Necromancer, Hold Me Close - Chapter One

Adrian, from 'Love Last Forever': A Ghost Story, is back! This is his series and it tells how he finds out about his heritage and stuff by meeting a gorgeous girl who knows his secret and what he is. Comment, poll, and enjoy!
I shuffled through my binder for my homework. The gray binder stood as my life line to school. Without it I'd be screwed. Only thing was that I kept it pretty messy. Mariabelle looked at me, doubtfully.

"You got to be joking! You weren't even a little scared?" She asked and I glared at her. Earlier today she had tried to scare me with a stupid parlor trick. It, of course, wouldn't work on a kid whose seen more ghosts that Ghost Adventure's and Ghost Hunters combined. I shook my head and put my fingers through a hole that was big enough for my homework to slip out of...

"Here," Jonathan, also known as Jona, said and handed me my homework. I looked into his dark hooded eyes and grinned.

"Awesome." I said then stood up to put the sheet into the homework bin. The bin helped Mr. Brüno, an old guy, stay organized. I returned to my seat and the bell rang, signaling that class had started.

Mr. Brüno did not come into the musty room. I brushed it off as meeting ran long. Lunch had just ended and some meetings for the eleventh grade teachers were just ending. I'm a junior. I should be a senior but because of my "problem" I got held back. My "problem" is mainly the issue of seeing things. No, I'm not crazy or a sociopath. I can see ghosts. I've seen them since I was little. I'm adopted so of course I have no clue if there are others. I sigh and try not to dwell.

After a couple of minutes I start to worry. Has Mr. Brüno gotten stuck in the supply closet again? I remembered because Jona and I had been forced to find the poor old guy. Out of nowhere, I hear a whisper.


What the hell is that? I wondered but suddenly the subtle whispering stopped and Mr. Brüno walked in. I heard Jona exhale in relief. I was relieved too, but I noted that Jona cared for our English lit teacher.

"Class. We have a new student." The old man said and in walked a stunning goddess. Her hair spilled across one shoulder and it was the color of honey. Her blue eyes shone and they jumped to mine instantly. She was dressed in simple jeans and a white t-shirt, but she was gorgeous. I battled myself and resisted dropping my jaw. She stared at me.

"Her name is Keira Conaly."
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Published: 12/31/2011
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