New Girl - Chapter Nine

Alexis finds herself in the principal's office... Photo is of Alexis.
Chapter 9 - Real Reason

My body was aching from the position I slept in I tried to get more comfy and flung my arm to the other hitting something, I sat up and glanced and found Angela hugging a pillow with the blankets kicked off, now on the floor.

I took in our surroundings we both fell asleep on the couch, Angela taking up most of it; I smiled when I remembered our previous night. I stood up and stretched my body feeling relief when I felt the soreness disappearing, I walked to the kitchen and put some coffee on, chucking on some eggs and grabbing bread to toast.

I glanced at the clock and it was 6:30, we still had plenty of time, but knowing how I love to take my time getting dressed I knew, I needed at least an hour to get ready. I didn't even hear Rebecca get up, but she was standing in the doorway of the kitchen hugging her jumper tightly.

"Morning." She smiled.

"Morning, I didn't know if you were an early riser, so I thought I'd let you sleep for a bit." I flipped the bacon, "Do you like your eggs fully cooked." She nodded.

"Do you need any help?" I shook my head.

"You're my guest, have a seat, breakfast will be served in a minute." She did as I asked.

"So how did you sleep?" Making an attempt to make conversation.

"Pretty good, your couch is really comfortable." I was glad that at least one of us thought so. I turned off the stove, placing the two eggs and three strips of bacon on her plate with some toast and poured her both orange juice and coffee to help wash it down. She grinned and began to eat.

"After all we ate yesterday, I wasn't sure if I could eat ever again." She said laughing, "Yet here I am about devour all of this food." She said in between bites.

"If you think this is a lot than you're going to be surprised for what I have in stall for you." I said with a grin, 'You're practically going to be obese when I'm done with you," she laughed, we continued to eat until we finished, she washed dishes in what she said symbolizes her token for appreciation.

She glanced at the clock and let out a squeal.

"Oh my God, I'm going to be late." She pointed at the clock which read: 7:10.

"Jeez Becca, relax you've got like an hour, what's the rush?"

"I have to drive home get ready, then drive to school, it takes me so long to find out what to wear." She hung her head in what seemed like disgrace.

"No, I have a ton of clothes, you can choose what you want to wear, I have bathrooms and I have a car, I can take you. Problem solved." She looked up.

"No, I can't ask that of you."

"You can and you will, I have two bathrooms this level and I have three upstairs, choose which one you want to use, my rooms the big one behind the double doors just walk in and you'll see the clothes I never wear," her eyes were sparkling with excitement and she ran.

We ended up taking nearly an hour getting ready because we kept getting distracted with our discussions. Rebecca wore my faded blues jeans which fit her perfectly showing off her robust butt with a white long sleeve sweater than clung to her skin, showing off her flat toned stomach and average sized breasts.

She wore my long leather boots almost knee-high length, she threw a knit hat and a scarf making her not only look warm but hot. She put some finishing touches by dabbing a little lip gloss and mascara; I however was wearing my favorite Black tight skinny jeans which did wonders for my butt making it look fuller.

I wore a simple white shirt with my favorite black leather jacket, and threw a scarf for good measure. I put on my combat boots and glanced at my rapped bandage on my hand so it made look like trouble. I laughed.

I jumped in my truck and Rebecca went in her car, I told her I was most likely going to get suspended today, so I would have to leave early and I wouldn't want her to walk home.

I got to school a few seconds before she followed we both parked right next to each other, I jumped out waiting beside Rebecca's car, she got out and we began to walk into the school hall for what was apparently a school assembly.

Great I'm going to get suspended in front of the entire school just the boost I needed I thought. We entered through the double doors to find what looks like a half-filled hall, everyone was already chatting away, too busy to notice me and Natalie and for that I was grateful.

We sat in the left corner of the grabbing the highest seat in an attempt to keep out of the public eye, we got settled while the principal began to address the school.

"Testing - testing," he tapped the microphone as he spoke, "Good morning North Ryde High School, sorry to interrupt your period 1 lesson, but I have some things I need to address," he pulled the microphone out of its stool and began to pace.

"I was told we had an incident here, yesterday afternoon one that resulted in physical altercation," he stood and narrowed his eyes, staring down each and everyone one of us.

"I have been teaching for almost 15 years now and never have I seen or heard of such an outrageous fight in my life. I was called this afternoon and was filled in on a little information; it helped shed some light on that recent event which has caused me to call this assembly."

"I have some names here." He lifted up a clipboard, waving it around making sure everyone got a good look at it, I heard someone gulp and I glanced at Rebecca, seeming like she was about to have a breakdown.

He continued, "That states who was involved, why they were involved and the impact their presence caused, I am going to call out these names, if your name is called please make your way to my office." I took a deep calming breath one that was much-needed when I realized I was holding my breath throughout most of his speech.

