Nightmares Turning into Reality - Chapter 8

Sharon sees a whole new aspect of the truth she found out.
After finding the truth I asked Sharon to return home with me.

"Look Sharon, I think it's just a waste of time let's get back.'' But she didn't gave up,and convinced me to stay.

At night when everyone was sleeping (I assumed) I decided to go back to my home. I packed up my things and then when I was going I heard some music coming from the fort. I decided to go to the fort and then I opened the door which made my hand burn. I entered inside the room. It was pitch dark and I could hear someone singing. I went near and the singer turns back. She was Sharon!

"Ah! I've been waiting for this and now I won't spare you.'' Sharon said
"B-but why? What have I done?'' I asked.
"Turn back and I'll tell you.''

And as she said I turned my back and after a few minutes I turned back again. Sharon was standing in front of me wearing that bridal gown and ruby locket. She takes the skeleton in her hand and then everything changes. The room lightens up and I go back to the past. I couldn't believe myself. I was now in another century and was invisible to the people there. It was just as if I had entered a story book. I saw Sharon sitting in front of me by the mirror.

She was getting dressed up by her maids. I realized that it was her wedding day. The gown was there shinning brightly ready to grace her. Then suddenly her father enters in, and he was no one else but the magazine photographer.
"Sherry, (her name then) daughter I know it's really heartbreaking but you have to listen this-'' He says ''the p..prince he..he's dead!'' sherry screamed loudly and runs in the palace corridor and jumps out of the window. She killed herself.
Published: 11/10/2010
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