New World Order (No Doubt)

A little bit of a political rant.
Silence speaks with a vibrant tongue,
Whispered words are sure to burn,
Ignorance may douse the flame,
But arrogance stokes it again.

Keep the propaganda burning,
It's the way to keep the world turning,
Feed them fear of beer and cigarettes,
And criminalize their intellect.

No doubt it's for their own good,
And it fattens up a wallet or two!

Penalize the claimants,
Then claim your worthy payments,
You deserve to be rewarded,
Rest assured, it's unrecorded.

We can leave them none the wiser,
No need to advertise, sir,
Just remember, when you tell lies,
To keep the smile in your eyes.

No doubt, there will be questions asked,
Never answer them, unmasked!

Divide and conquer is our aim,
Through iron fist or daisy chain,
Confusion is our greatest tool,
It's so easy to conquer fools.

Blame the plebs for slacking off,
Reward hard workers, steal their jobs,
Fill your workhouses with slaves,
And grind them to an early grave.

No doubt protest will be commissioned,
We can kettle the buggers into submission!

Appease the new age libertines,
Keep your message squeaky clean,
The face of political correctness be,
Their multiracial pedigree.

Religion, race, and color stained,
Their divide will be your gain,
As they argue among themselves,
The right to ring the liberty bells.

No doubt, the vantage of the hill,
Is safety from the overkill!

Deny, defy their call to rights,
No legal aid be lent to fight,
No championing socialite,
Be allowed to unite.

Through teach or speech to younger minds,
The injustice of the world outside,
Hem them in, enforce our rules,
Of democratic ridicule.

No doubt some may call to order,
The atrocities of our New World Order!
Published: 11/12/2013
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