NCIS: Save Ziva - Parts 1 to 3

Thrilling action, as the team have to stop three Mussad assassins from killing Ziva.
Part 1

Mcgee walks in, to find Tony asleep at his desk. He walks to his desk and throws his bag down. Mcgee starts to look for some super glue. He smiles and walks over to Tony’s desk. He takes his glue out of the draw and leans closer to Tony. "Try it and die McGoogle."

"Try what Tony?" Ziva walks in and sits at her desk. "He was going to superglue my face to the desk."
"Well you have done it to him."
"That’s not the point Ziva!"
"What’s not the point Dinozzo?"
"Urr, nothing boss."
"Good! Grab your gear."
"Where are we going boss?"
"Just gas up the truck!"
"Yes boss."
"Gibbs what has happened?"
"Shooting on the navy base."

When they get to the scene they find the door slightly ajar. Gibbs gives the order and they draw their pistols. Mcgee goes round the side, Gibbs and Tony go through the back door and Ziva goes through the front. When she gets into the front hall she hears someone in the room next to her. Ziva clears the room and walks out of the room. The door creaks and then someone hits her on the back of the head. She falls to the floor and reaches for her pistol but it is kicked out of her reach.

When the person hears Mcgee, they disappear leaving Ziva on the floor. "Ziva! Are you alright?" Mcgee helps her up. "Yes I am fine." Mcgee looks at the back of her head. "You should get that looked as its pretty deep."

"I shall wait for Ducky to have a look at it."
"Look at what Ziva?"
"Nothing really." He looks at the gash on her head. "Dinozzo get in here!"
"Yeah boss?" Tony runs in. "What?"
"Drive Ziva to the hospital."
"I am fine Gibbs! Plus I am not going with Tony."
"Tough, go. Now!" Ziva rolls her eyes and reluctantly follows Tony to the car. "Dinozzo! Take the evidence back to Abby on your way back."
"Yes boss." He puts the evidence in the trunk and gets into the driver’s seat. They set off.

When they get to a train track the lights start to flash. "Tony! Stop!"
"No we can make it!" He accelerates and then just as they get onto the tracks the car cuts out. "Crap stupid thing won’t go!" Ziva looks to her right and sees a train airing towards them. "Tony get out of the car!"
"Get out now!" She unbuckles him and shoves him out of the car. She tries to undo her own buckle. It won’t unclip. "Come on!" She glances to her right, the train is getting closer. Tony stands next to the car. "Ziva!"
"What?!" She looks up, and then the train hits the car and pushes it down the tracks.

When the train goes round a corner the car and Ziva are thrown down a bank. The car spins and lands on its roof at the bottom. Tony runs up to the car. "Ziva, oh god!" Ziva is unconscious. He smashes the window and pulls Ziva out of the car. He lays her on the grass. "Come on Ziva wake up come on. Gibbs is gonna kill me!" Tony takes his phone out of his pocket and then debates on whether to ring Gibbs or 911 first. He chooses to ring 911.

Half an hour later an ambulance screams towards them. The paramedics put Ziva on a stretcher and put her in the back. Tony climbs in and sits next to her. He holds her hand. "It’s ok now Ziva, you’re ok now."
"Sir I’m afraid to say that when we reach the hospital you cannot come with us."
"I have to, she’s my partner. I will not leave her!"
"I’m sorry but we can’t let you." Tony argues with the paramedic for five minutes then gives in.

When they reach the hospital Tony leaves the hospital and Ziva. "Gibbs?" He answers his phone. "Dinozzo where are you?!"
"Urm, I’m at the hospital."
"Well get back here now!"
"I can’t boss."
"Why? Dinozzo what has happened?"
"Well it’s a long story boss."
"I’ve got the time Dinozzo."

"Ok boss, well on the way a train was coming and the car stopped on the tracks. Ziva pushed me out of the car but she couldn’t get out in time and was hit."
"Right stay where you are and I’ll be there soon."

"But boss…" Gibbs hangs up. Tony sits on the wall outside, and then he sees the truck coming up the hill. "He’s not gonna like this." Tony sighs and walks up to Gibbs and Mcgee. "Boss you’re not allowed in, boss!" Gibbs pushes him out-of-the-way and storms into the hospital. He walks up to the reception desk and says. "Ziva David which room is she in?"
"Sorry sir I cannot give you that information." Gibbs shows her his badge. "Where is she?" the receptionist types Ziva’s name into the computer. "She’s in intensive care, third floor, and second door on the left."

"Thank you." He turns to Tony. That’s how you do it Dinozzo."
"Got it boss."

When they get into the room they see Ziva hooked up to a life support machine. "This is all my fault if I had just listened." A nurse walks into the room. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Special agents Gibbs, Mcgee and Dinozzo." They show her their badges. "Oh right but you still can’t come in here."

"She is part of my team and I am going nowhere!" Gibbs shouts at the nurse. Tony walks over to the bed and holds Ziva’s hand. "What has urm what’s wrong with her?"
"Well she has five broken ribs, fractured pelvis and we don’t know if she has brain damage yet."

"What do you mean yet?"
"Well we need to do a few tests."
"Like what?"
"In about five weeks we will turn the life support off…" Tony buts in.
"What? You can’t do that!"
"Actually Tony they can."
"Shut up Mcgee!"
"Dinozzo go and get yourself a drink and calm down!"
"But boss…"
"No, but this is not an argument."
"Yes boss." Tony leaves the room. Gibbs turns to the nurse. "Sorry about that, he’s upset because he was there when the accident happened."
"Oh it's ok." The nurse smiles at him. Gibbs and Mcgee leave Ziva and go to find Tony.

"Tony." Gibbs runs up to him and sits next to him on the wall. "It’s not your fault Dinozzo. You know that."
"No Gibbs it is. I just stood there and watched it happen I did nothing to help her."
"You called for an ambulance that’s all you could do." Gibbs puts his hand on Tony’s shoulder. Tony looks up at Mcgee. "Sorry I shouted at you Mcgee."
"It’s alright Tony I understand." He looks at Gibbs. "She will be ok?"
"Of course she will Dinozzo."

