Ninja Master Assassin - Part 4 (Continued)

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The guy with white hair. My brother was the only person with white hair. As I was told to come out of the cell and motioned to walk down this corridor with cells on both sides of the hallway. In my mind, I couldn't think of how my brother was still alive. Why he was doing this. I walked into this room, just passed all the cell doors along the way. Inside the room there were two chairs and a table with a lantern in the middle of the table.

"Sit down," was what my brother told me to do. I sat down and he motioned for the guards to go outside and wait. As soon as he closed the door, he sat down from the chair across from me. He looked me straight into my eyes.

"Brother, why are you here"? I was dumbfounded on what to say.
"I was told to come to Emerald City to check on a few things. My job was to scout out the area and see why the two bodies were found dead. My master told me about this." He looked at me and motioned for me to stop talking with one finger to his mouth he shushed me. He started whispering to me now.

"Brother, I am undercover here. I have been working for the emperor to get information about him. And to find out what his plans are. This emperor was not a good man as you can see. He put both of us in this mess. This was happening long before you even knew about what was happening here in Emerald City." I just stared at him in awe and began to understand what will happen. There wasn't too much I could go on, though sense I just got here and found out that he was alive. I didn't say anything at this moment. My brother continued to talk to me.

"My brother you need to get out of here. This is not for you to handle. There are some pretty bad assassins here and they will not hesitate to kill you. I don't want you dead brother." This time I had to say something. "Brother why are you involved in this and how are you still alive? I know you were killed 23 years ago and I was the one who did that. You took my nose off by the way."

Looking into his eyes tears welled up a little bit and his hands were shaking. Something was really off about him sense he wasn't scared of anything. "Why are you shaking brother? I never seen you this scared about anything."

A knock was heard from our door. Two guards came inside and told my brother that the emperor would like to see the new guy. I guess he was talking about me sense I was probably the new guy. "Ok!! Just give me a few moments and I will take him with us." Yes sir, is what they said and walked back out and closed the door.

"Look here brother, my job is not even close to being finished and the emperor here will try to persuade you to work for him. There are not too many things he doesn't know. He will figure out that we are brothers and that we are basically after the same thing. We need to keep us being brothers a hush.. hush." That was that and he got up and knocked on the door for the two guards to open the door. We both left and started walking towards the main gate entrance to the prison. One of the guards unlocked the gate with the key. We walked up a set of stairs and onto a platform that was a makeshift elevator. As we went up, I see the city in all its wonder. And in the middle of the city was the emperor's statue. He seemed to be working hard on keeping this city.

As the elevator came to a halt, a bird flew by us. The bird was a white and black color with some red eyes. There were a few more birds that flew by with the first bird. We came to a halt and we opened the gated doors of the elevator and walked onto the street. Emerald city was a booming place with lots of people around. The guards were behind me and my brother was on the side of me. We walked for a mile and went to a building that looked like a palace. There were massive stairs that led to some big brown double doors. As soon as we got to the doors, the doors opened. "Nice for you to make it here Trevor." That was my brother's name. The emperor was standing there with his fat self. He had some kind of meat in his right hand and he motioned for me to come inside. Inside there was what looked like a big glass tank. It was clear and it looked like a coffin.

We walked towards it and inside it there was this woman. Behind the coffin, looking thing there was a man in shadow. He looked menacing. He had a black cloak on and all you could see of him was his hands. It looked like, he was hovering in midair. I still kept walking, it was quite a walk to the coffin. The woman was beautiful but looked like she had been through a lot of pain. There were lot of bruises on her arms and legs. Her hair was tattered too. She was barely dressed. I looked at my brother and he wasn't even looking at me. We stopped a while back, sensing we couldn't go any further. Also I noticed from the cloak figure he had a staff in his right hand. Was this a ritual or something I thought to myself. I knew that this would be something huge and that I needed to get back home and tell my master of what I found. That was if I could get out of here.
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Published: 10/9/2017
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