New Days (Part One)

New Days ....
"Mel, Me and Marco will be at your house in ten. Be ready, we are not going to wait 3 hours for you to get ready again. The movie starts in half an hour." Jessica ranted. While I tried to keep my phone to my ear and get clothes out of my dresser, "Jess you are over exaggerating, you guys waited like 20 minutes top and that’s because August spilled soda all over me, so I had to take a shower and do my hair again," I said.
"Whatever just be ready when we get there," she replied with annoyance in her voice.
"I’ll think about it," I said then I hung up.

I put my clothes on and looked in the mirror, I was wearing a strapless dark green dress that went just past my knees. It was clingy at the top but hung loosely from my waist down. It was perfect for a night with friend but it could also work for a date. Then as I opened the door to my room, I felt a sharp pain in my head. I pushed my fingers against my temple and the pain subsided.

"That was weird," I whispered to myself but I continued to get ready, I looked at myself in the mirror and sighed I couldn't see the girl that everyone had made fun of. I looked in the mirror again, even though my hair still had those days where it would frizz up. It had grown softer and now I learned that when my hair grew a certain length, it didn’t look to unruly. So, I had let it grow down to the bottom of my rib cage and now it look pretty well depending on how I did it. I took a Bobbie pin and pinned my bangs away from my face.

Those "Fish lips" as they had been called now... they kind of full lips, women could only wish for. As my last boyfriend had said, 'they looked like they were made for kissing'. Then I stared into my big brown eyes my friends say, 'I have puppy dog eyes that were impossible to be mad at or say no to'. I had a really high metabolism and curves in all the right places so I had a body some girls would kill for.

Lastly I looked at my smooth skin which was light brown (even though it was the middle of winter and I lived in Maine) because My Mother is Puerto Rican and My Father is Mexican. Even though for some reason they didn’t teach me Spanish which sucked because my four best friends were all from different Spanish countries and were fluent in the language, so they would talk in Spanish and I would not understand a word they said.

"Honey, your friends are here," I heard my mom yell up the stairs. I walked downstairs and there they were Marcus, with his soft black hair and intense yellow brown eyes which I loved. He was wearing a dark blue v-neck and black jeans, it was amazing. How something so simple made him look so hot. He was an amazing friend. I liked him for a long time and he liked me too but me and August also had something like that so me and him were content with just flirting. He was the bad boy type guy that a lot of people were scared of but he was also really sweet at least to me. When he smiled at you, your heart would literally melt. I guess I had been looking at him for a long time because he cleared his throat.

"Sorry, I was thinking of something," I said quickly and put on a smile "Yeah, I wonder what," Jessica said wriggling her eyebrows at me that made us all (my mom included) laugh.
"Okay my hotness aside, we should go or we will miss the movie." He laughed.
"Okay then," I hugged my mom and kissed her on the cheek, "bye, I’ll be back by midnight," I said and then I walked outside with my friends.

As soon as I walked outside, I felt weird like someone was watching me. It was very creepy but I tried to shrugged it off. "So where are Nicolas and August," I asked, my voice kind of shaking because it wasn’t so easy to shrug that feeling off as we walked to the car.

"They are meeting us at the bowling alley," Jess said, I looked into her wide violet eyes that at the moment were filled with a teasing amount of mischief.

"I thought we were going to the movies," I said confused.
Marcus grinned, "No, we just thought you’d be ready faster if we had to be somewhere at a certain time, and you have to admit it did work."
"You know I should walk back into the house and get changed," I laughed as I climbed into the front seat of Marcus’s car.

He looked over from the driver’s seat into my eyes, "But you don’t have to worry about that because you look beautiful." He said in a voice so low, it was practically a whisper. Jess made fake gag noises and before I could respond, I felt another sharp pain in my head. This one was even worse than before and I had to press my hand to my temple and keep my eyes closed for a while.

When I opened them they were both staring at me, "Mel are you okay," Jess asked with concern in her eyes.
"Yeah just a headache," I said lowly.

By that time Marcus had started the car and we were halfway to the bowling alley, I listened to Jessica go on about school and hot guys for the rest of the way not really listing. When we got there, I got out of the car and tried to shake off that feeling we were being watched but I couldn't; so I looked at Marcus who was looking at me with concern (probably due to my unusual silence).

"Marcus do you feel it too."
"Feel what?" I took a deep breath, "like we are being watched."

He and Jessica shared a panicked look but I don’t think they wanted me to see it because they quickly wiped the panic off their face and rushed me inside. I saw August and Nick talking by the counter, we walked over to them and I muttered a hello to them. We bought the lane for two hours. And put our bowling shoes on. Soon we were laughing and having fun but I still had that feeling and it was only getting stronger but I pushed it aside, not wanting to ruin their night. I was about to pick a ball up when the pain came back followed by a nausea, I ran to the bathroom seeing out of the corner of my eye that Jessica was following me.

I was puking my guts out and Jessica was asking okay when suddenly she stopped. I could hear her curse, I turned to see through the stall that a guy was holding Jessica up against the wall by her neck. She screamed while trying to get his hands away from his neck. I gasped not sure what to do to help her. But then just as I was about to get up, her hands went red and she put them on his face causing him to scream in pain, he grabbed her arm and threw her across the room. He started to walk towards her again when I came out of the stall.

"STOP." I yelled, I didn't know what I was going to do but I could just stand by and watch him do this.
"It’s you," he whispered.
"Well I might not be able to kill you, but I’ll kill her, then bring you to him that would make him happy," he said, Jessica was unconscious but I could see her breathing. He looked me in the eye and smiled then I felt something weird go over me. But then he turned and started back toward Jessica. I was frozen, I couldn’t move I tried but I was stuck as if I were covered in glue. All I could think about was saving Jessica and suddenly I was free, I threw my hand up not sure what I was doing but then he flew into the wall, then his head cracking when he hit the tile. I just stood there just watching him as if he were moving in slow motion wondering what just happened. But I decided I didn't have time for that and went to Jessica.

I felt her pulse through her wrist and gasped at how slow it was beating. But as I held her hand, it started to get better, then she woke up gasping. After looking at him with wide eyes, she asked, "What happened?" I was about to tell her when I saw she was soaked in blood. I looked to see that her head had a deep wound that was bleeding profusely. I could see the immense pain in her eye, no matter how she tried to hide it. I went and grabbed a paper towel and pressed it to her head trying to put some pressure on it. Trying to get her to stand up when the pain went away from her eyes, I thought she might be passing out again but she was still conscious. I checked the wound but when I moved the paper towel it was gone.

Jess didn't seem at all shaken but really worried, "Jess what’s happening to me," I whispered.
"We need to find the guys and get out of here." She said, her usual strength coming back to her voice. As if they heard her, they came in the room with unusually serious faces on. Nicks softened and he moved toward me, "Mel are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah, I’m fine," but my voice was shaky and it cracked. He opened his arms and I ran into them feeling safe and then everything went black.
Like it so far.
Not really.
Published: 10/26/2012
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