"I hope so. This is the second time something serious has happened to my partner."
"I know Dinozzo. Come on." He head, slaps Tony and starts to walk back to the truck. "Come on Mcgee."
"Boss what shall I do?"
"You can stay here if you want."
"Thanks boss." Tony turns his back on them and goes back to the room where Ziva is.

Back at NCIS Gibbs goes down to see Abby. "Hey Gibbs." Gibbs shoves a caf-pow in her hand. "Sit down Abbs."
"Why?" Abby sits on the computer chair and spins round to face Gibbs. "Abby something bad has happened."
"Yeah what?"
"Something bad Abby!" He grabs the arms of the chair to stop her spinning. "Ziva is in hospital!"

"Oh. Is she ok? What happened? Gibbs?"
"She was hit by a train and she’s on life support at the moment."
"Oh my god. Is Tony ok? Where’s Mcgee?"
"Abby stop asking questions. They’re fine it’s just Ziva." Abby looks at him.
"Oh will she be ok?"
"Hopefully Abbs hopefully." He turns to leave the room. "Gibbs! She will be I can feel it." He smiles at her. She smiles back and then Gibbs’ phone goes off. "Yeah Mcgee?" He waits listening. "Ok, I’ll be right up."
"Bye Gibbs!" Abby shouts after him.

Upstairs Mcgee is waiting by the plasma. "What?"
"Well our victim boss…"
"Mcgee leave that case and let’s find the scum bag who put Ziva in hospital."
"Urr yes boss." Mcgee turns the plasma off.
"Try, and find anything wrong with the car." He looks at Mcgee. "Go now!"
"Where is it boss?"
"Evidence garage." Mcgee runs to the elevator and gets in. Gibbs sits at his desk and rings Tony.

When Mcgee gets down to the evidence garage Abby is already there. "Hey Timmy!" She runs over to him and hugs him. "Mcgee how’s Tony?"
"I don’t know he’s at the hospital with Ziva."
"Dinozzo’s perfectly fine!" Gibbs comes out of nowhere. "Hey Gibbs good news."
"Yeah what you got Abbs?"
"Well the seat belt was rigged." She smiles at him, pointing at the dismantled pieces of plastic. "Rigged? How?"
"Someone had fixed an extra hook on the inside so it wouldn’t unclip but it broke on impact." She picks up two pieces of metal. Gibbs looks at them and kisses her cheek. "Good work."

Two weeks pass and Tony hasn’t left Ziva’s side. "You’ll be ok. This reminds me of the end of steel magnolias but that’s not going to happen is it?" He holds her hand and squeezes it. Then he feels a hand on his shoulder. He looks up to see Gibbs and Mcgee. "Tony go and get something to eat and get some fresh air."
"I can’t leave her Gibbs."
"She’ll be ok without you for ten minutes now go and get out."
"Alright I’ll be back in five." He stands up and leaves Gibbs and Mcgee. "Go with him Mcgee."
"Yes boss."
"And make sure he eats something!"
"Ok boss." Mcgee runs after Tony.

Outside a black van pulls up outside A+E. Three men jump out. The tallest one leans towards the other two. "You get everyone out of the room and I’ll pull the plug on the girl." They nod and all run inside. They push past Tony and Mcgee. "Hey!" Tony shouts. They turn down the corridor towards intensive care. "What they try to kill Ziva. Mcgee we have to go back."

"Calm down Tony you’re just being paranoid. No-one can hurt her Gibbs is with her."
"May be you’re right."

Back in the room Gibbs sits down next to Ziva. "You knew didn’t you?" He hears a gunshot. He stands up and sees two men outside the window. He opens the door and the men run. Gibbs runs after them but the two men split at the end of the corridor. Gibbs follows carrying the gun.

Meanwhile the leader of the three slips into the room and walks up to the bed. "Goodnight!" He cuts the wire with a penknife then leaves the room. Tony and Mcgee, who heard the gunshot from outside, run into the room. "See Mcgee never ignore the warnings."

"Another one of your brilliant rules Tony?"
"Shut up and go and get someone."
"Ok I’m going. Where’s Gibbs?"
"How the hell do I know Mcgee?!" Mcgee leaves the room and Tony stands next to Ziva trying to find what’s wrong. "Ah ha!" He kneels down and picks up the pieces of wire. "Dinozzo what the hell are you doing?!"
"Urr boss well urm…"
"Spit it out Dinozzo!"
"Someone has cut the wire for life support boss." He turns round and stands up. "Did Mcgee find you? I sent him to get someone."

In the reception area Mcgee is waiting for someone to come when a man in a janitor’s suit comes up to him. "You're that guy from NCI… whatever it is?"
"Yes, NCIS special agent Mcgee."
"Right follow me I just need to do something." He leads Mcgee to a van and opens the door. He knocks Mcgee out and shoves him in the back of the van. The man takes Mcgee’s pistol and phone. The van drives off and takes Mcgee away from Gibbs and Tony.

In the room the nurse has had the wire removed and replaced. "Thank you." Tony resumes his position sat next to the bed. "Ok bye Gibbs."
"Wait Dinozzo." He turns to the nurse. "Could I have that wire?"
"Yeah sure." She gives it him and he bags the two pieces. "You have two hours and then I’ll send Mcgee to fetch you."
"Gibbs where is Mcgee?"

"I don’t know I’ll call him." Gibbs takes his phone out of his pocket and calls Mcgee’s cell phone. "Mcgee, where the hell are you?!"
"I’m sorry but special agent Mcgee can’t answer right now."
"Who the hell are you and what have you done to Mcgee?!" Gibbs shouts down the phone. The phone cuts off and Gibbs slams the phone shut. "Tony!"

"Yeah boss?"
"You’re coming now. I need you, Mcgee hasn’t got his cell and I don’t know where the hell he is!"
"But boss I can’t leave Ziva. What if she wakes up and I’m not there. Then what?"
"She’ll be fine Dinozzo, she’s in the right hands." Tony reluctantly follows Gibbs out of the room. They get in the truck and set off back to NCIS.

