New Girl - Chapter Seventeen

Alexis finds herself explaining her views on Romeo and Juliet in English class, finally catching the attention of Dimitri.
The next day was harder than I thought it was, I entered the gates of North Ryde High School unsure of what to expect, not sure if I were going to have a great day or whether it was going to be consumed my negativity. The poor weather was back, I put my hooded jacket on and stood in the parking lot waiting for Rebecca, just as I was about to call her, I received a text.

"I’m being held hostage by my parents, they're forcing me to stay home because I coughed Lexie. COUGHED! These people are crazy!" I laughed whilst reading it, I loved how her parents cared for her.

At times I thought they were a little too attached, but they're parents for you, they don’t mean to overbearing or annoying. They just want what’s best for you and for you to be safe. I smiled remembering the times my mother had been her maternal self, in 5th grade. I was cast as one of the knights in our school’s Merlin play. I was originally cast as one of the leading female roles, but I changed character because it was boring, I laughed again to myself. Even at a young age, I wanted nothing to do with dresses, my mother, however, thought differently. When my big fight scene came up, Kevin, the other boy playing the Knight, fighting me, actually hit me by accident. My mother who she was obviously made a scene and jumped on stage, insisting on the school board to call the ambulance. She was definitely one crazy lady, but I loved it about her.

I texted back saying, "Bec, they’re your parents! Obviously they're crazy. Haha, have fun at home while I live it up at school. I’ll try not to have too much fun without you."

I knew, I definitely wasn’t going to have the greatest day with her. I put my phone back in my pocket and made my way into school with my books and bags. The bell had rung just in time when I entered my History class. I sat right at the back next to Mikayla, she kept chattering away about her weekend while I actually listened to what Mr. Turner had to say. We were discussing the views on War, whether we agreed with every tactic the government took or not. He looked at me with questioning eyes, I assumed it was because he probably wanted me to comment on my father’s role, but I however just shook my head and continued copying things down.

The bell could not have rung earlier enough, I finally got away from Mikayla’s unearthly fast chatter. The next class I had was English, this class I had with Dimitri. We hadn’t spoken since yesterday, which is normal considering we agreed its best. We stay out of each other’s lives nonetheless I still did miss him. I dismissed the feelings of friendship, but I could feel deep down inside. Whether I liked to admit it or not, I cared for Dimitri more than that, although I came to that realization, it didn’t mean he had to know anything about it.

I walked into English to find Dimitri sitting at last table at the back, almost all tables were taken except the table directly in front of him. I walked down the aisle heading straight for that chair, for some reason, I felt so much relief when I reached it. I placed my bag on my desk and emptied out my books and pens. As I was doing so, someone took the seat on the right side of me. A seat one of the other girls had been vacating only moments ago, I looked up to find Mike sitting there and the other girl sitting in the front.

Did he just ask her to move? I brushed off that question and just focused on the substitute teacher that had been assigned to our class. We were learning about Romeo and Juliet, however, adding a twist on the way, we would have done it had we’d been one of the characters. "Alexandra," I heard someone said my name. I snapped out of my train of thought, I looked around to see who called me and it was the substitute. "Yes, miss," I said clicking and unclicking my pen. She cleared her throat and spoke, "I asked if you were Juliet and you were in her position, what would you have done?" This was a difficult question, I saw everyone adjust their seat and angled it facing me.

"Is this before her cousin's death or after?" I wanted to be sure how to answer, so I continued to question. The substitute teacher was in deep thought before answering "After". She leaned against her table and crossed her arms waiting for me to answer.

I cleared my throat and begun, "I would’ve done everything completely different." I placed my pen down and intertwined my fingers, "I would’ve fought so much harder for Romeo than she did, I mean no disrespect to her when I say this," remembering this was in fact a fictional story, I laughed to myself. "I would’ve defied my father just to show him that my feelings for Romeo are true and pure, I wouldn’t allow him to see even a little bit of uncertainty or doubt in my word. Although I know, he would be against it, I would do everything in my power for him to see the light in this, if he doesn’t support me with my decision then he wouldn’t need to disown me, because I would gladly leave." I cleared my throat and continued, "You look at this generation and you see young love, you see relationships crash and burn. You see others build and prosper. But who are we to judge others love lives? We don’t realize how much of an impact what we say has, in Juliet and Romeo’s case they didn’t have anyone to fight for them or even agreeing with their relationship. At least, anyone that would stand up for them instead of cower behind the shadows and just help behind the scenes."

