New Bride's Fear

New home poses a challenge.
Brand new I entered the new household.
Fear and apprehension began to unfold.
All faces were very new.
Words they spoke were just few.
Will I be able to adjust?
Could I become the best?
I had too many doubts.
This resulted in tears’ bouts.
With full family together, seen will be silence around.
Dropping of pin would be heard aloud!
That degree was the power of silence.
This was testing my patience.
I was a happy-go-lucky chatterbox of first order.
I was afraid I may end up in mental disorder.
I was engulfed with fear.
No solace was found in my husband dear.
Obvious was his nature; same bloodline, indeed.
This was just a prelude of a special kind.
The reality show was worse with no one of my kind, in sight.
My fear I decided to fight.
How would I, I didn’t know.
Helpless, tears would begin to flow.
God is great; his ways are greater.
Two kids became my savior!
Aged twelve and five were these little angels.
They were alleviators of my fear balls.
Their presence built my confidence.
Their care, concern and kindness kindled my convalescence.
My life regained its lost charm.
Friendship with those tiny tots protected me from psychological harm.
After twenty years of marriage, I dread to look back.
I dare not tread on that memory track.
These kids made my home.
Without whom, my life was sure to doom.
How often had I contemplated to run away, never to return?
All that stopped me was my parents and siblings’ concern.
Thanks to those lovely two, the nieces of my husband!
The warmth we share till this moment is stronger than that bond.
Published: 9/27/2007
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