When they have to stop at a red light, Tony hears a phone going off. He checks his own and then turns to Gibbs. "Boss I think your phone is ringing." Gibbs takes his phone out of his pocket and looks at it. "Not mine Dinozzo." Tony just sits there listening. "Pull over boss it’s coming from the back." Gibbs pulls over and Tony jumps out. He opens the doors and starts to search for the phone. "Where is it, where is it?" Then he sees a flash by his feet. "Found you!" He opens the phone. "Mcgee?"

"Sorry but I have a message for Miss Ziva David."
"She’s in hospital at the moment I could give her the message."
"Alright you just tell her that if she wants to see Agent Mcgee again, she has to get him on her own, personally, with no backup."
"And who and where are you? So she can find you."
"The old warehouses near the navy docks. I’m sure you’re familiar with that place." The phone cuts off and Tony has a flashback to the day of Kate’s death. "Bastard!" He jumps out of the back.

When he climbs back in, Gibbs looks at him. "Well what was it Dinozzo?" The phone goes off again.
"I forgot to tell you my name is Rasime, you tell Ziva that." The phone goes dead. Tony looks at Gibbs. "We need to track Mcgee’s cell."
"Right we better get back to Abby." Gibbs starts the truck and drives off.

When they walk into the lab Abby turns round. "Gibbs I checked for any prints on the clip. There was Ziva’s, Tony’s and this guy." She shows them a mug shot of an Israeli man. Tony looks at the picture. "Let me guess someone called Rasime?" He looks at Abby. She shakes her head. "Joeseff Ali, trainee…"

"Mussad." Gibbs finishes her sentence. He walks out of the door still carrying Abby’s caf-pow. "Gibbs are you forgetting something?" She laughs.
"Sorry Abbs." He puts the cup on her desk and kisses her cheek. Tony and Gibbs go upstairs. Tony sits at his desk and glances at Ziva’s desk. After two very long hours and four coffees Tony and Gibbs finally track Mcgee’s cell. "Come on then Dinozzo let’s move." Gibbs runs to the elevator and steps in. Tony runs after him.

When they find the cell phone it has a note attached to it, it simply says; ‘The clock is ticking my friend.’ Tony reads it and hands it to Gibbs. "What the hell is that supposed to mean Boss?"

"Tony." Gibbs looks at him. "Go to the hospital and I’ll get a taxi."
"Boss?" Tony looks at him gone out.
"Go! Now!" Tony climbs into the car and drives off leaving Gibbs on the side-walk.

When Tony reaches the hospital he storms into the reception area and goes straight to the room. He bursts in and the nurse jumps out of her skin. "What are you doing with that pencil?" Tony walks up to the bed. The nurse looks at him. "We have had the go ahead to start the testing early."

"And what are the risks in doing that?"
"Well there is a fifty, fifty chance that she will start to breathe on her own. The rest is just based on hope."

"Ok do it." Tony sits next to Ziva. "Come on Ziva you can fight this." The nurse places the pencil on Ziva’s chest and turns the life support off. Tony waits and watches her chest slowly starts to move. Tony smiles at her. "Yes!"

"We’re not out of the woods yet, she still might be a few weeks waking up." Tony slumps down in the chair. "Then I’ll stay with her." He looks at Ziva then his phone goes off. He takes it out of his pocket and answers it. "Yes boss?"

"Dinozzo are you still at the hospital?"
"Yeah why is something wrong?"
"No I just need you here now."
"Ok I’ll set off now."
"Good!" Gibbs hangs up and Tony kisses Ziva’s forehead. "I’ll come back later Ziva." He leaves the room and heads back to NCIS.

When Tony gets there Gibbs meets him at the elevator. "Right Dinozzo what’s happened with Ziva?"
"She’s breathing which is a start."
"Good so, it was a good decision then?"
"What was boss?"
"Ringing the hospital and asking them to do the tests Dinozzo."
"Oh right Boss." Tony sits at his desk.

Part 2

With Ziva in hospital, can the team find out who is responsible and will they be able to find Mcgee? Contains some strong language.


Back at the hospital Ziva suddenly wakes up. "Tony!" The nurse comes in.
"It’s alright he just left. Just try to get some rest miss." Ziva lays back.
"Where is he?"
"He went back to work."
"Right could I have some water please?"
"Yeah sure I’ll go and get you some." The nurse leaves the room and Ziva finds a bag down the side of the bed. She picks it up and finds her clothes and badge. "Tony!" She laughs to herself. She sits up and pulls her trousers on. Then someone opens the door. "Ziva how nice to see you!"

"That’s right did you miss me?"
"Why would I miss you? Why are you here?" She searches the bag for a weapon. "I’m here to get you."
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that you need to shut up!" He puts duct tape over her mouth. He pulls the drip out of her arm and takes her to a utility room. He ties her up and throws her in.

At NCIS Gibbs gets a phone call. "Gibbs NCIS."
"Special agent Gibbs, Miss David has disappeared." The nurse says down the phone.
"Ok we’ll be right there." He hangs up. "Come on Dinozzo."
"Where to boss?"
"The hospital."
"Why is Ziva ok? Boss?" Tony runs after Gibbs. "She has gone missing Tony." Gibbs looks at him. "And we have got to find her." They go down to the cars and get into one of them.

When they get to the hospital the nurse meets them outside. "She was awake and she wanted some water, she asked about you and then I went out of the room." The nurse tells them as they walk up the corridor. "Ziva, Ziva!" Tony shouts.

"Dinozzo shh listen." Gibbs hears banging round the corner. He draws his pistol and walks round the corner. He opens the door to the utility room. "Ziva!" He put his pistol away and unties her. Tony pulls the duct tape off. "Ouch! Tony!" Ziva shouts at him. He helps her to her feet. "Are you alright?"