I looked at everyone in my class, "Romeo and Juliet, although this tale is about two family feuds, it’s also about young love. I believe in a sense this story outlines the age in which people believe love exists, Romeo and Juliet were both fairly young which helped build the tragedy of this story. I would’ve fought harder because I would’ve loved harder," I looked at the substitute teacher and smiled.

"What makes you think you know what love is?" She stood up and walked down the aisle, "I mean no disrespect just purely a question, but I do understand the angle you’re seeing this from. If Romeo and Juliet were older, would their parents not be as against as they were?" She leaned against mikes desk now, forcing me to shift my chair, so that I stayed face to face with her.

"I know what love is because I’ve felt it, I feel it every day because I look in the mirror and I see my mother. I see the beautiful women she was and I remember the love she had towards me, I know love because of my best friend Rebecca, who isn’t here today, but is always with me. I know love because love knows no boundaries, regardless of what type of love, everyone knows what love is. You know so many people say that we're too young to love, we're too naïve or just immature I say differently. We’re able to send off kids to wars at 18, watch young adults be tempted by alcohol at 21, so who says we're too young to love? Who says there’s an age for that? I’ve seen some of the most beautiful relationships built by teenagers, from us." I felt like I was giving the speech of my life, I don’t know why, but I loved it and I was so proud of myself. I smiled and looked around at all my classmates who had mixed faces, some were amused, shocked, and astounded, but the substitute teacher who I learned to be named Miss. King due to her name badge was just smiling.

"Wow! That was more in-depth than I intended this discussion to go for," she smiled walking down the room and issuing out our next task and homework. Everyone continued writing and discussing amongst themselves about their views, I however, just stayed quiet and continued with my work alone. I knew if I had to talk to someone about my views it was between Dimitri and Mike, and I wasn’t having that. The bell rang, which my stomach applauded, I looked around sheepishly to see if anyone heard, but was greeted by an almost empty. I slowly packed my books not looking forward to sitting in the cafeteria by myself. I knew, I would most likely be bombarded by oversized jocks or the female gossip squad. I shuddered the thought, I looked up and saw the room was completely empty, I mentally noted that I needed to stop zoning out.

Even Miss. King had left, yep she was definitely knew you weren’t supposed to leave the classroom with students unsupervised. A buzz sound went off behind me which made me jump and yelp, I turned to see Dimitri still sitting in his seat with his phone out. "Sorry," he said looking up and placing his phone back into his pocket. I just shook my head not able to speak.

He stood up gathering his stuff, "How come your still here?" I asked.
He looked up through his thick lashes, "I could ask you the same thing?" He slid his bag on his shoulder and just stood there.

"I’m just leaving now," I turned and continued walking the aisle.
"Alexis," he said, I stopped in my tracks and turned waiting for him to continue.

He walked down the aisle, stopping about 4 inches away from me. I could practically smell his cologne and feel his body heat, I finally realized, I had been staring at his chest and forced myself to look up.

He was staring at me. "I thought your speech was beautiful," he said smiling. He placed his hand just inches away from my cheek, just lightly brushing it, "I never thought about love that way you know?" He whispered staring into my eyes. I gulped blinking one to many times, I took a step back just to clear my mind and come up with words to say, I finally found something to say.

"You know so many people waste their time in relationships that aren’t passionate or consuming, I think it’s a shame because who wouldn’t want to experience love right?" I lightly punched him to try soften up the mood.

"But what if you’re trying to protect someone from immense pain, what if love is really pain?" He asked me. I could see there was something more behind what he was saying, but he wasn’t allowing himself to let me in, I took a step forward and put his hand into mine.

"I’ll let you in on a little secret," I took a deep breath. "This year I wished for love, to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish hasn’t been granted yet, but if having this love is tragic, then give me tragedy because I wouldn’t give it back for the world." I said each word and looked him in the eye.

I kissed his soft sweet hands and walked away, I couldn’t believe what I had just done. Not even Rebecca knew that about me. I told her everything, I ran into the bathroom and locked myself in one of the cubicles. I took deep breaths and tried calming myself, until I realized what would explain this behavior. Holy fuck, I was in love with Dimitri Avery.


* The ending quote in Italics is actually from "One Tree Hill" narrated by Peyton Sawyer, who is played by Hilarie Burton. This is one of my favorite lines and I wanted to put it in. *


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Published: 1/18/2014
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