No Heroes, Just Us

I was feeling depressed last night and so I decided to make a poem. It's my third poem since I started this summer.
Feelings that were kept instead of expressed,
Words that were hidden but now should be addressed,
I try to reach out for the right words to say,
But letting it out would certainly take a day.

When the world killed the innocence in me,
My curiosity instantly buzzed like a bee,
A bee that can't wait to uncover new things,
A bee that wants to give the world a new meaning.

No one seems to listen when I try to speak,
And afterwards people would say I am weak,
But what they don't know is what I'm capable of,
And no one quite notices when I already had enough.

Words can be as sharp as a knife,
And when you bleed, you just have to wipe,
But the pain can remain and haunt you down,
You can run but it won't win you a crown.

I try once in a while to step up my game,
But I know that they'll still find me lame,
A fat girl that grasps for a place in the world,
A world that she couldn't handle, and is cold.

People judge though they don't know anything,
Their hearts surely needs a whole lot of mending,
For people most of the time just goes with the flow,
And though, they're against they refuse to say "no".

Any place in this world is unsafe,
Do we need a hero with a mask and a cape?
Can we even stand on our own?
Or do we just let ourselves fear the unknown.
Published: 5/8/2013
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