"Yes I’m fine thanks to you." He hugs her.
"I’m sorry Ziva!" She head slaps him.
"Never apologize it’s a sign of weakness." Gibbs laughs. Then Tony holds Ziva’s hand. "Ziva you got a phone call. This guy he said that he’s got Mcgee and that you have to get him back on your own."
"Ok who?"
"Oh, a guy called Rasime."
"What?!" She pulls away and grabs the keys out of Tony’s pocket. "Shit!" She runs out of the hospital and jumps into the car. She drives off. Gibbs and Tony follow her but they have to stop when they reach the road.

In one of the warehouses Mcgee is tied to a gas pipe. His phone goes off and Rasime answers it. "Hello?"
"Rasime you fucking that you let him go now!"
"Can’t do that Ziva!"
"Why not?"
"Because you need to see him and save him yourself."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Someone wants to say hello." Rasime puts the phone to Mcgee’s ear. "Ziva don’t, they will hurt you, don’t come leave… ahhhh!" Mcgee cries in pain. "Mcgee!"
"You have half an hour Ziva." Then the door bursts open. "I’m already here Rasime now let him go!"

"It’s so nice to see you in person." Rasime unties Mcgee and he falls to the floor. Ziva runs up to him. "Mcgee are you alright?" She helps him to his feet. "Come on let’s get out of here!" She glares at Rasime. "Be my guest." They go outside and then Ziva spots a sniper laser on Mcgee’s back. "Mcgee!" She jumps up blocking the shot. A full metal jacket hits her in the shoulder, she falls to the floor and Mcgee turns round. "Ziva, oh no!" He kneels down and rolls her over. "Ziva are you ok?" "I’ve only just got out of the bloody hospital now I have to go back."

"No you don’t, I’ll take you to Ducky he’ll sort you out. Come on." He pulls her up and helps her into the car. Ziva calls Gibbs. "Gibbs I’ve got Mcgee we’re heading back to NCIS see you later."
"Ziva come and pick us up we’re still at the hospital."
"Sorry Gibbs I’ll send Abby we need to see Ducky." She hangs up before he can argue. "Mcgee where’s your phone?"
"Urm I don’t know, Rasime must still have it why?"
"Well that’s just great!" Ziva grabs her shoulder. "That hurt." Mcgee giggles. "Oh you think that’s funny Mcgee." She punches him on the arm.
"Hey I’m driving here." He pokes her and they both start laughing. Soon they come to the front gates of NCIS.

Ziva and Mcgee go straight to Ducky. "Ducky?" Ziva walks into autopsy. "Ah, Ziva how are you my dear?"
"I’m ok Ducky I just need a little patch up that’s all."
"Why what have you done now Ziva? Sit down and I’ll see what I can do." Ziva sits down and takes her t-shirt off. Mcgee goes bright red. "What?" Ducky surveys her shoulder. "Ah it looks like a full metal jacket Ziva not too much damage." He goes to his desk and gets out a box. "I feel sick." Mcgee runs out of the room and Ziva laughs at him. "Right hold still and I’ll sort you out Ziva." Ducky’s phone goes off. "Excuse me a moment my dear." He walks back over to his desk and answers his phone. "Ah Jethro where are you?"

"Is Ziva with you Duck?"
"Yes why?"
"Tell her to get here now!"
"Why, where are you?"
"I’m in the hospital she left us here."
"Oh right I’ll send Mcgee, Ziva is in the middle of something."
"Alright Duck I’ll see you later." Ducky hangs up and goes back to Ziva. "What will you get into next?"

Half an hour later and Mcgee comes back with Tony and Gibbs. "Ziva don’t you ever do that…" Gibbs stops shouting and looks at her shoulder. "Ziva what happened?"
"I blocked a shot for him." She sits at her desk and points to Mcgee. Gibbs looks at Mcgee. "Right I don’t need to see either of you and Ziva you go to Mcgee, it’s too dangerous to go to your own flat."
"But Gibbs all my stuff is at my flat."
"I don’t care now go."
"Alright Mcgee let's go I’ll drive." Gibbs shouts after them. "Mcgee is driving Ziva!" The doors to the elevator close. Ziva passes the car keys to Mcgee.

When they get to Mcgee’s he sets out a bed on the sofa. That night Ziva hears something while they are watching T.V. "What was that?" She stands up and sees the shape of a barrel in the bushes. "Shit! Mcgee get in the kitchen!"

"Just get down!" She pushes him to the floor behind the sofa. "Give me your pistol." Mcgee looks at her worried. "Ok." He passes her his pistol. "Get in the kitchen and wait till I say it’s safe to come out." Mcgee turns and crawls into the kitchen. Ziva climbs up onto the sofa and watches for any movement. She sees a red light to her left she turns ready to shoot but she hears the window smashing behind her. Before she has the chance to turn back around something hits her in the back of the neck. The red light disappears and she pulls the tranquilizer out of her neck. "Mcgee!" Mcgee runs into see her laid on the floor. "Ziva you're ok?" He kneels down next to her. He shakes her arm. "Crap oh god!" He picks her up and lays her on the sofa and then rings Gibbs.

"Mcgee!" Gibbs bursts in followed by Tony. "Gibbs I’ve killed her haven’t I. It’s my fault oh god."
"Keep your fur on elf lord it’s just a tranquilizer she’ll be ok." Tony turns to Gibbs. "Won't she?"
"I don’t know Dinozzo." Gibbs picks the dart up. "That’s a lot of anesthetic I’d say enough to knock out a bear." Gibbs passes it to Tony. "Mcgee stay with her and when she wakes up ring me." Gibbs and Tony leave the flat. They go back to their own homes.

In the morning Ziva still hasn’t come round. Mcgee walks up to the sofa. "Ziva?" He sits on the arm. He turns the T.V. on and goes into the kitchen. Ziva wakes up and look around her. "Mcgee? What happened?" Mcgee walks in and sits down next to her. "Well urm I don’t really know I was in the kitchen."
"Right come on." She stands up and sways. Mcgee looks at her. "Where?"
"NCIS why?" Mcgee stands in the doorway.

