No Friends and Homeless

I don't have a place to call home or a friend to help me out in times of need.
Don't have a cent to my name,
The system left me drained,
Lost everything I gained.

You turned your head,
Just as I ate the pave...
Meant to say I don't,
Need another fake friend like you,
Just there when weathers fair,
You don't care, that's true.

What's even worse is, I helped you,
I'm cursed but blessed to walk in sole-less shoes,
That you'll never know and you never knew,
Because you don't care, that's the truth.

Walk a mile? You can't even take a step,
You've never been homeless,
And don't care what I'm going through.

When things are swell and I'm blessed,
You don't mind sucking away at my success,
And when the tables turned, which they do,
I can't even get the table salt passed much less any food.

You selfish prick,
You don't remember the hand you bit,
But I can still feel it pulsate,
And my memory won't let go of it,
But I'm indifferent because you're not worthy of hate,
That's my mind-state.

People aren't inherently bad,
But those are the people I run into,
So I'll wander till I find someone out there fonder of me;
Who doesn't suck me dry like you do.
Published: 9/4/2018
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