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Hey guys, it's the author of 'After Dawn and The Contract'. I'll be starting this steamy story soon!!
Full Lust

Darnell is a young 26-year-old married woman. She's beautiful, shy, and reserved. She got married to her highschool sweetheart King. After two years of marital bliss, her marriage begins to crumble.

King seems to be having an affair with his co-worker, he's tired of his stay-at-home wife. She decides to join a gym to lose some weight and forget her marital problem. She meets the charming playboy Aston, who is a gym trainer at the gym.

Their session soon turns steamy and seductive. The two can't get enough of each other and take their feelings outside the gym, they begin a no string relationship.

Will Darnell find more comfort with Aston than in her home? What happens when playboy Aston falls in love? Is there really a difference between lust and love??
What do you think?
Can't wait.
Start already!!
Published: 1/18/2017
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