Nerds Without Glasses - Chapter Four

Because Kristy Sanders wanted me to continue.
I fell asleep talking to my stranger and woke up to harsh banging on my door.

"Madison. Let's go! Today your dating dreads come to an end!" Maggie chuckled.

"What's wrong with you?" I muttered shoving a pillow over my head.

"Nope, get up. You had plenty of time to sleep. Let's go, we have a lot of work to do."

I looked at my clock. It was only 5:30! "Oh my God! I get up, take a run and shower and get dressed and I don't even get up this early!" I said swinging my feet around the edge of the bed.

"You took a shower last night though, right? It will make this so much easier."

"Yes, I did what you asked." I said.

She started tugging my hair in every which way and throwing curlers into them, then plastering my face with loads of makeup.

And then she brought out all the outfits.

Some weren't bad (I'm using that term lightly) and some were just downright dreadful. They looked like a hooker stepped into a Juicy Couture store. It was awful.

"Oh my God Maggie, no way!" I said.

"What? It's fashionable."

"No, it's not." I got up and dragged my feet over to my closet. I pulled out a cute little mini dress, polka dotted.

"It's perfect!"

"I'm glad you think so," I grumbled.

I got dressed and we headed out the door.

"I am never getting up this early ever again," I muttered.

We sat at a table set up in the lobby. I opened my computer and logged onto my aim.

Username3: Hello sunshine.
MaddieQ: Hey stranger.

Username3: You ready to have tons of fun fake dating everyone?
MaddieQ: Yeah, totally, can't wait.

Username3: Hey perk up, I could be one of those people.
MaddieQ: Yeah, so what do I do? Hey psssst, are you my stalker? Yeahh, don't think so.

Username3: Could work. Some people might freakout though.
MaddieQ: Yeah, you know Maggie woke me up at 5:30 this morning? I am so exhausted.

Username3: I'd believe that.
MaddieQ: I don't really want to do this. It goes against what I believe in dating.

Username3: What do you mean?
MaddieQ: Well, I believe in getting to know someone, meeting them, not being set up with them because of school rules.

Username3: Oh I see.
MaddieQ: That's why I said it would be a desperate act to enter this thing.

Username3: I understand.
MaddieQ: Listen, I gotta go. Wish me luck.

I closed the laptop and sat at the table set up for the speed dating. School rules said that 5 minutes were the minimum. So it took longer.

A lot longer.

I wanted to die. Some were really bad.

"So, do you find me attractive?" The boy asked me. He couldn't be more than a Sophomore.

"You can't ask her that," Maggie said, butting in as I winced.
I felt bad for the kid. He was young and he had no idea, he'd have no chance.

There was a bowl that was sitting next to me and when the person was done, they could write things on it for me to read. When we were all done, we started going through the bowl.

There were things like-

You know you want me :)
754-889-8759 Call Me.
You + Me = LOVE

My personal favorite:
You're too good for me but I wanted to give it a try. Gimme a call if you think I'm worth it.

"I found a weird one here," Maggie said giving it to me.

I'm sorry this wasn't how we were supposed to meet. X

"It's him."
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Published: 2/16/2013
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