Never The Same

A poem I wrote out of frustration... nobody should feel like this.
What's going on with me I don't even know,
Things I deal with now is a never-ending joke,
It's like playing a game where I'm the chaser,
But in the end I get shot in the heart by a laser.

For some reason though I play again and again,
Hoping someday or one day I will win,
But let's get real cause this isn't a TV show,
This is reality getting slammed by the doh' (door).

Yet the question for me is why do I play,
When I'm the one getting hurt while others enjoy their day,
Know that these are my feelings I'm going to let out,
So you can cry or scream cause baby I'm a shout!

No more drama, no more tears,
Not by people I love, not in a million years,
Just like my signature it will forever say;
I want to spread my wings and fly away.

To a place with no lies no drama no games,
But no this is earth and its peace doesn't change,
& I'm not one to play games I'm faithful to thee,
Hell I even apologize when the blame isn't on me.

I let myself get hurt and it brings me low,
Cause my heart is too stubborn to let go,
I wish I was a kid with little or no pain,
But as I get older... I know things will never be the same...
Published: 1/21/2012
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