New Days (Part Three)

Melenthia learns about her past.
Marcus' POV

I didn't know where to begin. Here was the girl who had been my friend since I was ten, staring at me with wide hopeful eyes, hoping that I was about to tell her the punch line of some joke, when I really was about to ruin her life. She may never trust any of us again, after we kept this from her for all these years. I decided to start from the beginning. So I looked at her deep brown loving eyes and began.

"Fifteen years ago when you were only two, you were deathly ill. No one knew what was wrong with you, you just got sicker and sicker by the day. Your father, who was known across the world as a fantastic witch and even as a better healer, couldn't figure out what was wrong with you. They searched and searched but no one could figure it out.

Finally, a circle was formed of the world's best witches. And they made a decision that they would perform a forbidden ritual if it would help you to get better. The procedure was extremely complicated, so they had to start right away with gathering the supplies. Your father was supposed to go into a gate of hell created by the circle of witches and bring back a demon's heart... for if you were to consume a demon's heart, you would be restored and then some... So one night at midnight, the portal was created and your father entered without a second thought, determined to save you. He fought with everything he had and after many long hours, he finally got the demon's heart. Now all he had to do was, find his way out of hell and somehow make you eat the heart to restore your health."

"Are you keeping up so far?" She nodded silently with her big brown eyes, telling me to continue so I began again.

"The only problem was, he couldn't find out the portal he had used to get in. He searched and searched but it was nowhere to be found. Finally, he was approached by five souls, he didn't hesitate to ask them for help. They agreed, your father was so distraught that he might not get back to you in time that he did not question their kindness, even though they were in such an evil place.

He quickly told them how he got there. They lead him to the exit then they disappeared. As he walked through the portal, he heard some laughing. A member of the circle he had assembled had been killed brutally by none other than the other members of the circle who were laughing... they... all had been possessed by none other than the demons who had helped your father escape. They all disappeared, then using their demonic side to escape by using the shadows as a sort of a cloak. Your father rushed to you, to make sure you were unharmed. Your fever had spiked and so he gave you the heart right there. And then you had recovered in two days back to a normal kid. Your father took this as a opportunity to make a plan, to send the demons back to hell. He summoned and killed their master, hoping it would send them back and he wouldn't be forced to kill the demons which would in turn kill the bodies they had possessed who were his friends. But all that angered them and they returned to kill his family. So he grabbed you and your mother and escaped, but not before they promised that they would return and kill you and your mother. He came to Maine hoping it would keep you guys hidden, and it worked until you were ten years old. Then they were on his tail again, he tried to lead them on a fake trail, but no one has heard from him in seven years, we don't know where he is. When your powers started to kick in we all felt it, every witch within a twenty-mile radius felt it. And they must have connections because now everyone knows and they are coming after you."


Melenthia's POV

I closed my eyes and kept them close. I wanted to scream, how could my best friends be doing this to me, go through all of that and make it seem like all of this was real, just to get a quick laugh. I kept my eyes closed, hoping this was a dream. And when I opened my eyes, I hoped that they would be gone and I would be in my room. But it didn't work so I decided to play along, "So how do you guys play a role in this," I tried to speak clearly, but it came out in a broken whisper.

Marcus' face fell, "The circle of witches... those were our parents."

Ah, I finally got them here, I had known these people for 7 years. I had met their parents on multiple occasions, but they were all really busy people. So they were usually away on business. "Marcus, if you are going to make up this ridiculous lie, at least make it believable, I have met your parents."

Marcus sighed, "Jess, August show her." Jessica and August changed right in front of me. Their young beautiful appearances suddenly changing to older figures which I had always known as Marcus' parents, then Nicks. I screamed and didn't know what else to do, so I just kept screaming.


Marcus' POV

She started to scream, the noise ear splitting and she just kept screaming and screaming. I pulled her close to my chest and started to rub her back and whispered 'shhh' in her ear. She finally stopped, then looked up at me and said something I didn't expect, "So you guys hate me." I didn't know what to say after all we had been through. How could she say that, I wanted to tell her how I feel, and tell her how I felt for her since 6th grade, but now wasn't the time to say.

"We all love you so much, how could you say that we were sent to watch you, until you became old enough and your powers kicked in. Then we were to take you somewhere to train you, but when we saw you getting picked on all those years ago, we didn't like it. So we had to step in and then soon enough we all loved you," that was the perfect thing to say, but the words didn't come from my mouth. We all looked at August, who was looking out the window as he was saying this.

"But," she spoke softly, "why... now you guys already have your powers," I sighed relived, she took his words to heart. "Well, your mom wasn't a witch, so you are only half. Not to say, you will be less powerful as is usually the case with people who are only half-witch because your father was really powerful. And consuming that heart as a child, well we have been told that you will have extraordinary powers."

She started to cry, "Is there anyway I can get out of this," she cried, the tears rolling down her face. I wanted so badly to kiss away the tears, but instead I reached up and brushed away a tear from her beautiful face and whispered, "I'm sorry."
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Published: 8/9/2013
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