"No Gibbs said we had to stay here today."
"Mcgee I don’t give a crap what Gibbs has said." She pushes him out-of-the-way and opens the front door. Gibbs is standing there. "Ziva!"
"Yeah Gibbs?" She steps back.
"Good you’re alright."
"Why wouldn’t I be?"
"Just sit down I need to tell you something."
"What?" Ziva turns and goes back into the living room. She sits on the sofa and Gibbs sits next to her. "Ziva Abby has confirmed that you have been injected with the same amount of tranquilizer used to knock out a bear."
"So I’m alright now."

"Ziva one more milligram and you would be dead. I am not taking any chances. It is way too dangerous for you to go outside."
"Danger ha I laugh in the face of danger!"
"Ziva this is serious!"
"Sorry Gibbs it’s just all my life I’ve lived in danger. I’m not scared of Rasime or Joeseff. I know what they are capable of so don’t worry." She stands up and walks into the kitchen. "I just don’t get why they want to kill me." She sits on the table top. Mcgee pushes her off. "Hey!" He laughs and pulls her to her feet. Gibbs leaves to keep an eye on Tony, who wants to ‘get’ Rasime.

Ziva grabs her coat. "Come on I need to get some stuff from mine."
"No Ziva Gibbs told us to stay here."
"Suit yourself." She takes his keys and goes out of the front door. "Ziva wait. You can’t drive!" Mcgee shouts after her. "Well then you drive." She turns to look at him. "But…"
"Fine!" She walks away. He runs after her.
"Ok I’ll drive you there and I will come in with you."
"Alright." She throws him the keys.

When they get there a black van is parked outside. "That is not good Ziva let's go."
"No Mcgee it will be fine." Ziva gets out of the car and Mcgee follows her. She goes through the front door to her flat. "See I told you no-one was here."
"Alright." He puts his pistol away.

"I’ll be back in five minutes." Ziva goes into her bedroom and starts to pack some clothes in a bag. Someone puts their arm around her throat. "Mcgee!" The person puts their hand over her mouth and whispers in her ear. "Your boyfriend can’t help you anymore." Joeseff comes into the bedroom with Mcgee. He hits Mcgee who falls to the floor. "Pathetic!" Rasime let's Ziva go.

"Oh god Mcgee!" She kneels down next to him. "Mcgee are you alright?" Rasime points a gun at her. "Stand up!"
"What if I don’t?"
"I will shoot you."
"Yeah ok whatever."
"Just step away from him now!" Ziva grabs Mcgee’s pistol and spins round. She points it at Rasime. "You wouldn’t dare Ziva." He laughs and then cocks his pistol. Ziva pushes him and they start to struggle. Joeseff pulls Ziva away from Rasime. "Calm down Miss David."
"Let me go! You bastard let me go!" She kicks him but he keeps a firm grip. "Mcge…" He covers her mouth and they take her off in the van.

When Mcgee comes round Ziva and the two men are gone. "Ziva!" He stands up and runs downstairs. He goes back up and rings Tony.
"Mcgee what’s wrong?"
"They got her Tony."
"What when?"
"I don’t know they knocked me out and took her away!"
"Where are you?"
"I’m at Ziva’s flat!"
"Alright I’ll be right there." Tony hangs up and Mcgee waits.

Ten minutes later Tony bursts into the flat. "Mcgee, Mcgee!" He runs into the living room. Mcgee is laid on the sofa. Hey Mcegghead!" He pushes Mcgee. "Mcgee!"
"Tony?" Mcgee sits up. "It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let her come here."
"It’s not your fault Mcgee she would have come here anyway."
"You’re right."
"Did they say where they were taking her?"
"No, but I have a good idea of where they went."
"The warehouses…" But before Mcgee can finish his sentence Tony runs out of the flat and down the stairs. "Tony!" Mcgee runs after him. Tony jumps in the car and drives off.

In one of the warehouses Ziva is locked in a small room. "Let me go now!" She bangs on the door. Rasime comes in and she backs up to the window. "Shut up and sit down." He walks up to her.
"No!" She pushes him over and runs for the door.

"Oh no you don’t." Joeseff stands in the doorway. He grabs her arm and throws her back into the room. Tony pulls up outside and starts to shout Ziva. She hangs out of the window. "Tony up here…" Rasime pushes her and she topples out of the window. She tries to pull herself up. "Ziva wait there, don’t move I’ll be right up!" Tony runs up the stairs. "Well it’s not like I’m going to let go Tony!" Rasime meets Tony half way up the stairs. "Rasime!"

"Anthony Dinozzo!"
"You are going to die I know it!"
"Is that so I think your dear Ziva will die before me!"
"You bastard!" Tony pushes him and runs up to the room. "Ziva!"
"Tony!" He runs up to the window and just as her hands slip off the ledge, Tony grabs her arm. "Got ya!"
"Nice timing now pull me up!" Tony hauls her back through the window. "Are you alright?"

"Yes thanks Tony." She looks at him and then her eyes go really wide. "Ziva?"
"Get down Tony!" She pushes him to the floor. "What? Ziva!" She runs out of the room and then there is a big bang. "Ziva!" Tony gets up and walks curiously to the door. "Ziva!" She appears from around the door. "That’s that sorted." Tony jumps. "Oh I’m sorry did I scare you?"
"No!" Ziva laughs.
"Come on."

"I’ll go first there might be someone else down there."
"Ok big tough guy." They start to go down the stairs and when they get to the bottom, Tony runs through the doors. Rasime creeps up on Ziva and hits her on the head. Tony gets to the car and realizes that Ziva isn’t behind him. "Ziva?" He turns and runs back to the warehouse. "Ziva?" He walks into the warehouse and sees Ziva’s pistol and phone on the floor but Ziva is nowhere to be seen. "Ziva!" He runs up the stairs and sees Rasime coming out of one of the separate rooms. "You!" He pins Rasime to the wall. "Where is she?"

"I won’t tell you that."
"I’ll ask you one more time where is she?"
"I won’t tell you."
"Where is she now!?"
"No, I will not tell you a thing!"
"Fine I’ll find her on my own."
"You won’t do it in time." Rasime laughs.
"What do you mean?"
"She has had a run-in with a fierce snake."
"A what?"
"Fierce snake it is the world’s most venomous snake kills in minutes."
"You bastard!" Tony lets him go and starts to check each room.

