Newborn Checklist: Essentials for New Baby

This article has details about a newborn checklist and newborn essentials which will help you take good care of your newborn baby. Go through the newborn essentials checklist given below, so that you are well prepared for the new arrival.
Taking care of a newborn baby can be a very challenging task. So, parents of newborn are always seen questioning many people about what can be the best way to prepare for the safe and healthy arrival of their bundle of joy. Though there are doctors and nurses to look after the child for a few days after its birth, it would be beneficial to make a newborn essentials checklist to handle any kind of situation confidently. Should the need arise, this newborn checklist will prove helpful and would avoid unnecessary confusion. Preparing for a newborn checklist can take time but after the arrival of the newborn you will appreciate the effort and time taken to adopt this list.

List of Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials for Hospital

Given below is the list of newborn essentials for hospital:
  • A good quality diaper bag
  • Diaper pins in case of cloth diapers
  • Medicines for curing general illnesses
  • Receiving blankets
  • Baby diapers along with clothing
  • One piece stretchy sleepers
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby powder in the liquid form
  • Five or six short and long sleeves undershirts
  • Muslin wraps
Newborn Food Essentials

Given below is the newborn essentials checklist related to the baby food:
  • A single thermal bottle carrier
  • Breast pads
  • A few containers to store milk
  • Baby formula
  • Plenty of bottles if you are bottle feeding the baby
  • Eight to ten burp cloths
Newborn Clothing Essentials

Given below is the newborn necessities checklist for proper clothing:
  • Few jackets
  • Three pairs of scratch mittens
  • Five pair of pants
  • Undershirts-both short and long sleeved
  • Six pairs of socks and booties
  • Four nightgowns
  • An attractive cotton hat
  • A mild baby washing lotion
  • Cardigan
  • Snap t-shirts
Newborn Bathing Essentials

Given below are the bathing essentials for a newborn baby:
  • Two or three hooded and soft towels
  • A plastic bathtub of appropriate size
  • A baby body wash along with shampoo
  • Nail clippers meant for babies
  • Laundry detergent for babies
  • Swabs made of cotton
  • A very soft hair brush
  • Baby wash clothes
  • A first aid kit
Newborn Health Essentials

Given below are the essential things to maintain good newborn baby health:
  • A pack of cotton balls
  • Baby nose drops
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Thermometer to measure temperature at any time
  • Newborn diaper rash ointment
  • A good disinfecting hand soap
  • Rubbing wipes or alcohol
Newborn Essentials for the Bedtime

Given below is the newborn checklist for proper baby bedding:
  • A quiet room with proper temperature-not too cool or too hot
  • A very light comforter
  • Three or four waterproof mattress covers
  • Three or four baby blankets which are light
  • A single baby crib
  • Two or three crib mattresses
  • Waterproof pads to place under the newborn
Some More Newborn Baby Essentials

Apart from the above mentioned essentials, the newborn checklist below will prove to be useful for you to take good baby care:
  • Locks for cabinets, covers for outlets and safety gates around the stairs as a safety measure
  • Earthquake straps
  • Baby safety seat in your car
  • Medicine spoons
  • Three to four baby pacifiers
  • Playpen
  • A medicine dropper
  • Closet hangers
  • Window curtains that can be washed instead of blinds
  • One changing table
  • One clothing hamper
Now, having understood about baby clothing and ways to take care of your baby, you can pack your digital camera to take some fantastic and cute photos of your newborn baby. Once you bring your newborn baby home, you can have a lady to take full-time care. Also, you need to ensure that the child gets love and care by being with it all the time. You should stay in touch with the doctors and seek their advise in case of emergency health issues. Follow the instructions given by them so that your baby always remains in good health.

Hopefully, you are satisfied with this newborn essentials checklist and will buy these items for your baby. At the same time, you should give prime importance to baby safety by making some amendments in your home. So, follow this newborn checklist and give your baby ample love and care!
By Charlie S
Published: 7/27/2010
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