Never Give Up Trying

Children are a true blessing. There are so many things that we can learn from them. One thing I learn is 'Never give up trying'. They fall when they learn to walk, but get up immediately, dust themselves, and keep attempting till they succeed. Sometimes, they even cry when they get hurt while learning to walk, but they never give up. We need to praise God for everything He has given us and trust His righteousness.
Ideas that creep in may be new,
Ways to get something good are few.
Stretch your boundaries to the sky,
And never give up your try.

Temptations though may be plenty,
Do not bow down to county.
Values will be your guide,
With which you wouldn't have to strive.

Being true becomes a challenge,
World around may seem difficult to balance.
With each having a different view,
Let your qualities overrule you.

Many things won't swing your way,
'Coz somewhere evil is out to stay.
Hard it may prick you everywhere,
But don't give up, believe, God is there!

Understanding comes in its own time,
But discover all possibilities at prime.
This will keep you abreast,
Giving wisdom to deal the rest.

In life you may go through several tests,
Believe in God, and attempt your best.
God watches your efforts and commitment,
Will reward you without any resentment.

Never give up!
By Benhur Soans
Published: 4/12/2013
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