When he comes to the last room he bursts in. "Ziva!" Tony runs up to her. "Oh god, come on Ziva."
"Tony I can’t."
"Why not come on I’ll help you."
"No, Tony get out of here save yourself Gibbs needs you."
"He needs you too."
"I’m not coming with you because this is my fault."
"No it’s not." Ziva squints with pain and passes out. "Ziva?" Tony looks at her. "I’m sorry."

"Knock, knock." Rasime walks into the room. "It looks like we have won!"
"No, you haven’t!" Tony stands up and faces Rasime. "You haven’t won yet and you never will."
"Well it looks like I have Ziva is dead and you could have saved her."
"If you had played my little game she would probably still be alive."
"You had the anti-venom didn’t you?"
"Yes well it’s no use to you now is it?"
"You evil backstabbing devil!"

"I’m not the one stabbing anybody, he is." He points behind him and Tony turns around. Then Joeseff comes up behind him and stabs Tony in the back. "I’ll just leave you alone." Rasime and Joeseff leave and lock the room. Tony sits up against the wall. "I should have shot the bastard when I had the chance!" He takes his phone out of his pocket and rings Gibbs. "Dinozzo?"

"Boss it’s well they, they got her. They killed Ziva."
"Where are you?"
"The warehouses, Boss I’m injured and they have locked me in a room."
"So where’s Ziva?"
"She’s in the room with me."
"Are you sure she’s dead?"

"Urm, I don’t know Boss."
"Well check her pulse."
"Ok Boss." Tony crawls over to Ziva and puts two fingers on her neck. "Oh thank god." He puts the phone back to his ear. "She’s still alive Boss but she has been bitten by a fierce snake."
"Right stay put and keep an eye on her." Gibbs hangs up and Tony lays back and cringes. "We’ll be alright now Ziva."

Part 3

Will Gibbs and Mcgee find Tony and Ziva in time and will the team win this battle?


An hour later and Tony hears Gibbs but before Gibbs can come into the room Tony passes out as well. "Dinozzo!" Gibbs starts to shout him, he bursts into the room. "Mcgee up here!" Mcgee runs in. "Gibbs is that Tony?"

"Yeah Mcgee." Gibbs kneels down next to Ziva. He gets a needle out of his pocket. "Let’s hope Ducky was right." He picks her arm up and injects the anti-venom into her arm. Mcgee kneels down next to Tony. "He has had major blood loss."
"Mcgee take him downstairs and to the hospital."

"Ok Boss." Mcgee drags Tony all the way to the car. Gibbs follows him carrying Ziva. He sits her up against a barrel. "Ziva are you alright?" He brushes her hair out of her face. A voice comes up behind them. "Special agent Gibbs!" Gibbs turns round. "And you are?"

"I’m sure you already know."
"Joeseff Ali?"
"That’s right, now prepare to die!" Ziva comes round. "Huh, Joeseff no!" She pulls herself up on the barrel. "Leave them alone, it’s me you want." She staggers and stands in front of Gibbs. "Ziva I thought you were dead." Joeseff laughs.
"Well I’m not, so the game is still on."
"Ziva stand aside you are too weak to fight."
"No Gibbs I won’t let him hurt you."
"But I have lived my life and you still have yours ahead of you."
"No, this is my fault for leaving the Mussad."
"Ziva you are part of my team and my job is to protect you." He looks her in the eyes.

"Gibbs I know what you mean but I don’t want the whole team to suffer for me."
"I know but, well Ziva you are not going to do this alone."
"Enough chit-chat one of you is going to die."
"Not on my watch!" Mcgee shouts. He shoots Joeseff and runs up to Gibbs and Ziva. "Don’t ever do that again!"
"Yes boss." Ziva checks Joeseff’s pulse.
"He’s dead Gibbs."
"Ziva are you alright now?"
"Yes, where is Tony?"
"Ziva Tony has had to go to the hospital. He was stabbed."
"Oh god is he going to be alright?"
"We don’t know, probably not he lost a lot of blood."
"Not helping Mcgee!"
"Oh sorry." They go to the car and go back to NCIS.

When they get there, Ducky examines Ziva. "Well my dear it looks like you are going to be alright."
"Good, right see you later Gibbs."
"And where do you think you are going?"
"To the hospital."
"No you are not."

"Why Gibbs? Tony is in hospital I cannot just sit here and leave him Gibbs. He is my partner and all of this is my fault." Then Gibbs’ phone goes off. "Yeah Mcgee."
"Tony’s awake, so if you and Ziva are coming then now would be good."
"Alright we’ll be right there."
"We are going to the hospital."
"Ok, I’ll go and bring the car round."
"You are not driving!"
"Alright see you later Ducky."

When Gibbs and Ziva get there Mcgee is waiting for them. "Follow me." Mcgee leads them to the ward where tony is. Ziva runs up to the bed. "Tony! You’re alright thank god." She hugs him. "What’s up with her?" He mouths at Gibbs. Gibbs shrugs. "Dinozzo what happened in the ware house?"
"I was stabbed that about it really."
"Dinozzo I need to know everything."
"I know boss but I can’t remember."
"Come on Dinozzo try to."

"I’m sorry Gibbs but I can’t. You do know you need a shave or are you trying to grow a mustache again?" Gibbs head slaps him.
"Dinozzo stay on task."
"Sorry boss." Gibbs turns to Mcgee.
"He’s fine when can he come out?"
"Urm the doctor said Monday."
"Right Dinozzo rest up." Gibbs turns and walks out of the ward. Ziva runs after him. "Gibbs!"
"No Ziva I need you at NCIS."
"No, come on." Ziva sighs and follows Gibbs back to the car."

When they get there, Ziva sits at her desk and starts to throw paper balls at Tony’s desk. "Ziva what the hell are you doing?"
"It’s not the same he’s normally there to throw them back."
"Don’t worry Ziva he’ll be fine."

