Never Stop Dreaming

A poem of a dream of love.
Let's build a house where we can both live together,
I don't have much money but I have some gum in my pocket,
Maybe we could use it to stick some boxes together,
It may not be much but at least it would be a start.

Let's elope then in my four-wheeled chariot of wonder,
It's roomy in the back, the seat folds down into the boot,
We could buy a handful of cushions to add more comfort,
And reside there forever alone, just me and you.

Let's soar with the eagle and make us a home in his eyrie,
Where we can enjoy the panorama of his vast wilderness,
Watch the lives of the people below us unfold to its routine,
And be grateful that said routine is one we've escaped.

We could live in the forest and dance with the shadows of nature,
To the tune of Pan's pipes and the trumpets of the fairy folk,
We could live in a mushroom with our very own elf as a butler,
And sing with the burbling stream as it skips past the rocks.

I'll make you a ring from a daisy chain for your finger,
Slip it on your left hand, third finger down from the thumb,
Wear it with pride and my love for you will last forever,
And never again will either of us be alone.

Never stop dreaming it brings hope to our souls in our lifetime,
And who knows, one day we may live in a castle in the sky,
Or our own little Caribbean island in the sun,
Where we can be happy and contented for the rest of our lives.

Sleep soundly, it's been a long day, I know you are tired,
Use me as your pillow and get as comfortable as you can,
I won't be sleeping, I'll be too busy watching you breathing,
And I'll enter a pipe dream where I can get lost in your charm.

Published: 7/21/2010
Bouquets and Brickbats