New Life - Chapter 2

This is chapter 2. Also a picture of Delilah.
Cole’s POV

When I woke up, I looked around the room, but I was surprised I was on Delilah’s bed than on her floor. I got up, but then I stopped ‘cause I saw her sleeping on the ground.

"Delilah." I said whispering, but she didn’t move a muscle.

"Delilah." I said the second time, but shaking her.

"Get." Delilah said moving from her back to her stomach.

"Get up you idiot." I said grabbing her by her ribs and trying to lift her up.

"No, I want to sleep." So I let go of her and she went head first on the ground.

"That hurt."

"You said you wanted to sleep."

"Well, you could have dropped me on the bed." She said sitting up.

"Why are you sleeping on the ground anyway?"

"You were on my bed, and I thought I was going to stay up all night, but apparently I went to sleep."

"You know, you could have slept on the bed as well." I said laying back on her bed and looking up at the ceiling.

"Why would I?"

"Why shouldn’t you, I mean I know I annoyed you since I saw you yesterday, but you think I’m good-looking."

"You good looking? In your dreams." She said chuckling.

"Seriously, Megan Fox would even date me."

"Megan Fox really, she has more Botox than my grandma." I don’t know what was funny about that, but I couldn’t stop my laughing fits that was rolling out of me.

"You are so funny you know that."

"I know, now can you get out because I want to have a shower." She said getting up and searching for some clothes in the closet.

"My pleasure." I said getting up as well and walking out of her room and went downstairs to get something to eat.


Delilah’s POV


I can’t believe that annoying lunatic, now he would have to move in with me.

About half an hour later, I got out of the shower and did the normal routines and then went downstairs to get something to eat.

"Hi Del." Cole said coming out of nowhere.

"Jesus, you scared the monkeys out of me." I said with a hand to my chest.

"Monkeys? Darn, I was waiting for a swear word." He said walking past me.

"Hi daddy." I said going to my dad who was sitting at the table.

"Hi Lil. We’ll be moving in a few hours, so get ready to pack."

"Ok, I’m just getting something to eat first." I said getting a few pieces of fruit out of the fridge and went back upstairs.

I got in my room and saw Cole in there looking around.

"This is going to be the first and last time you're going to explore this room." I said going to my closet and getting my clothes out.

He didn’t say anything and when I looked at him, he was looking at the picture of my 4 brothers, Jerry and me a few years ago on summer break.

"That was when my brothers and friend were at the beach ‘cause it was about 40 degrees."

"I miss him." Cole mumbled quietly.

"Who?" I asked dropping the things that were in my hand onto the bed.

"Jerry, he was always a funny character." He said putting the photo back on the light stand.

"How do you know Jerry?"

"He’s my step brother." He said and it looked like his eyes were going red.

"You must be the step brother that helped him out a few times with the parents."

"Yeah, now we don’t have to worry about that anymore." I didn’t really understand what he meant by what he said.

"Do you need any help?" He said changing the subject.

"Yeah, you can get those big garbage bags and put these clothes in them." I said pointing to the garbage bags and my clothes that were on the bed.

While he was doing that, I got another bag to put my underwear, and also to out my bathroom stuff in another bag as well.


A few hours later, it was about time for us to live, so we had squashed our stuff in one car that Matt was going to drive. And the rest of us jumped into the family mini van, but I was unlucky because I got put with Cole at the very back.

Let the annoyance begin.

A half an hour into the car ride, Cole suddenly put his feet on my lap, so I pushed them off with force. When I looked at him, he was smiling like a fool.

"You’re such an idiot." I said looking out of the window.

"And you’re such a darling." He said putting his legs on my lap again.

"Get your feet off of me."



"No," that argument went for about 30 seconds when dad told us to shut up.

An hour later, I was asleep but when I woke up, my head was on Cole’s shoulder and when I looked up at him he was looking out of the window.

"Someone’s thinking hard." I said sounding really sleepy.

"Yeah, Einstein," he said looking at me this time.

So I move around, so I could lie across the chair and put my feet on Cole lap, I was surprised that he didn’t move my feet off since I did it to him before.


When I woke up again, I found myself in a room on a bed and I wonder how I got like this without waking up.

I went downstairs while rubbing my eyes and I saw everyone except for Cole.

"Where’s Cole?" I asked looking through the fridge in our new house.

"He said, he was going to have a look around the fields." Dad said taking a bite of his apple.

"Okay, I’m going to explore to." I said going at the back door that led to the open fields of mid-thigh length green grass.

"Cole." I yelled hoping he would hear. I yelled out his name again but he didn’t reply, but suddenly he came from behind me, making me jump a meter away.

"You scared me." I said putting a hand over my chest.

"Damn, I was hoping you would swear." He said clicking his fingers.

"You have your hopes up too high." I said giggling.

A few minutes past and we didn’t say anything yet.

"Do you miss him?" I asked looking down at my fingers.

"Yeah I do, I’m sort of trying to live his life for him." Cole said looking up to the sun.