Monday comes and Tony walks in. "Hey what’s with the paper?"
"Tony that was me." Ziva stands up. "I’m a crap shot."
"You got that right."
"Hey you weren’t meant to agree." She punches his arm in a playful kind of way. "Good you two have greeted each other now let’s go."

"The ware houses Abbs found some activity on Mcgee’s phone."
"Really?" Ziva’s phone goes off."
"I’ve got a message." She opens the message and drops her phone. "What?" Mcgee bends down and picks it up. "What the…?"
"It’s a knife Mcgeek!" Tony laughs and then looks over at Ziva. "Ziva what’s wrong?"
"That’s not just any knife that’s a Mussad ceremonial knife. It is given to an agent when they pass training."
"So, but this one is mine. That means they have been in my flat."
"Right come on."
"Gibbs we can’t because they have that knife we can’t hurt them."
"Well we won’t hurt them then will we?"

When they get there, Rasime is nowhere to be seen. "Wait here all of you." Ziva walks up to the big double doors and slips round the door. Gibbs, Tony and Mcgee wait then they hear Ziva scream. "Gibbs!" They run in and see Ziva on the floor with the knife in her hand. "Ziva?" Gibbs kneels down next to her. "I got the knife Gibbs."

"Good come on." He helps her up and helps her to the car. Ziva hides the gash on her neck. Gibbs opens the door and she sits down on the back seat. He closes the door and turns to Mcgee. "Mcgee take Ziva back to NCIS and leave her with Abby!"

"Hey why can’t I take her?"
"Because last time she got hit with a train Dinozzo."
"That wasn’t my fault, well it was but…"
"Ya finished Dinozzo?"
"Yeah Boss." Mcgee gets in and drives off. "Mcgee, can we stop at mine I need to do something?"
"Can we just go?"
"Yeah ok."

When they get to Ziva’s flat Mcgee gets out of the car. "No you stay here I’ll be five minutes." She runs upstairs and slams the door behind her. She gets the first aid kit out of the cupboard and steri-strips her neck. Ziva goes back downstairs and gets in the car. "What did you have to do?" Mcgee starts the car and Ziva’s phone goes off. "Yes Gibbs?"

"Are you there yet?"
"No not yet."
"Is that an answer or a question Ziva?"
"An answer, we’re nearly there now so I’ll see you later." She hangs up and puts her phone in her pocket. "Come on Mcgee the quicker we get there the quicker Gibbs shuts up."

"Got that Ziva. What’s up with your neck?"
"Oh just a cut I’ll be fine."
"Yeah that’s what you said last time…"
"Red light Mcgee!"
"What?" Mcgee looks up. "Oh." He slams on the brakes and the car stops. "Mcgee do you think Gibbs and Tony will be alright?"
"I’m sure they’ll be fine."
"I hope you’re right." They set off again and reach NCIS in no time.

"See you later Mcgee."
"Ziva stay with Abby and Abby don’t let her out of your sight if you do Gibbs will kill me ok."
"Yes Mcgee."
"Good I’ll see you later be good Ziva."
"I will Mcgee don’t worry." Mcgee leaves the lab and Ziva turns to Abby. "Can you show me where you found the activity Abbs?"
"Yeah of course Ziva why?"
"I need to check something." Abby shows Ziva the map. "Interesting." Abby looks at Ziva.

"Rasime isn’t in there it’s a trap Abby." She runs out of the lab. "Ziva wait where are you going?" Abby runs after her. "Abby I need to help them if I don’t they might die."
"I’ll take you down there."
"Ok but you need to leave as soon as I get out of the car."
"Right let's go."

When they reach the warehouses Ziva climbs out of the car. "Abby you know what to do."
"Yes Ziva be careful."
"I will Abbs don’t worry about me."
"Ok go." Abby drives off and Ziva runs into the warehouse she spots Mcgee’s foot behind a crate. She tiptoes over to him and grabs his ankle. Mcgee screams. "That will never grow old."
"Ziva, what are you doing here?"
"Mcgee it’s a trap. Where’s Gibbs and Tony?"

"Tony is over there." He points over to the far end. "Oh right wait here I’ll go and tell him. Stay low Mcgee."
"I will Ziva be…"
"Careful I know." She goes slowly to where Tony is hiding. She goes round the corner to see Tony messing about. "Psst, oi, Rambo!"
"Huh, Ziva what are you doing here?"
"Tony this is a trap we have to get out of here now. What?" She looks at Tony’s face.

"Ziva behind you."
"Nice try Tony but that’s not going to get me."
"No really look behind you!"
"Do you really think…?" Her sentence is cut short by a gunshot. She looks at him and collapses. "Ziva, oh god, Ziva I told you to look didn’t I?" He picks her hand up and squeezes it. "Ziva I’m sorry."
"Tony let go of my hand." She coughs and smiles at him.

"It’s called a bullet proof vest Dinozzo."
"You are on lucky Bitch Ziva."
"Do you really think that Tony?" She stands up and then ducks again. "We’re surrounded I can see Gibbs but not Mcgee!"
"What are we going to do?"
"And you’re meant to be the senior field agent."
"Well I urm…"
"Why don’t we just shoot them all?"
"Good idea."
"Of course it is all my ideas are good ones."
"Yeah ok."

"On the count of three." Ziva readies herself. "Three!" They jump up and start to shoot at the crowd of men. Then Ziva stops shooting and sits back against the box. "Ziva what’s up?" "I can see Mcgee."
"What?" He crouches down next to her.
"He’s in the middle of them."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes Tony."
"Well you have been wrong before Ziva."

"I know but this time I’m not, see for yourself." Tony stands up then sits back down. "Yep that’s definitely Mcgee!"
"I told you."
"So what do we do?"
"I don’t know."
"Neither do I."
"Oh I know let's grab Mcgee and run out of the warehouse."

