Nixing Negativity to Positively Improve Your Life

In today's world, having a negative attitude is the norm. How can you work to remove the negativity in your life?
With the news full of stories about the bad economy, the risk of terrorist attacks, the increase in crime rates and gang activity, and the threat of environmental meltdown, it's no wonder that most people have negative feelings every day. Some people live entire lives of negativity, finding nothing good at all to be happy about. As a result, their health suffers, their families and friends tire of hearing them complain, and their unhappiness eats away at them continuously.

Negativity doesn't have to be a permanent attitude, though. There is an educational mediation technique that can help you modify your negative feelings and thoughts and turn them around into positivity. Make the conscious decision that you will not say anything negative for two hours, or for an entire day. If you're feeling particularly brave and hopeful, you can try doing it for a whole week, but you will probably be more successful if you ease into the process slowly, starting with just two hours or one day. This exercise is inevitably a surprising learning experience for everyone who gives it a try.

Many people are astonished at how hard it is to purposely avoid making negative comments. And when they find themselves slipping up in their resolve, they become embarrassed and frustrated at not being able to control themselves. Most people are just unable to contain their negative comments when they are talking with their teenage children, discussing problems with co-workers, or giving snide retorts to in-laws or parents. For a lot of people, the only way to spend two hours without saying anything negative is to watch a movie in silence.

The power of forcing yourself to refrain from making negative comments, if you succeed, can bring you great peace and satisfaction. When you see that you are able to circumvent your habitual responses to avoid negativity, you will be amazed at how your words and actions change. You will be shocked by the amounts of time and energy you have been squandering for your entire life by wasting your emotions and energies being negative. As you observe situations and analyze them objectively, you will see that it is very rare to be able to improve a situation when you inject negativity inside it. In fact, negativity usually makes bad situations worse.

Consciously focusing on not being negative helps you to appreciate the truth of the maxim that negative actions come from negative words, and negative words come from negative thoughts. So in your meditation, you can interrupt this entire process before it even begins by witnessing each thought you have, each word you speak, and each action you perform. If you witness a thought and recognize it as being a negative thought, then you can simply stop it in its tracks, before it is expressed in negative words. If you are unable to stop the thought from becoming verbalized, then you should at least be able to recognize the spoken words as being negative, and stop yourself from any negative actions that may result.

It is very important not to criticize yourself for being negative, if you witness yourself not adhering to your planned meditation. Do not have negative thoughts about being negative; just observe that you haven't met your goal, say to yourself, "Oh well," and then return to witnessing yourself. Don't permit any more inward commentary, analyzations, comparisons, or judgments just continue to witness. Let your comment, "Oh well," become a mantra for forgiving yourself, instead of reprimanding yourself, and recognize that any other response will simply drain you of all your energy and inner peace.

Simply witnessing and concentrating on being positive will allow you to be at one with your inner self, because your real self is what is doing the witnessing. And whenever you can find yourself at one with your inner witness, that is when you are at one with everything and everyone that is contained in all reality everywhere. There is ultimately only one real self - and it is within everyone. The more you are able to witness your negativity, the less negativity there will be inside of you. Once you realize that you have wasted time and energy on being negative, you will realize that you have been unconsciously thwarting yourself in attaining spiritual enlightenment. You may even be able to laugh at yourself when you see how ridiculous your behavior has been in the past, and you will experience the inner change toward positive thoughts and actions that will ensure your future happiness.
By iBuzzle Staff
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