Never Give Up, Never Give In

This poem encourages the subject to keep pressing toward the goal or dream without fail. To keep the dream in mind and pursue it all the way to the end. To shut out all the negatives and to feed on the positives.
If we were angels,
Then our dreams would be for the heavens alone,
But alas; we are mere men,
With a vision and a dream all of our own.

Are we too blind that we can't see?
That the vision we envisage,
Belongs to you and me!

Try again and never give up,
Try until you reach that goal,
Until you have reached the top.

For the desire that burns within,
Has no limits and no trims,
The future is where the end lies,
Sure enough as the moon lights up the skies.

Sleep is but a respite that's temporary,
Onward you must go, never waning, never weary,
Some will doubt and some will fail,
But through trials and pursuits, thou shalt prevail.

The journey may seem arduous and lonely,
But endless must be your mindset as you press on only,
Alive is the flame that fires your emotions,
And ignites them again and again.

To win is all thou must think as onward,
In your journey you are almost to the brink,
Steer the course on the path that you must trod,
Your dreams and your hopes must never fall asleep;
No not even a nod.

You ache and you pain,
As your soul feels the burdens from deep within,
You sigh with respite as at last the trophy seem to appear in sight,
Then surely as the grasses will grow,
The end takes form as it runs into tomorrow.

Thine heart is broken; thy spirit is seared,
But lift up thy weaken knees and march on without fear,
Tears you may have watered,
And scars you may have gathered, but still you cannot deter.

Steadily and onward you must go,
Today is almost over and tomorrow may never come,
So stumble on and complete the journey that thou hast begun.

Fantasize your victory and dream your reward,
For the prize that thou art seeking,
Is now indelibly etched on your sword,
For the battle is at its highest when the end is nigh,
And the warrior must triumph ah he looks towards the sky.

Win at all costs; win and never suffer a loss,
Despise the voices that discourage,
And embrace the spirits that encourage,
Be sure in thy heart and in thy mind,
That this is the heritage you in pure solace will find.

Self-motivate for it is not too late,
Self-inspire for joy must come the morning after,
For the signs of thy epic, and the making of thy scenes,
Lies only in thy vision,
As you continue to dream with fantasies.
Does the poem inspire you in anyway?
Not as much.
Yes, indeed.
For now, yes.
It offers some inspiration.
Not at all.
Maybe not sure.
Can't relate to it.
Don't know.
Have to read again.
Published: 12/30/2013
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