"Alright let’s go." Ziva jumps up and runs towards Mcgee, who is lying on the floor, Tony runs after her. "Ziva wait for me!" "Hurry up Tony!" Ziva throws herself down next to Mcgee. "Mcgee, are you ok Mcgee?" She shakes his arm.
"Ziva!" Tony shouts her. She turns round but Tony isn’t there.
"Tony?" She stands up the warehouse falls into a dense silence. "Gibbs?
"Ziva?" She looks down. Mcgee stands up.
"Mcgee get out of here now bring the car round I need to find Gibbs and Tony."
"What on your own?"
"Oh ok." Mcgee turns and goes to fetch the car.

Ziva goes back to where Tony was hiding. "Tony?" She sees a shadow. "Tony is that you? Stop messing about, it’s not funny Tony!"
"Tony isn’t here."
"What, who are you?"
"Have a guess Ziva."
"Close nut not close enough."
"Bingo!" Jayden steps out of the shadows.
"I thought you were in prison."

"Yeah well I’m not."
"I can see that."
"Now my brother and I have been talking."
"That’s dangerous don’t you think Jayden?"
"Oh ha, ha, where’s the sense of humor come from Ziva?"
"None of your business."
"Well you can choose from either three of these men." He clicks his fingers and three men come out holding Tony, Gibbs and Mcgee. "Let them go!"
"Only if you play my little game Ziva."
"What game?"

"Well you choose a box and inside there will be one of your friends if you can reach them in time they live if you don’t they die!" He laughs.
"Good choose your first box."
"The one in the middle."
"Ok, are you sure?"
"Yes just open it." Jayden opens it to reveal Tony with a noose around his neck. "Tony!"

"Ok this is what’s gonna happen. The longer you take to get to him the tenser the rope gets. Got it?"
"Yes but what’s the catch?"
"There’s no catch."
"Something tells me there is."
"Your time starts now Ziva!" The noose very quickly tightens around Tony’s neck. Ziva runs to the box and tries to remove the rope. "Come on!"
"Five seconds Ziva!" She gets her boot knife and cuts the rope. Tony chokes and laughs. "Ziva my hero."
"Fuck off Tony!" She pushes him.
"Very good."

"Alright Jayden that one." Jayden nods and the box is opened. Ziva laughs at the sight of Gibbs sat in the middle of the box smiling at her. Jayden looks into the box. "I told you to give him the knife."
"They did that’s how I cut the ropes." Gibbs stands up. "Ziva are you ok?"
"Yes I’m fine."
"Good where’s Mcgee?"
"In that box." Ziva turns to Jayden.
"Well, well Ziva who would have thought?"
"Oh lay of it Jayden and let him go!" She stands in front of Tony and Gibbs. "No you have to get him."

"So what do I have to do?"
"You have to get to him before me if I get to him before you he dies!" Gibbs grabs her arm.
"Ziva you don’t have to do this."
"Yes I do Gibbs." She pulls away and runs to the box where Jayden is sat next to Mcgee. She jumps on him and pushes him away from Mcgee. He rolls over and pins her to the floor. "You are going to die!"
"Not before you!"
"Ziva!" Tony runs up to them.
"One more step and I slit her throat!" Jayden sneers. Tony stops in his tracks. "Jayden let them go I’m the one you want and, plus we don’t want to be disturbed."
"Alright but they have 20 seconds get out here." Tony, Gibbs and Mcgee run out of the warehouse and get into the car.

In the warehouse Jayden has tied Ziva to a pipe. "Well my dear you have two choices. One you can go back to them or you could come back to the Mussad."
"Now that’s a tough one. Let me think NCIS every time."
"As you wish." He kicks her in the stomach and she slides down the pole. Jayden leans forward into Ziva’s face and whispers, "Traitor." in her ear. He walks off and disappears into the darkness. Ziva watches him leave then she hears footsteps. "Hello!" She shouts out. "Who’s there?"

"Ziva, are you ok?" Tony shouts back.
"Tony over here!" He comes round the corner.
"Ziva thank god Mcgee thought you were dead."
"That’s nice to know."
"I didn’t."
"Ok can you just untie me now?"
"Yeah sure." He bends down and unties her.

They go outside and get in the car. "What happened in there Ziva?"
"Not much."
"Never mind." Tony drives off and takes Ziva back to her flat.

When they get there she looks at him. "Why are we here?"
"Because Gibbs said to take you back and stay with you to make sure you’re not in any trouble."
"Do you know I’m, why does he have to but in all the time?"
"Because he cares Ziva."
"I know I just don’t want him to get hurt."
"He won’t Ziva it’s Gibbs we’re talking about."

They get to the front door and go in. Ziva goes into the kitchen. "Tony do you want a drink?"
"Go on then."
"What do you want?"
"What ya go?"

"Ok." She goes back into the room and hands him a glass of water. She sits next to him. "Tony make yourself comfortable I’m going to get some rest I’m shattered." Ziva goes into her room. Tony falls asleep on the sofa and Ziva wakes up to find Rasime and Jayden at the side of the bed. "Ton..!" Jayden covers her mouth while Rasime ties her to the bedstead. "Shhh Ziva we don’t want to wake your partner." Tony creeps up to the door and peers through the keyhole. He gets his phone out of his pocket and texts Mcgee.

In the room Ziva is gagged she glares at Rasime. "Not long now if they don’t turn up…" Rasime is interrupted by Gibbs busting through the door. "Rasime don’t move!" Rasime produces a pistol and points it at Ziva. "Don’t even think about it!" Tony comes in and ungags her. She smiles at Rasime. "Go on I dare you!"
"Ziva what are you doing?"

"Don’t worry he’s a really crap shot."
"I am not!" Rasime goes bright red and cocks his weapon. Gibbs does the same. Jayden goes to grab Gibbs but he moves out-of-the-way and Jayden slams in to the wall. Tony cuffs him to the window and then confronts Rasime. "You don’t want to do this."

"Believe me I do."
"Well do it then." Ziva smiles. Rasime points the pistol at Ziva. Ziva laughs at him and Rasime gets really angry. He pulls the trigger. Mcgee comes running into the room and shoots Rasime. He looks at the bed. Ziva is laughing. He looks at Tony and Gibbs and they too burst out laughing.
Published: 2/1/2012
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