"He would like you to live his, but most of all he would love if you live your own life as well." I said doing the same.

"Well, my life isn’t the best recently." He said starting to walk further into the field, so I followed.

"Since him and your parents died, I heard less of you. I was worrying if you died as well."

"Nah, just been gone for a while." He said walking backwards.

"Where?" I asked hoping he would answer.

"Um, prison." Cole said scratching the back of his neck.

"Why?" I said walking backwards as well.

"I was at a friend's house to have a get-together, and you know how my parents died in that car accident?"


"Well, they didn’t really find any clues to see if it was accidental, but because they found that I had some history on how I used to go crazy when they talked about Jerry in a wrong way, and the police charged me for planned murder and next thing I know I was sent to prison the week after."

"That would have sucked." I said looking at him.

"Yeah, sure did. Don’t worry, I heard some stories about you," he said pushing me softly.

"Really, like what?" I asked with a smile.

"Jerry told me how you used to go into the boys’ changing rooms when the jocks had basketball practice and you went in there and stole all of their clothes and put it in the bins outside."

"He told you that? It was back in year 8 and we wanted to do something fun that wouldn’t get us in trouble." I said remembering that day.

"There were other stories that he told me about you. Every time I heard a story about what you did, it shown me that you were fun."

I went to sit on a patch of grass that I was standing at, and Cole followed as well.


Cole’s POV


We were lying on the ground in the sun with a good silent. Every few minutes there would be the sound of wind passing but that would be about it.

I turned on my side to face Delilah and she was on her back with her eyes shut. So I started to pock her in the arm.

"Cole, stop it." She said giggling.

"Nah, this is fun." So I got on top of her and started to tickle her in the stomach.

"No, Cole stop… it." She said between laughing fits. "I’ll do anything if you stop."

"Anything?" I asked stopping, but I was still on her.

"Anything that doesn’t cost my life." She said taking a strand of hair out of her face.

"Kiss me," I said a bit serious.

"Anything except for that."

"You said anything, so what’s the problem?" I asked putting both my hands on each side of her head.

"There’s no problem." She said looking anywhere except for me.

"If there’s no problem, do it then."

"I don’t want a sleazy guy kissing me. Happy now?"

"You think I’m sleazy?"

"Yeah, you have no respect…" I cut her off in the middle of her sentence with a kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything from this kiss because I felt strong sparks flying everywhere; I think Delilah felt the same thing ‘cause her arms snaked around my neck.

We both pulled away with the need to get some air.

"Um, I wasn’t expecting that." I said getting off of her to go on my back and popping onto my elbows. But suddenly she went on top of me.


Delilah’s POV


I didn’t know what came over me, but I suddenly went on top of him and kissed him again on the lips. When we kissed again, the strong sparks were still there.

I started to move down to his neck and he was moaning lightly and I went back to his lips.

We were making out for about 10 minutes when my phone started to buzz.

"Hello?" I said through the phone while getting off Cole.

"Delilah, this is your mother, can you put your father on." Mum said through the other side.

"Sorry, I think you have the wrong number." I said hanging up on her because I didn’t want to say anything to my mum.

"Who was that?" Cole asked.

"My mum." I said sitting up and playing with my fingers.

"Do you get along with her?" He asked sitting up as well.

"Not really, she’s not really my favorite person." I said pushing him lightly.

"Come, let's continue our walk." He said standing up and giving me a hand.

We walked a bit more further and found a fairly small lake, but there were kids jumping off the rocks in the deep end of the lake.

"It looks like they’re having fun." Cole said smiling.

"Sure is," we both looked behind us and there was a tall 40-year-old guy with a few old hair.

"Who are you?" I asked eying him down.

"I’m William Ronald’s. May I ask who you guys are?"

"Does that matter?" Cole asked in a mad way.

"Son, you are on my side of the land."

"Actually we didn’t cross that bridge over there, so that means that it’s my grandmother's land." I said pointing at the obvious.

"She doesn’t own anything, you little…"

"I suggest you don’t go there." Cole said stepping in front of me.

"Or what, I would make my son hit you like a drum if you two, give me any of your bad mouths."

"If you or your son hit my grand baby, I will make sure you get arrested," we all looked behind Mr. Ronald’s and there was my Nan coming up to us.

"Please Sylvia. This kids don’t know anything." Mr. Ronald said walking away.

"Hi Nan." I said going up to her and gave her a hug.

"Hi sweetie, and who’s this?" She said pointing to Cole.

"That’s Cole."

"Hi, nice to meet you."

"Please, Sylvia." Nan said, giving Cole a hug as well.

"Ok, Sylvia."

"You guys should come over, I just finished baking some cookies." She said walking away, so we followed her behind.

We arrived at her house and went into the kitchen and the cookies were on the bench cooling down. We had some, but it was getting dark, so we left the conversations that we were having at that time.


A week and a half later, Cole and I went back to Nan’s because she was making more cookies for us.

"Are you kids going to the carnival next week? Nan asked giving us cookies each.