"Natalie Reed, Dimitri Avery, Mike Abrums, Tyler McCaw, Alexandra Scott, Camilla Anderson, Leah Sampson and Rebecca Lawson." I looked at Rebecca, but she ushered me to my feet and we began to walk down the stairs. Everyone stared at me; some looked amused, disgusted, some eyes were filled with pride, disgrace and something that confused me, hope.

I walked side by side with Rebecca entering dangerous grounds the principal's office. Mrs. Frienkle told us to wait here, until we were personally requested by the principal, Rebecca and I sat on the hard wooden seat that faced Mrs. Frienkle.

My guard was instantly up when I heard Natalie's voice becoming louder as heard 3 sets of footsteps, I stiffened by Rebecca's reassuring eyes helped ease my mood. I heard them sit on the seats facing us from a side view, we have a straight view of the principal's office door but they had a diagonal view.

"Becca, do you know why you were called here." I whispered, she shrugged her shoulder but whispered.

"Maybe he wants to congratulate me for my amazing medical skills." I laughed and she smiled.

"Well, look who we have here a pair of lesbians." I could recognize that voice from anywhere, I mean other than a dog pound of course. I turned to see her smiling and I returned it, even though it took so much for me to ignore it, I did. I turned to face Rebecca and winked she laughed.

"You know, I'd call you a lesbian, but I think I might call you a slut instead, I mean look you got over my boyfriend in all of what 3 seconds and sadly for you, you went to next thing you saw which was a loser nerd." She laughed, I turned and narrowed my eyes.

"Natalie - stop." I looked to see Dimitri giving what looked like a disapproving glare towards Natalie, but she just ignored it and continued laughing.

"I can see why you'd mistake me for your mother, I mean with that black eye and all." I winked and turned to see Rebecca's expression and laughed. Rebecca's jaw dropped, she tried to disguise her laugh into what was an epic failure of a cough.

I could feel the heat that radiated off Natalie's eyes on my body, I knew she wanted to hit me, but I guess she remembered what happened the last time because nothing happened.

Mr. Turner our principal finally decided to join us and took me and Rebecca in the office. It was small and really stuffy, but I managed to live off on the oxygen that we got outside. He sat on across us, behind his small desk while me and Rebecca sat in his uncomfortable wooden chairs, ugh did they like torturing us! I thought.

"So ladies would you like to tell me what happened yesterday?" He said playing with his pen, he looked up and narrowed his eyes.

"With all due respect sir, Rebecca shouldn't even be here, she did nothing wrong." I said

"That's not what Natalie and her friends seem to recall." He said, hands folded on his desk.

"Sir, Mr. Tanner - Natalie was otherwise occupied to even recall who or what was happening, her friends also ran to the bathroom, so I see that your witnesses have given you faulty statements." I continued, "Rebecca, here was the one that bandaged me, so really you should be thanking her." He looked towards her direction and raised his eyebrows, I guess in a way to ask her if it were true rather than actually verbally doing so.

Rebecca nodded, "You may leave Ms. Lawson." She looked at me with pleading eyes. I shook my head and she left. I felt relief knowing at least one of us were safe.

"Ms. Scott what you did yesterday was immature an-" I cut him off.

"Immature? I would hardly call what I did immature." He scoffed and I continued.

"Natalie attacked me, she's the one that insinuated this whole fight. I didn't ask her to throw a ball at my head or yank my hair, but I sure as hell was not going to let her continue."

"I understand where you're coming from sir." He raised an eyebrow, "But I defended myself and yes I did continue on my little rampage even when she'd stopped but it was a speed of the moment thing, I lost it and I apologize, but I will not apologize to Tasha or regret my actions because I know that if this were to happen again I would do the same thing I did yesterday."

I put a serious face and he did the same, but I could see the edge of his lips turn up into a smile, I was completely confused.

"Alexandra, I respect your honesty. Most girls would pin the whole thing on the other." He stated.

"Well, I'm not most girl's sir." I cracked a smile. I ended up taking 3 after school detentions and a warning, I thanked him for not suspending me. I walked out with my paperwork and gave it to Mrs. Frienkle to type it up on the computer; she would email all the teachers about my little mishap and notify them to keep Natalie and myself away from each other.

She handed me back my slip and I left, I walked past where Natalie and her little minions were sitting. Natalie of course was playing with her hair and talking animatedly to her two friends, while Dimitri was reading a book I peered close at the book and realized her was reading Wuthering Heights just like myself. I ignored him and continued walking even though I knew deep down I desperately wanted to talk to him. I shook my head, anger and frustration built up inside, Alexis does not need anybody, I am independent and strong. People always leave, well more like I will leave, In 6 months I'll be gone, so there's no point trying to find comfort in a guy, especially one that's such an asshole... right?


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