs looks at her and puts his pen down.
"Go down to the lab and get your wheelchair off Abby."
"Just do it!"
"No, in fact you stay there. Dinozzo you go."
"Yes, boss." Tony goes down to the lab.

Back in the house, Nico and Ishmael are planning how they are going to kill Ziva. "Nico wait outside her apartment and get her when she least expects it."

"Ok, I’ll go now. She’ll be back with us soon."
"No, I have a better idea. After our fun, dump her somewhere she’ll be found," Ishmael laughs. "They’ll never know it’s us."
"Alright I’ll be back soon," Nico grabs his car keys and heads to Ziva’s apartment.

At NCIS Tony and Ziva are getting ready to leave. "Ziva! Sit!"
"But Gibbs I can walk fine."
"I don’t care!"
"Fine." She sits in the wheelchair. Tony walks by her side to the elevator. When they get to the car Ziva stands up and gets in the car, leaving the wheelchair in the parking lot. "Urm, Ziva?"
"Where’s the wheelchair?"
"Out there." She points at it. "Come on drive Tony, I’ll get it tomorrow."
"You sure?"
"Yes." Tony starts the car and they go to Ziva’s first.
"Bye Tony."
"Are you sure you’ll be ok?"
"Yes, Tony."

He drives off and Ziva goes inside. She throws her bag down and someone knocks at the door. Ziva opens the door and Nico smiles at her. "Hello!"
"What do you want?"
"Not much."
"Well you’re not getting anything."
"I beg to differ." He grabs her and holds a cloth to her face. Ziva passes out, he picks her up and takes her back to the house.

Ziva wakes up and finds herself tied to a bed. "Hey let me go!" Nico opens the door. "Sorry I can’t do that." Ishmael walks in.

"Good evening."
"What’s good about it?"
"You’re about to find out."
"Get her ready Nico." Ishmael closes the door and Nico closes the curtains.

At his apartment Tony can’t sleep. He turns the TV on and sits up in bed. He drops off to sleep. Tony’s alarm goes off, he smacks it and sits up. Tony turns the TV off and goes in the shower. Outside, Nico pulls up at the edge of the park. He picks Ziva up out of the trunk and dumps her in a ditch. He drives off. A woman sees him, she runs off to find someone. She bumps into Tony, who is walking through the park with a cup of coffee. "Oh do you know where I can find a policeman?"

"There’s a woman’s body just been dumped down there."
"Show me."
"Are you a policeman?"
"No, I’m a federal agent."
"Oh alright, this way." They run to where she saw Ziva, Tony jumps into the ditch. He rolls her over and gasps. "Ziva!" He picks her up and puts her on a bench. "Ziva?" Her eyes flicker. "Ziva can you hear me?" She looks at him.
"Tony!" Ziva throws her arms around him.
"Urm Ziva can’t breathe."
"You ok?"
"I could really do with that wheelchair."
"Right." He goes to pick her up. He stops and looks at her.
"Just do it Tony."
"You sure?"
"Yes Tony, how far away is your place?"
"Urm not far."
"Don’t drop me!"
"I wouldn’t dare." He picks her up and takes her back to his apartment.

Tony’s landline rings. "Hello?"
"Dinozzo! Where is your cell?"
"On charge boss."
"Where are you?"
"At my apartment, obviously."
"Why?" He walks out of the bedroom.
"I found Ziva in the park, she’d been dumped in a ditch."
"Right well Nico Vandetie just handed himself in. He’s waiting to be interrogated."
"Yes Dinozzo." Ziva walks into the living room.
"Who’s being interrogated?"
"No one."
"Come on Tony."
"Ok Nico Vandetie."
"What? He handed himself in?"
"Dinozzo, I want Ziva to do the interrogation."
"Gibbs she can’t, it's danger....."
"Dinozzo she’ll be fine."
"Just get her here ASAP."
"Yes, boss." Gibbs hangs up and Tony turns to Ziva. "He wants you to do the interrogation."
"You’re doing the interrogation."
"We better get to NCIS."
"Yeah, we don’t want to make Gibbs angry, he might turn green."
"Forget it." They go down and get in the car.

When they get there Ziva opens the interrogation room door. Nico looks shocked to see her. "Ziva?"
"What, did you think I was dead?"
"Yes, in fact I did."
"So why’d you do it?"
"I’m Palestine, it’s my job."
"No, it isn’t."
"I don’t like your kind."
"So why women?"
"If we kill all the women first, the men will have nothing worth fighting for."
"What about their children?"
"Well, without the women they can’t have any."
"So what you’re saying is that you kill Israeli women because you want to take away what the men fight for. Therefore stopping them from fighting you?"
"Oh no, my brother does the killing. I just..."
"What? Take advantage of them."
"Yes." He sits back in the chair and winks at her. Ziva looks up at the window.

In the observation room Tony doesn’t feel right, he goes to walk out, Gibbs grabs his shirt collar. "Not yet Dinozzo." They watch Ziva leans forward. "You are low. You don’t deserve to be here in my eyes you should be dead!" Tony fidgets and looks at Gibbs.
"What’s she doing?!"
"Wait for it!"
"Wait for what?" Tony looks back at Ziva and Nico. Without warning Nico throws himself over the desk and pins Ziva to the wall by her throat. Gibbs lets go of Tony’s collar. He bursts out of the observation room and into the interrogation room. He drags Nico away from Ziva, she drops to her knees. "Tony! Put him down!"
"But Ziva, he tried to kill you!"
"I don’t care!" Tony lets Nico go and he runs out of the room. He bumps into Gibbs, Gibbs’ coffee tips and goes down his front. McGee cuffs Nico, and Tony helps Ziva to her feet. Farnell, with Ishmael, walks past Ziva and Tony. Ishmael spits at her and kicks her. Her knees give way but Tony stops her from falling.

Nico and Ishmael are charged for the murders of 6 Israeli women and the attempted murder of a federal agent.
Published: 7/3/2013
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