"What carnival?" Cole asked standing next to me.

"It’s a carnival that the town has 4 times a year. And next week’s carnival is the main one because it’s the first." I said explaining to him.

There was a knock at the door, so Nan went to open it while Cole and I stood in the kitchen.

"Delilah, someone’s here for you." Nan said when she walked back in. But I felt strong arms go around me.

"Hi sweetie, I didn’t see you for a long time." I turned around to see who it was.

"What are you doing here?" I asked my ex boyfriend Dwayne.

"I heard you were coming back and I was just wondering if want to go to the carnival with me next week?" He asked me while giving the flirtatious look.

"No, I won’t be going with you because I’ll be going with my friend Cole." I said gesturing to Cole.

"Him? Why would you go with him? He isn’t all muscle."

"Yeah, but he's my friend and if you don’t like it, suck it up." I said with my arms crossed and facing Cole, but it looked like he had hurt in his eyes. So I loosened my arms a bit and walked closer to Cole.

"You should go Dwayne." Nan said looking at me with a sympathetic look on her face.

My Nan left the kitchen and it was just Cole and me alone together.

"You're okay?" I asked quietly.

"Couldn’t be better." Cole said giving me a sarcastic tone.

"Seriously Cole, you don’t look fine." I said putting my hand on his shoulder, but he shrugged it off.

"I’m just fine, friend." He said getting up and walking out of the back door.

"Is everything fine sweetie?" Nan asked coming in the kitchen.

"No, everything is good."

"I heard your conversation with Cole. I don’t know what happened before, but that caused a problem," when Nan said that, I remembered our kiss’ that we shared in a week.

"Nan, I’m so pathetic. Probably he hates me by now. I think I better go and talk to him." I said giving her a hug and walking out of the door to go back home.

Being around someone like Cole seems so meaningful. It feels like I've known him forever since this week and a half.


Cole's POV


A week later I was trying to be patient around Delilah. Today was the Carnival so I don't know if she would be going or not. I was thinking hard not noticing that there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in." I said sitting on the bed.

"Hi." Delilah said coming in slowly.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked flipping through some old magazines.

"Nothing, you're coming to the carnival tonight?" She asked sitting on the far side of the bed.

"Yeah maybe, I could go and meet some hot girl." I said because I knew she would be hurt.

"You don't mean that," she said in a shaky voice.

"She might let me screw her." I said standing up.

A few minutes past but both of us didn't say anything.

"Could I be that girl?" She asked surprising me with the question.

"No, because I know you're still a virgin." I said walking up to her.

"Maybe not for long because I know that Dwayne is planning something to do to me tonight." She said wiping the tears away.

"Listen Del, if he tries to do something to you tonight, tell me okay." I said sitting next to her.

"I know I sound needy but I still want to do it with you tonight."

"Well, don't wait to long because..."

"I'm going to get ready." She said cutting me off and walking out of my room.


Delilah's POV


After I had put on my dress that I was going to wear for the carnival, I sat on my bed looking through my phone.

"Delilah." I heard Cole from the other side of my door but I didn't say anything back. He came into the room slowly and shut the door behind him.

"Your dad wanted me to tell you that they already went early to the carnival," he said walking around the room, but I still didn't say nothing back to him.

"Listen Del, I decided that I want to do it with you," when he said that it had got my attention.

"What?" I asked back.

"I know that some time tonight that guy Dwayne would do something to you that I might not be around to stop him, and I don't want you to lose it forcefully." He said coming up to me and kneeling down.

"I hope you made the right choice because it might be too late to turn back after." I said giggling.

"Don't worry, I did." He said and put his lips to mine but didn't actually kiss me.

I had put my hands through his hair and leaned back a bit. I felt his hands going to the back of my dress and unzipping it.

"I hope you made the right choice of letting me do this." He said gently rubbing my cheek.

"I rather do it with YOU." I said grabbing a bit of his shirt.

"Ok." He said leaning me back onto the bed and slowly sliding my dress off.


Cole's POV


I can't believe I would be doing it with a girl who I am in love with from the past few years.

I started to kiss down her body and back up to her neck, but suddenly both of us heard the front door open and shut.

"Delilah, Cole," it was her dad.

"Shit." I said smirking in the crook of Delilah's neck.

"Oh my gosh." Delilah said getting up from under me and putting her dress back on.

"I'm just going to go out." I said whispering and walking out of her room.

"Oh hi Mr. Stirling." I said walking into the kitchen.

"Hi Cole, sorry if I came home early, but I forgot to get extra money for tonight." He said walking past me.

"No, that's fine." I said looking through the fridge casually.

"Ok, I'm going to go now and I would see you tonight." He said walking out of the front door.

"That was close." Del said walking in the kitchen with her hand over her face.

"Oh, is my babe embarrassed." I said going up to her and giving her a hug.

"Stop it. I think we should go now." She said smiling.

"Okay, you won't get any loving from me for a while." I said teasing her.

We grabbed the things that we needed and headed out the door to the carnival.
Published: 7/18/2012
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