New Girl - Chapter Ten

When Alexis's past comes back to bite her. How does she handle it? Read to find out! Picture is of Dimitri, I hope he's as hot in description as he is in picture form. Comment your opinions, hot/not?
Chapter Ten - You're forgotten for a reason

As the weeks flew past, I found myself actually liking North Ryde, I know. Me, Alexandra Scott actually liking this place, I grew fond of my friendship with Rebecca. We were basically inseparable, we went shopping and movies together, we studied and she slept over my house as I did hers occasionally.

Her parents called me their second daughter; they'd always wanted to have a second child; however Mrs. Lawson couldn't conceive, it was a miracle that she has Rebecca. I couldn't help but feel at home when I was surrounded by the Lawson family; it reminded me of my relationship with my family before my mother died.

It was about a month and a half when Mike finally asked me out, I mean it was sudden and a bit too soon for me, but I had to admit I really liked the guy, he looked out for me as I did for him. I said yes, earning me a hug and a kiss on the cheek from him, I'd never seen him this happy before and that thought made me smile.

Dimitri and I distanced ourselves, we never spoke nor spared each other a look even in Biology where we were lab partners. After the lunch bell rang, Mike walked me to class, I quickly peeked him on the mouth and ran to my seat before Mr. Tanner would give me a detention for being late. I must have been in such a rush I collided against a wall, or so I thought. Before I landed flat on my ass, a hand came out and grabbed my wrist.

I couldn't help but feel the warmth spread throughout my body when I felt his touch. Wait his? I looked up to meet those beautiful dark chocolate-brown eyes, I felt a shiver run down my spine, which caused me to snap back to reality.

I quickly stood up and glanced around to see the class talking to each other, I breathed out a sigh of relief, everyone was too busy talking amongst themselves they didn't even see what was going on. I looked back at Dimitri who looked at me with a stern expression, he turned around and continued down the aisle until he reached his chair and sat.

I grabbed my bag which happened to fall, and walked to my seat dropping it on the table while placing my head on it, the opposite direction to Dimitri. Mr. Tanner walked in and shushed the class, I sat up waiting for him to begin the lesson when we were interrupted by a knock on the door.

I took my books out while Mr. Tanner seemed to be consumed by the recipient behind the door, everyone seemed to be quiet, I heard gasps and looked up to meet the eyes of the one man, I feared, loved and hated the most, my father.

"Everyone we have a special visitor today Mr. Dean Scott, Governor General of our country." He looked beside him where my father stood, "We are so graciously thankful for your presence." Mr. Tanner was a totally suck up.

I clenched and unclenched my fist under the table, I narrowed my eyes at my father where he stood, he seemed to feel my gaze and looked at me.

"No worries Mr. Tanner, I was around the neighborhood," my father said laughing, everyone seemed to join him.

I quickly packed my things up and stood up catching the attention of my fellow peers.

"Uh Lexie, how I've missed you," my father said smiling.

"Uh father, how I haven't. Goodbye." I said while walking past him, I flung the door open and stormed off. How dare he!? Show up after what? 6 months of no communication, no phone call, no mail, no nothing. Not even a, "Hey, I'm still alive are you." I shook off the thought and continued walking until I heard him call my name.

"Alexandra Adrianna Scott don't you dare walk away from me." I stopped in my tracks and swiftly turned around, we were about 15 meters away from each other.

"Oh, so you know my name?" I said sarcastically.

"Don't play games with me Lexie, get back to class." He pointed to the door I just walked out of.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" I said crossing my arms.

"That is enough young lady." He all but shouted. I stiffened, no one has ever raised their voice at me, in that moment fleeting images came running through my mind and it was on. I knew it was time to get everything off my chest.

"Enough? Enough!?" I shouted, "Who the fuck do you think you are?" I screamed.

"Watch your mouth young lady." He yelled.

"No, I will not watch my mouth Dean, I have put up with your shit my entire life and I am fucking sick of it, I am sick of being nothing but an object to you." I moved closer, "You ruined my life, your very existence hurts me father, pft father? You're no father in my eyes."

He scurried over and slapped my face, I didn't feel the pain because for me, the emotions that were generating hurt me more, disbelief ran through his face as if he just realized what he did.

"Oh my God Lexie, I'm so sorry." He went to touch my cheek but I moved back.

"Did I ever mean anything to you dad." I said looking at him in the eye. "Because you meant everything to me, impressing you, becoming you, I wanted to be my father's daughter. All I wanted was for you to be proud and to be accepted." Tears came streaming down my face, "But you never accepted me dad, you never let me in. You left me behind." I breathed. "I needed you dad, when mom died you were the only person I counted on to help soothe the pain! But where were you dad huh where were you!?" I walked up and pushed him. "Where were you when I broke my arm and had to wear a cast for two months." I pushed him again. "Where you when I got sick and needed someone to look after me." I pushed him again and again. "You abandoned me, you left me to mourn the loss of my mother alone and I was just a child." I screamed and slapped him across the face. "You're the reason my children will be raised without a grandmother." I whispered defeated with tears in my eyes. "Sometimes I think death would be much better than this." I gestured around the school, "At least I would be with mom." I whispered, I walked away knowing this relationship was now completely over that is until he spoke again that I stopped dead on my tracks.

"Lexie, please." I turned to see my father for the first time ever with tears in his eyes.

"Please, what dad?" I said.

"Please forgive me, I am still your father." He said walking towards me, I placed my hand up signaling for him to stop.

"You're wrong Dean." He looked at me with disbelief, a tear ran down my cheek as I said, "My father died that very same night my mother did, goodbye." I turned around and walked out the exit door, breaking down as soon as the door shut.

I couldn't sit here for all I knew I was being watched by drama crazed teenagers. I picked myself up and went to my place, I ran up the stairs when I saw the coast was clear, I flung the door open and broke down for the second time in one day.

I walked into the shed and everything just hit me at once, my mother's death, my father's neglect and just the sheer memories of my previous home towns and friends I always had to leave. I cried for about another couple of minutes when I felt an arm circle around my waist, I didn't need to look to see who it was, his touch confirmed my suspicions.

I turned around and buried my face in his chest with my hands clinging to his shirt, he placed his head in the crux of my shoulder just beneath my ear and whispered kind words. He held me for who knows how long.

I just continued to cry, these tears needed to be let out, especially because I'd been holding them back for so many years. My eyes became sleepy and my cries began to fade, my body seemed to be losing consciousness as I drifted off to sleep.


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Published: 7/6/2012
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